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Finding my motivation 3 September 2008

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Kurt seriously needs to take my friend Chelle out to dinner.  He took me out to dinner tonight, so that’s close — but he really ought to have had Chelle there too.

Too bad she lives in Atlanta….

See, I was in a pretty grumpy mood today.  I still haven’t gotten over my grumps, but they’re more manageable now.  I was tired and exhausted, and it didn’t help that Kurt got all of twenty minutes for lunch today instead of his regular two hours.  He did get his full lunch break; he just had to go for a run, and that chewed up his entire lunch break.  It left me making lunch, which is usually his job, while he showered.  Not a big deal, I know — but it didn’t help the grumps.

But then!  Then!!  I decided it was time to open the box Chelle had sent me.  And what do you suppose was inside?

Gifts from Chelle

Gifts! For the baby!!!  A funny bib, a bunny lovey that is incredibly soft, and a health & grooming kit that will seriously come in handy, as we no longer have any of that stuff.  Grace hasn’t been a baby for four years, after all.  Who knows where all the components to her grooming kits are??

And not only that, but she sent Gracie a gift too for being the big sister.  How cool is that?!  Grace received a stuffed monkey that we promptly christened “Manfred the Monkey,” and Chelle was so thoughtful that she packed it in a wonderful green bag.  Grace noticed right off the bat that it was green!  It’s seriously her favorite color.

She’s spent most of the day reading to Manfred and even dancing with him across the living room.  She took him to dinner with us, and now he’s cuddled up with her in bed.  She loves that monkey, that’s for sure.

As if those gifts weren’t enough, I was chatting with her online as I opened the packages.  We ended up talking about everything and anything for a good long time, and she really cheered me up.  Neither of us were in the best of moods, so I nicknamed us the Moody Twins.  Heh.  But it was so lovely to have a good chat with her.  I haven’t seen her since February, and it makes me so sad since it’s looking like I won’t get to see her again till this coming February.

But thank God for the internet!!  It makes it so easy to keep in contact with people all over the country.  It’s lessened the impact of my moving away from Washington, which has really helped.  Plus I now have such a wonderful group of friends who are so awesome and supportive through my Flickr group, and if it weren’t for the internet, few of us would have met, and none of us would have joined CatieCake in hbrer birthday celebrations last February.

Not having the internet is just not something I can fathom now.  What did we do before the internet??

I don’t even want to know.

All that cheering up had a positive effect on my motivation levels.  Once I got offline with Chelle, I decided it was time to get things done.  I emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, washed a few odds n’ ends, put in two loads of laundry (one of which I folded as soon as the dryer buzzed), cleaned Grace’s bathroom, and did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, minus the floor.  I meant to mop, but I was too wiped out by then to want to mop.  Not only did I do all that, but I also went through all the mail, stuck a lot in recycling, and got rid of the newspapers that had been piling up around the house while we were in Pennsylvania.  Amazingly enough, it didn’t take me very long at all!

Kurt definitely owes Chelle now for getting me that motivated to work around the house!  Maybe I should strike up a conversation with her every time I need to get things done around here.

Kurt didn’t get home till almost 6pm, which surprised me.  But it’s the week before inspection, which is basically the final exam for his students.  Another department of the Navy comes in and tests the students on what they’ve learned so that they’re ready to head to the fleet and be in charge of an engineering department on a ship.  Next week is going to be hell — I won’t see Kurt except when he gets home from work.  No breaks for lunch, no date mornings while Kurt’s in school, nothing.

At least it’s just a week.

But the baby has to hang on till after that week.  If I go into labor next week, there is very little way of getting a hold of Kurt in a timely fashion.  His phone doesn’t work in the part of the building where the inspections are taking place, and there are no landline phones in that area either.  I can either call the quarterdeck (what you civilians would call the reception desk) and get someone to head out there, or call his desk and hope that someone’s in the office to answer.

