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Someone stole my ankles! 25 August 2008

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My ankles are missing!  I wonder if one of you has seen them laying around somewhere, and if you have, please send them home again.  I’d really appreciate it.

Thing is, I overdid it again.  When am I gonna learn?  I was just having so much fun today that I didn’t realize I had done too much until I got home and realized I’d left my ankles somewhere in the midst of the mall.  Maybe it was at the Disney Store…

Yesterday when we were at our friends’ house, someone called Pamela and invited her to a baby shower.  That called for a trip to Babies R Us!!!  And of course, I volunteered to accompany her because there is nothing better than a trip to a baby store when you’re nine months pregnant.

Nine months, you say?  But how is that possible?  See, I am 36 weeks pregnant, which is nine months.  But I’ve got four more weeks to go, since a normal pregnancy runs about 40 weeks.

And if you were wondering what a nine-month pregnant lady looks like…:

Big ol' belly!!

No wonder my back aches on occasion!

Back to the shopping trip.  We managed to spend a bit over an hour in Babies R Us, and I picked up a few odds and ends for the new baby.  I am loathe to buy too much; my new friends with whom I watch “Army Wives” every week are throwing me a baby shower in early September, so I don’t want to buy something they might give me as a gift.  It’s sort of a weird feeling not being able to buy things.  I had a very small shower with Grace, only three people, so I didn’t really expect much.  I’m not expecting much this time either, but there may be as many as ten guests there, other than me!  It still boggles my mind, really.  Most of these women I have known for less than a couple of months, yet they’re pulling together to throw me a baby shower.  It’s truly amazing, and I feel very honored.

I only got a couple of little incidentals at the baby store today.  A particular brand of nipples that I like that are hard to come by, some sterilizing bags for the few times I actually sterilize the baby’s things, and a couple of sheets for the bassinet we keep in our room for the first few weeks.  But it was so much fun to look at all the cool new things!  I saw some really adorable outfits for baby girls in very non-traditional colors — turquoise and chocolate, as well as purple and chocolate.  There were also some really awesome deals on Carter’s onesies: five for $10, and they weren’t the plain white ones either.  These were the ones with designs on the front, which retail for $24 most of the time.

It’s sort of a shame I don’t know the gender of the baby, but I don’t think I really want to know anyhow.  I realize it’s driving a lot of people nuts; one of the organizers of my baby shower was getting frustrated because I don’t need anything specific for the baby, since I still have everything from Grace.  There are a few new things I would like, but I have issues asking for anything expensive, which to me is anything over $20.  If all I received were swaddling blankets, lap protectors, and a few cute outfits, I would be perfectly content.

But all good things must come to an end, and it was time to leave the baby store.  From there we went to lunch, where I ordered a massive burger with thick-cut bacon and fries.  That, I think, is where I most likely left my ankles.  I know I wasn’t drinking enough water; I barely finished the water I had ordered with lunch, and I had left my water bottle at home.  Kurt wasn’t there to carry it for me in his cargo shorts, so I didn’t feel like bringing it.

Naughty, naughty me.

Once we finished lunch, it was off to Penney’s so Pamela could investigate a new bedspread.  That place was an absolute zoo.  They were running one of their “buy one get one for 88¢” deals, so everyone and his uncle had decided to go school shopping.  On a Monday afternoon.  Don’t people have to work??

The kids’ department was totally overrun with parents and their children, arguing over what the child needs to make the new school year complete.  I peeked around the girls’ department before giving up and going back to the toddler department.  Grace sort of straddles the line between the two departments right now, which is a good thing, since toddler clothes tend to be cheaper than girls’ sizes.  I got her two outfits for $9 each, regular price $20.

I managed to buy myself something for once too!  I got two three-quarter sleeved flyaway sweaters for when the weather gets a little cooler.  The flyaway aspect means I can wear them over my pregnant belly without spending a gazillion dollars on a maternity jacket.  I don’t know how cool it will get before I have the baby.  If I had bought a maternity jacket, it’d stay warm till the delivery — Murphy’s Law!  So I elected to get something I could also wear post-baby.

Sometimes I make intelligent decisions, but only sometimes.

We also checked out the shoe department.  I was there all of five minutes before the crowds got to me and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Not only that, but there were no sneakers I wanted for Grace.  I haven’t found any sneakers I want for Grace anywhere.  I’ve checked Wal-Mart and Target and the Navy Exchange and now Penney’s, and there’s nothing.  I do not want white sneakers for my kid.  She is a dirt magnet.  If I buy her white sneakers, they will be filthy before I leave the store.  Besides, there’s a sand pit at her school that she loves to play in, which would ruin the shoes the very first time she set foot in it.  Therefore, I would like some other color of shoe.  Anything is better than white.

I’m this close to buying her a pair of boys’ shoes.  I saw some nice brown ones at Target that I think would be great as play shoes.  She already wears boys’ brown fisherman’s sandals most of the time because I could only find white sandals in girls’ styles early in the summer.

