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I have been crowned! 11 September 2008

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While I was in the hospital, I received a package from the most wonderful and excellent Cocoabean!  Inside were two bags, one pink and one green.  Guess whose was the green bag??  Of course, that one was for Gracie.  It included a green notebook, a pack of markers, a pack of Dora the Explorer playing cards, a grow-in-water ducky, and a ring pop.  The pink one was even better!  Inside was a stick of cocoa butter to use as moisturizer, a photo keychain, some hand sanitizer gel, and joy of all joys — a mini bottle of tequila!

I can drink now, y’all!

It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s nice that I can have a glass of wine here and there now.  My mom and I stopped by the package store today to get a bottle of wine and some other adult beverages, and they’re in the fridge cooling as we speak.

What made me giggle is the note that went along with the tequila.  Nancy wrote, “Now you can have some tequila with us in Tombstone!”

YES!!!  I will have to find out the night of the official Javelina Hunt and indulge in my mini bottle of tequila on that night in solidarity with the rest of my fellow bloggers!

But as great as all of that was, nothing could match the awesomeness I found at the bottom of the box!!

Queen and princess!

We have been crowned!!!  I am now officially “BEST MOM” and Grace is “BEST BIG SISTER”!!

Can you believe that Nancy made these crowns?  They’re so intricate and beautiful.  My favorite pieces are the jingle bells that are suspended in the diamond cut-outs.  Every time I move, I hear a faint jingling.

And the jewels!  I just noticed the jewels!  There are beautiful jeweled designs on the top of each spoke of the crown, and each one is different.  Nancy put some serious effort into these crowns, and I am just enthralled.

Yes, I am still wearing mine too.  Wouldn’t you, if you had such a cool crown??

I am so glad to be home, though.  I just couldn’t handle being in the hospital any longer.  Last night, sleeping in my own bed with my own pillow and my own sheets and under my own comforter and next to my own husband was the best thing ever.  I had missed sleeping with Kurt while I was in the hospital.  The closest we could get to snuggling together was to have him bring the chair that folded out into a twin bed next to my hospital bed — but that didn’t exactly cut it.  I think I slept much better last night for having him next to me.

My back also feels so much better for having slept in a real bed.  Basically, everything on me feels much better for having slept in a real bed!  I think I will recover so much more quickly now that I’m home and well-rested.

Mary Ellen slept through most of the night last night.  We fed her last around 11pm, and then she slept till 4:30am.  I had set my alarm for 5am, since that’s when Grace woke up the first few nights she was home.  Kurt changed Mary Ellen’s diaper for me, while I headed to the rest room (because going to the bathroom isn’t a quick in-and-out thing when you’ve just given birth), and then I fed her a bottle.  She slept till 7:15, when Kurt had to get up anyways to take Grace to school, so he took care of the baby for me.  Then we both, the baby and I, slept till 10:15am, when I figured it was time to haul my butt out of bed and take care of her.

While I was sleeping, Kurt was getting all kinds of paperwork taken care of.  Now Mary Ellen exists to the Navy, at least temporarily, until her birth certificate and her social security number comes through and she’s made more permanent.  This is a good thing, since we have an appointment tomorrow, and we’ll probably have to see a few specialists in the near future as well.

At my 20-week ultrasound, the technician found a small cyst at the top of Mary Ellen’s spinal cord.  Apparently this is a fairly common thing, and it should resolve itself by birth.  Even if it isn’t resolved, it won’t hamper her development.  That’s the theory, anyhow.  I’d like to get that checked out, though, to see if the cyst is still there.

Then when she was born, the doctor noticed she has a skin tag on her ear.  She actually has a visible skin tag on her right ear, and a bump on her left that may have turned into a skin tag if it had more time to grow.  The doctor said that skin tags in newborns near the ear can signify kidney or liver problems.  So Mary Ellen will need an ultrasound on her kidneys and liver to make sure they’re in fine working order.  She seems to be urinating just fine, so I am thinking she’s got no problems — but it’s best to make sure.

But Newport doesn’t do infant ultrasounds, so I’ll have to make a trip up to Providence to the children’s hospital there to have it done.  Thankfully, Providence isn’t very far, and we can probably squeeze in a trip to the mall while we’re there.

So that’s the deal with the specialists.  Once Kurt got home from getting Mary Ellen in the system, he made us all lunch, and then we put Grace down for a nap.  Amazingly enough, she managed to sleep!  She was tired.  She’d gone to Babies R Us with Daddy the night before to help him buy a new car seat for the baby.  Our old one that we’d used for Grace decided to stop functioning with the base unit, and this, my friends, is not a good thing.

I so wish I’d been able to be a fly on the wall at Babies R Us to see Kurt shopping last night.  Looking down at my list and saying, “Lap pads???  What the hell are lap pads???  Grace, come here.  What’s a lap pad?!”

