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Missed us by a mile 6 September 2008

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Tropical Hanna has arrived.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you’re Kurt) most of the storm is concentrated to the west of us.  KarmaCat and Cosmic are probably seeing far more of the storm than we folks down here on the island, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for them.  But as for me?  We’ve seen some rain, and a few wind gusts, but nothing like what was forecast.

I was somewhat looking forward to the storm, just so we could see a tiny bit of severe weather.  Trust me, I wasn’t hoping for anything like Gustav.  I am a teeny bit disappointed that all we’ve gotten is a bit of wind and a bit of rain, but at the same time I am thankful we have power.  It’s been nasty hot all day, though the temperatures haven’t really nudged past the low 80s.  The humidity is a killer, though.  It’s up to 88% right now, according to our home weather station, and I’m hoping that once Hanna comes through, the humidity will drop back to a more manageable level.

Having the air conditioning units in the house is helping a great deal, but every time we leave the house, the humidity saps all my energy.

We made a quick run to the commissary to replenish the items we’d run out of over the last few weeks, especially since I had only been buying ingredients for various recipes instead of doing real grocery shopping.  We still managed to spend quite a bit of money, though I saved $6 in coupons.  It would have been more, but apparently I lost my coupon keeper.

I remember having it the last time we went to the commissary, but that was at least two weeks ago!  Usually I stick in one of the bags of groceries, but I didn’t remember doing that.  I kept thinking maybe I left it at the commissary, but maybe I did bring it home and then misplace it here at the house.  Kurt looked around the house for me for a good forty-five minutes, and even called the commissary to ask if someone had turned in my coupon keeper.  Nope, it wasn’t there either.

The darn thing just vanished into thin air, I guess.  What made it worse was I had just filled it with new coupons and gotten rid of all the expired ones, plus this wasn’t your ordinary coupon keeper.  It’s a special one I found online that has been the most convenient one I’ve ever used; it attaches to the cart itself, making it much easier to go through the various categories to see whether you have a coupon for the item you want to buy.

I had a small stack of coupons sitting on my table, waiting to be filed into the keeper, so I grabbed those before we left.  There were several coupons on the shelf that I availed myself of, hence saving $6 off my $110 bill.  It would have been more if I had had my coupon collection with me, but that’s not bad for the few I had with me.

For some reason, I was compelled to tell the checkout lady at the commissary about my missing keeper.  Usually I end up with a teenager who wants to be anywhere but working at the commissary, but this time we were helped by a lady in her 40s.  She asked me for a description of my coupon keeper and disappeared into the cash office.  A few minutes later, she returned triumphantly, waving my coupon keeper!!!


Kurt had already taken the bagger out to our car (we’re always helped to our car by the baggers, who then load the groceries into our vehicles for us, which is an enormous help when you’ve got an infant and your husband’s out to sea), and when he saw me brandish my newly-found coupon keeper, he asked me, “Are you kidding me?”  He was irritated that he’d been told when he called earlier that they hadn’t been able to find my coupons, but he was also thrilled that it had been returned to me.

While at the commissary, we picked up the ingredients we needed for tonight’s dinner.  We had found a recipe called Creamy Cajun Shrimp Linguine that would use up the shrimp we had in the freezer; we just needed some half-and-half, a red bell pepper, and some mushrooms.

Kurt felt like cooking tonight, and who am I to say no to that?  I acted as his sous chef, slicing up the bell pepper and the mushrooms and measuring out the half-and-half for him.  I also had to find the Cajun seasoning for him because it wasn’t in one of my normal places for spices.  Then I needed to take over stirring the red bell pepper and mushroom mixture while he made up the garlic bread as our side.

It was fun cooking with him.  We tend to do that; he’ll be my sous chef any time I ask him to.  But it was so neat to not worry about what the recipe said next and just wait on commands from Kurt.  It was strangely relaxing.

And let me tell you — it was delicious!!

Saturday Night Dinner

Now wouldn’t you have devoured that too??  It was so yummy.  The half-and-half made it really creamy, and the Cajun seasoning gave it a lovely zing.  The only thing was, it was a bit dry.  I think we’ll steal a page from Rachael Ray and add a quarter- to a half-cup of pasta water once everything is tossed together.  That’ll prevent the pasta from clumping and keep the sauce perfectly creamy.  Even with it being dry, it was very, very good.

Just thinking about it is making me wish I could grab seconds!

Tomorrow is my baby shower.  I’m a bit nervous about it; I’m not using to having a fuss made over me.  But the ladies who are throwing it for me are all really sweet and kind and generous, so I am sure that everything will go wonderfully and we’ll all have a great time.

It’ll be fun!


8 Responses to “Missed us by a mile”

  1. Poolie Says:

    Have fun at your shower! Put a candy bucket on your head! On second thought, not a good idea. Ever think about writing a cookbook in all your spare time?

  2. art Says:

    its amazing that they found your coupon keeper, let alone someone turned it in!!! have fun and bee yerself at the baby shower!! congrats!!

  3. Rosie Says:

    Yummy! And how wonderful that they found your coupon keeper, and that the storm isn’t too bad after all. I’ll wager that the humidity will drop after it blows through, then again, what do I know? I live in the desert! High humidity here is 30%!

  4. Elle Says:

    I’m glad your coupon keeper found its way back to you. Have fun at your shower, you deserve a little fuss to be made over you! I wish I could be there to fuss!

  5. Michele Says:

    that is so awesome that you got your coupon keeper back! i hope you have a really awesome shower, too!

  6. whatdayisit Says:

    What a nice cashier to go to the trouble to look for your coupon keeper. And the food picture made me hungry as it always does~!

    Can’t wait to hear all about the baby shower. I am sure you will have a great time. Nice of the local ladies to make a little fuss over you.

  7. Shippie Says:

    So glad you didn’t get hit, although I do understand your wanting a little rumble, rock and roll. Your dish looks great…I made my famous secret meatloaf/gravy/mashed potato dinner last night and Kel’s was drooling!! Leftovers today….and she was still drooling and begging me to tell her how I made it. Nopers, won’t tell her! Tis a secret!!! But……do you want to know??? lol

  8. sleepyjane Says:

    That does look really good! Mmm. But then again I *am* a sucker for pasta dishes. I swear I could eat it every single day and never tire of it. 🙂

    J and I went to this new pasta place Ciao Baby Cucina last week, I had the Panzerotti with mushrooms and spinach…Oh My Word! It was so good. We’ll definitely be going back there. 🙂

    Oh and they had the BEST ice cream ever. Mmmm. *drools*

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