It can be done, but it’ll just be easier if Edison hangs on till his due date.  Knowing my luck, he’ll be two weeks late anyhow.  That’s what Grace was.

I had full plans of making dinner tonight and even had a tab of my Firefox open to a recipe I wanted to make.  Then Kurt gets home and starts talking going out to dinner.

I knew I should have started dinner before he got home…

Having had such a grumpy day, I wasn’t all that keen on making dinner anyhow, though I had planned on something quite easy.  So I acceded quickly to his desire to go out.  He sweetened the deal by deciding to invite Pamela, Vic, and their daughter, and of course I couldn’t resist.

We went up to the Mexican restaurant I love so much in Massachusetts, where the chips are salty and hot, the salsa is fresh, and the hot sauce is hot.  We all ate so many chips.  Neither Pamela nor Vic could finish their dinners because they ate so much chips.  I ate more chips than they did because I love the salsa with just a wee bit of hot sauce added to it, but I still managed to scarf down my entire meal, except for the black beans.  I got a vegetarian entree featuring a chile relleno, a spinach enchilada, and a cheese enchilada, both with tomatillo sauce.  It came with white rice and black beans, instead of Mexican rice and refried beans, and I was a bit disappointed at first to see the white rice.  But let me tell you — it had to be the best white rice I’ve ever had.  It was so moist and melt-in-your-mouth tender, plus it was seasoned with salt in just the right amount.  I was absolutely stuffed after finishing my plate, yet I wanted more rice.

Mmmm rice.

Plus I love hanging out with Pamela and Vic.  We spent the first part of the evening discussing the election, since we had been seated in the cantina where all the tvs were tuned to Fox News.  They’re good people to discuss politics with.  They don’t get bent out of shape if they don’t agree with your views, and when they explain their own views, they aren’t offended when you don’t share them.  They’re very reasonable people.

But even better than that — they love to laugh.  Of course, now I can’t remember the particular situation (I have the worst memory ever), but I do remember that we laughed so hard all the way home.  I just kept thinking of when we played Taboo with them a few weeks ago, and we kept laughing the entire time we were playing because everything was just so darn funny.  We weren’t even drinking!

So now I feel a bit better, though I am not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow.  I was spoiled on Tuesday; Kurt had the day off yesterday and took Grace in to school for me so I could sleep in.  My days of sleeping in are numbered…..


10 Responses to “Finding my motivation”

  1. msbeanie Says:

    Ooooo have you checked out Chrome? IT’s the new Google browser! I would be using it, but I can’t get Java to work on it….

  2. Shippie Says:

    Hang in there Jr!! You can’t come til mama and daddy are ready!!

    and oh yeah….Chrome is hot!

  3. becca Says:

    Awwww, lovely package. Only 3 weeks to go. yay!!!! Maybe he/she will put in an early appearance.

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    Chelle sounds like a GREAT friend – that is so thoughtful of her!! 🙂

  5. Chez Nous Says:

    We love hanging out with you too! I hope you have a better day today and I’ll see you this weekend.

  6. ShearMadnez Says:

    Yay for gifts! Chelle rocks!
    21 more days to go. I’m positively giddy about meeting this baby. Gracie is going to be such a wonderful big sister. Get ready! It sounds like you’re beginning to “nest” what with all the housework you’re doing!

  7. Michele Says:

    so glad you got a care pak to cheer you up! woo-hoo!!! and sorry you were in a sad mood… 😦

    and i totally agree (and had already thought about it) wearing my glasses up there will be best.

  8. Poolie Says:

    Gifts rock! It’s almost time! I am so excited for you!

  9. karmacat Says:

    Gifts do wonders for grumpiness, don’t they?

    Would the restaurant happen to be Fiesta’s in Somerset? I’ve heard good things but have yet to go. I think I’m hungry now.

  10. art Says:

    gifts are wonderful!!!! dont bee grumpy!! its almost time!!!! ((((HUGS))))

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