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Showering the baby 7 September 2008

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My baby shower went very well!  Since most of us live right here in the neighborhood, I had several offers to drive me to the tea room.  It wasn’t far, just down in the old part of Newport, at this place.  The tea room has a separate web site, but it’s not very descriptive.  There are some lovely photos of the tea area HERE, however.

My first surprise occurred when I climbed the steps to the front door and was presented with a sign reading, “Tea Room Closed for a Private Party.”  WOW!  They closed the tea room just for me!!!

It was a bit nerve-wracking to walk into the tea room and see all my friends lined up and waiting for me.  And they all looked so pretty!  I wish I had taken a photo of them, but I wasn’t sure what protocol was.   I gave them all a hug and thanked them for coming.

The first game we had to play involved not saying the B word.  That’s right — we couldn’t say “baby”!!  We all were given a ribbon, and if we said “baby,” whoever caught us saying it was awarded our ribbon and any other ribbons we had collected.  Two of the guests were really awesome about catching us say “baby.”  The rest of us sort of forgot we were playing as the party wore on, so we lost our ribbons pretty quickly.  But it was fun.

We also had to guess how many cotton balls were in this enormous glass apothecary’s jar.  I guessed 652, and the correct answer was 581!  Another guest won with a guess of 601, but apparently I had the second closest guess.  Most people had put a number between 200 and 300.  I knew it was more because you can really shove down cotton balls.

As the guest of honor, I was given the jar full of cotton balls, which means I will never run out of cotton balls ever again.  Maybe I should log how long it takes me to go through 581 cotton balls.  Anyone want to make a guess?

Once the rules for the “baby” game were explained, and the guesses were entered for the cotton ball contest, it was time to eat!  The hostess of the tea room came around and took our orders for tea.  I chose the Rooibos Provence.  It’s an herbal tea that comes from South Africa (*waves at SleepyJane*), and the “Provence” in the label referred to the lavender tones that were added to the tea.  It was really very delicious, and I drank it with milk and a bit of honey.

My tea cup

This was my tea cup! It was like the hostess knew I love pink.  Not only that, notice the little feet holding up the cup.  That is so unique!  I’ve never seen anything like that.  And the cut-outs on the saucer were also something I’d never seen before.  I really liked this set and contemplated walking off with it.

Heh.  Not really.  But I still loved it.

We were also served all kinds of food suitable for an afternoon tea.  We had egg salad sandwiches on wheat, cucumber sandwiches with cream cheese and mint, and spinach wraps with roasted red pepper hummus and olives.  Yum!  We also had a wonderful selection of petit fours, and the pièce de résistance — raspberry scones with sweet cream and raspberry jam!  Those scones were simply amazing.  They were the softest and creamiest scones I have ever had.  You could tell they were homemade by the B&B’s proprietor.

Once we had stuffed ourselves silly on the delicious food, it was time to open presents.  Wow.  I must have some awfully generous friends because I received so much!  There was a bit of grumbling in that I didn’t know the gender of the baby since it’s so hard to find gender-neutral things nowadays since everyone else finds out the gender ahead of time, but my friends still managed to find cute things.  I got several packs of diapers, which should come in handy, as well as several packs of cloth diapers from those folks who know I use them.  Lots of folks gave me gender-neutral clothing for the baby, so s/he will definitely be very well-dressed once s/he’s born!  My one friend made a doll out of cloth diapers and a cute outfit for the baby!  It was so unique — I’ve never seen that done before.  My friend Pamela’s daughter Sophia cross-stitched a bib for the baby, which I was so touched by.  I know how much work goes into even a small cross-stitch project, so that was really cool of her to do.

After the presents, I was able to look around and take some photos of the tea room.

The grand piano

Isn’t that gorgeous?!  I thought about sitting down to tickle the ivories a bit, but only for about two seconds.  I realized that no one probably wanted to hear my extremely rusty piano playing.  I think it’s time for me to sit down at my piano here at the house and polish off some of the rust.

All in all, it was a very wonderful day, and I was just so thrilled and pleased that they would go to such effort for me!  I really felt so loved!


11 Responses to “Showering the baby”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    The cup and saucer really are lovely – can’t blame you for wanting to pick them up and walk off with them. I wish I could’ve attended – it must’ve been an awesome party!

  2. Rosie Says:

    What a wonderful set of friends, and a perfectly lovely venue! It makes me irked at myself for letting my B&B go to rack and ruin, but at least I am reclaiming it!

    That cup and saucer are perfectly lovely, who was the manufacturer? It’s the sort of thing that I would like! They look quite antique, rather like some of the Limoges pieces I have from the 1890’s.

  3. hissandtell Says:

    What fun! You can’t beat a good tea party, can you? And that pink teacup and saucer are divine — I would have popped them in my handbag the minute I’d drained the contents! Love, R xxx

  4. Poolie Says:

    I am so glad you had fun at the tea party! You so deserve it! Blessings to you on this special day.

  5. Shippie Says:

    What a fantastic day for you! And what amazes me is what a contrast things are for you living where you are now! You DO have so many people that care about you in RI. Dang, in WA you were so dang isolated!! I’m so very happy for you!!

  6. Shear-Madnez Says:

    What a wonderful tea party! Sounds like you really had a great time. Nothing’s better than talking about babies and eating raspberry scones. Your friends are cooler than the flip-side of my pillow.

  7. beanie Says:

    Yay! How nice to have good friends!

  8. yankeechick Says:

    I’m glad that your shower was so fantastic! You dearly deserve it! And all of the pictures are wonderful. What a lovely bunch of friends you have found in RI. It’s so exciting that you’re getting so close!!!

  9. sleepyjane Says:

    That is so great Blue – you deserve a good baby shower with lots of love!! 🙂 That tea cup is really gorgeous!

    Also- thanks for the shout out. I LOVE rooibos (<—afrikaans word which directly translated means red bush) tea – it’s really my favourite herbal tea. If it’s hard for you to get where you are shoot me an email and I can send you some. 🙂

  10. Elle Says:

    Wow, what a lovely day! And what a perfect venue for a baby shower! I am so glad you had a wonderful time, and now I have to look up raspberry scone recipes.

  11. Margie Says:

    I collect glassware and I have a tea cup set almost identical to that one. I love it. !!!

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