Poor Kurt.

But while Grace was napping today, Kurt and I went for a walk.  I stuck the baby in my sling, and off we went.  I planned on only going around the block, but it took us an hour to make a full lap!  We kept running into my friends, and of course, they all wanted to see the baby!  By the time we got home, I was ready to sit down for a while.

Soon enough, I got antsy again, and we needed things at Wal-Mart, like the ever-elusive lap pads.  I was planning on sending Kurt to get them, but then my mom decided to go, and somehow I ended up taking my mom to Wal-Mart with Grace while Kurt took care of the baby.  And no, I did not find the lap pads.  But I did find a cute non-maternity shirt for me, and on sale to boot!

Did I mention it’s not a maternity shirt??  Woo hoo!

I have been blissfully sitting on my derriere since returning home from Wal-Mart.  Dinner was already in the crockpot, so I did nothing to prepare it once I got home.  I love crockpots.  You just arrive home and voila!  A hot, homecooked meal!

So now I am off to attempt to catch up on my blogs.  I have read very, very few of them since Monday, so bear with me if I haven’t read your blogs this week.  If you have linked to me with congratulations on the baby, I really appreciate it — but you may want to tell me who you are if I haven’t thanked you personally yet.  I don’t want to miss you!

(Seven years ago, our nation was hit by terrorists.  And lest you think I had forgotten, HERE is my story of that horrific day.  It hasn’t left my thoughts.)


13 Responses to “I have been crowned!”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    awww gee you are making me blush here…. glad you like them!

  2. Miss Hiss Says:

    What absolutely fabulous gifts you have — the ones from Beanie, AND Mary Ellen! (Oh, and Kurt and Gracie too, of course…) Love, R xxx

  3. Shippie Says:

    Those are FANTASTIC crowns! How exciting for both you and Gracie!! With all the attention over new sis, I bet getting that package was so great for her! WTG cocoabean! I hope all the test for Mary Ellen come out good. Weird that a skin tag on an ear could be sign of a problem with the liver. Where is the connection with that??? Anyway….lots of prayers being sent your way!

  4. Poolie Says:

    Awwww! What a sweet entry! And the crowns are amazing! Isn’t that beanie something?

  5. I’m so proud of you! You’re on the go and recovering great! I wasn’t that great just days after popping out Ethan…little jealous here, gotta say! 😉

  6. Blue Opal Says:

    Ack – I know you’re glad to be home and walking is good up to a point – but seriously, don’t overdo it. You can injure yourself if you overdo things right after having a baby, in ways that may not show up for decades 😦

  7. Michele Says:

    great crowns!! i’m so glad that you’re doing well and so is the rest of your family….

    and thank you SO very much for the surprise phone call last night. First of all, it was SO good to hear your voice and even better to hear you sound so upbeat! Second, it was a boost to get a random and happy call from you. I really appreciate it.

    Love you!

  8. cardiogirl Says:

    The fact that you are blogging throughout this birth is BLOWING MY MIND! You are some kinda organized, blue. This is amazing!

    I am so with you on hating the maternity shirts by the time it was over. Amen to that.

    p.s. Don’t worry about reading my blog. I’ll be here when things settle down.

    p.p.s I have no excuses like giving birth to a newborn, but I owe you a letter. Working on that…

  9. Margie Says:

    You and Grace look absolutely beautiful in your crowns.

  10. Elle Says:

    Look, the local royalty! You both are radiantly majestic. Big hugs and baby smooches to the beautiful people.

  11. Aimee Says:

    Lap pads can be purchased in bulk at a fabric store. You can find the fabric buy a huge portion and cut them to the size you want. Very cost effective and great because you can keep a big one in the diaper bag to cover those nasty public changing tables.

    The crown is amazing. What a thoughtful bloggy friend. And, congrats. You sure do make pretty babies!!!!

  12. whatdayisit Says:

    I echo the other comments. I know you are energetic but please don’t overdo it. Sounds like you are having a great first few days at home and that everyone is happy to have a new baby in the house.
    Good luck with Mary Ellen’s testing….I hope it is all good news.

    Loved the crowns….you both look awesome…..

  13. becca Says:

    well sweet!!! 🙂

    I really hope you are getting on well as a mom of 2 and that Grace and Kurt have been helping you out loads and are adjusting well themselves.

    Thanks for your message about the hospital bag!!! It made me smile as it was the thought of having the baby early that shocked me into packing it now! I was no where near prepared for a baby to be 10 weeks early so packed now in the hope that he/she does stay in there for a good few weeks at least. It seems strange that I have less than 8 weeks left now and I am sort of hoping for baby to be a week or 2 early at the earliest but we’ll see about that.

    ps, been meaning to say for days, I just somehow knew you’d have another girl, how long have I been saying “she’ll soon be here” in your messages?

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