Because I had no luck at Penney’s, I decided to try Stride Rite.  I haven’t really shopped there for Grace, unless you count the outlets, because Grace doesn’t have special needs.  My parents had to buy my shoes at Stride Rite because my feet are so insanely wide.  But Grace has normal width feet, so I generally just buy her whatever shoes catch my fancy.

Stride Rite too was having a sale — 50% off a bunch of styles, and 50% off your second pair of shoes.  So if you bought two pairs of shoes at 50% off, the second pair would be 50% off the sale price!  Caroline managed to get a pair of shoes for both her girls for less than the regular price of one pair.  I was hoping to do the same.

That place was a total madhouse.  I have never seen so many people in one tiny store.  There were children perched all over the display stands amongst the shoes, and the parents were weaving in and out of all the kids to pick out another pair of shoes to be fitted to their children.  It was insane.  And since Stride Rite is a full-service shoe store (not self-serve, like Famous Footwear or Payless, where all the boxes are out on the shelves), I knew it would be a helluva wait to get Grace fitted in a new pair of shoes.  There was no question of my waiting.  I beat feet out of there like there was no tomorrow.

I don’t do crowds, thankyewverymuch.

By the time we got home, I had been on my feet for five hours.  I didn’t feel badly at all, so it didn’t occur to me to sit down and rest for a while.  My friend kept asking me if I needed to sit, but I felt fine.  Add the excessive salt I ingested at lunch, and now you know how I managed to misplace my ankles.

Boy, they looked awful by the time I got home.  Kurt saw them about a half-hour after I got home, and he was shocked at how swollen they were.  He made dinner tonight (leftover baked pasta — yummy!) so I could rest on the couch.  And that’s where I have been all evening, with my feet up, and sucking down as much water as I can stand.

My ankles are still swollen, but at least they’re getting better.  Remind me to stay off the salt, would you???


15 Responses to “Someone stole my ankles!”

  1. Poolie Says:

    You are radiant! I am so happy for you!

  2. Miss Hiss Says:

    It is a GORGEOUS photo of you and the babe. (And I really did have to re-read the bit about the nipples, you know. Perhaps I need to buy myself some new ones, too? Mine might be wearing out! Sometimes I wonder…) Love, R xxx

  3. art Says:

    you look mavhelous!!! perhaps a well placed ad in good ole craigslist will help you find out who stole your ankles!!! yuk yuk yuk!!

  4. Rosie Says:

    Make sure you are getting enough protein! That will help with the disappearing ankles thing. Then again, I’m one to talk, I lost my ankles all weekend!

    They’d find me just about the time I’d get out of bed, and by 3 hours later, they had gone bye-bye again. Perhaps it was just National Disappearing Ankles Weekend? It’s as good of an excuse as any!

  5. msbeanie Says:

    Just waiting for that basketball to get a bit lower…..

  6. shipjumper Says:

    aww sweetie, you’re always beautiful. And yes…you’re truly glowing!
    OH. By the way. You may want to lay off the salt, eh!

  7. twisterjester Says:

    Yes, lay off the salt for both your sake and your baby’s sake. I want the good news here in a few more weeks – not a couple of more months because of complications due to pre-eclampsia or something like tha.

  8. sleepyjane Says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous Blue! Pregnancy really suits you, your skin and eyes and just GLOWING! 🙂

  9. becca Says:

    I still think it’s a boy! 🙂 YOU REALLY LOOK GOOD, I want some of whatever is working for you not to mention a proper bump rather than just a huge blob. Still, it’s MY “blob” and I love it all the same. Hahaha.

  10. kitchenlogic Says:

    You are too cute!!!!

    Now – stay off the salt!

  11. Elle Says:

    You radiate, my dear! You look great, even ankle-less. I remember being so shocked to look down and not find mine in the last days of pregnancy as well. I think you’re right – Bacon Steals Ankles.

  12. Aimee Says:

    You may have lost your ankles but you are one of the lucky beautiful pregnant women! You haven’t lost your face…which happens during that last month!

  13. yankeechick Says:

    I remember one summer of pregnancy for Terri when she lost her ankles. She had tiny, size 6 1/2 feet and her ankles AND feet had swollen horrifically one day and what with the shoes she was wearing (something like Espadrilles if I recall) a girl friend and I determined that she had Miss Piggy feet. It was hilarious! But only for a moment….then we made sure she got off her feet and properly propped! I seem to recall that that was her “bacon craving’ pregnancy, LOL. And I also say that she ‘had’ size 6 1/2 feet, because they are now bigger……which she blames on her pregnancies 🙂

    You look totally fantastic, all blossomed out and all! {{awkward hug}}

  14. terri t. Says:

    Beautiful picture….you can really see how big that baby is going to be when it is born. I think you are doing the right thing, waiting to find out the sex of the baby….makes it more exciting.

    Just got word that our step-great grandson was born about 20 minutes ago!

  15. cardiogirl Says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    How cute are you?! Very! That color of your shirt is such a great color for you! Good luck in that last home stretch!

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