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MY WATER BROKE! 8 September 2008

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And now we’re off to the hospital.  I have NOTHING ready, but I do have everything I need.  It’s just all in bits and pieces around the house.

Good thing my water didn’t break at my baby shower yesterday!!!

Wish me luck!


19 Responses to “MY WATER BROKE!”

  1. beanie Says:

    Woot!! And so it starts!!

  2. Chelle Says:

    Good Luck, Love!

  3. purple chai Says:

    Thinking about you all day!

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    I’m jumping up and down over here. SO very excited. Good luck on the labor and delivery I hope it goes so quickly you barely know it started before it’s over.

    Congratulations and good luck!

  5. becca Says:

    Yippee!!!! Had a feeling this baby would be early. Good luck hunny!! xxx

  6. Shippie Says:

    Weeeeeee haaaaaaa!! And you were so worried you were going to be late! I’m still betting Jr. is a boy!!
    And I guess since your water broke, I can forgive you for not answering my IM, eh!
    Come on now Jr, come into the world safely and quickly! Gracie needs someone to boss around and play mommy to!

  7. whatdayisit Says:

    GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to find out what gender the baby is. At least you have lots of diapers from the shower. Everything else will work out just fine. So glad the baby is coming before Kurt was going to be caught at work all week…..

  8. Shear-Madnez Says:

    I am so excited and happy for you!!!! Happy, happy, happy!!!! I can’t wait to meet this baby! Oh my gosh. I cannot sit still. Ok, don’t forget to breathe. Photos! KURT!!!! Take bunches of photos!

  9. Kym Says:

    Good luck, Sweetie!!!

  10. Elle Says:

    Oh boy oh boy! a baby today! KURT! Let us know the minute!!!!!

  11. Rosie Says:

    OMG! I’m so glad this happened before Kurt was “away” for a week! I’m so excited, can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

  12. Aimee Says:

    Ahh congrats. I’m so glad you’re posting pics!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!!!!!!

  13. Blue Opal Says:

    Wa-HOOO! Here’s wishing for a safe, easy labor and delivery that’s healthy for both mommy and baby. I LOVE that you permitted us a peek at your hospital room. I’m sure you won’t be feeling so much like it a bit later but for now you look just radiant 😀

  14. Texas Peach Says:

    I work all day then do homework with the boy and what do I miss???? Thinking of you and hoping all goes well for you both. Can’t wait to check in later to see what’s happened! YOu do look radiant!!!

  15. Kathy Says:

    I really don’t think it is legal to look that good when you are in labor. I can’t wait for baby pictures!!!!

  16. Kathy Says:

    wow! I can’t wait to hear the news!

  17. liz Says:

    good luck!!!!!!

  18. Patty Says:

    Hey Karyl and Kurt,

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I just saw the photo of sweet little Mary Ellen on your flicker. She is beautiful and you both look so happy. I am so thrilled for you (and jealous too!). My little baby (20 now) is the one who is going into the navy in 28 days.
    Enjoy her and give her a kiss from me (and Jillian – my little sailor-to-be).

    Hugs, Patty

  19. sleepyjane Says:


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