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Keeping to the straight and narrow 18 September 2008

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Remember when I was talking about being excited about the cool weather coming?  Well, I don’t have long to wait.  It’s already down to 55º right at this moment, going down into the 40s.  Tomorrow’s high is just 63º.  Brrr!  But it’ll be nice.

Grace and I have a playdate tomorrow at the biggest playground in our neighborhood.  I’ve already starting thinking about what I’ll have to wear to keep Mary Ellen and me warm while Grace runs amok with my friend’s sons.  Fortunately I don’t have to worry about Mary Ellen much.  I’ll just snug her up in a footed sleeper and a onesie, like I normally do, and stuff her into my sling.  If I wear a jacket, which is highly likely, I could easily zip her under my jacket.

She’ll probably be the one keeping me warm!  She’s a little hot water bottle, let me tell you.

Waking up in the middle of the night to feed Mary Ellen is pretty brutal.  It’s not so much the waking up part, which I do hate simply because I love to sleep so much.  But damn, was it cold in the bedroom at 5am this morning.  I had to snuggle with the baby under the covers to try to stay warm.

It’s not enough incentive to close the windows at night, though.  It’s so wonderful to finally have a bit of a chill in the bedroom when I’ve been waking up with night sweats all summer long.

Five am is an odd time of the day.  There was one morning when Kurt and I were awake that early — I do believe it was just a few hours before my water broke.  I couldn’t sleep because I had some wicked heartburn and the accompanying reflux, and Kurt woke up with me in solidarity.  All of a sudden, we heard cadence being called.  Those crazy Marines were out running together, having physical training (PT) at 5:45am.

Marines.  They’re a special breed of person, I’ll tell ya that.

This morning as I fed the baby I could have sworn I heard reveille.  Kurt tells me that the base doesn’t play reveille, but I’m wondering if they do down in Training Country, where Officer Candidate School (OCS) is located.  Or maybe it was for the NAPS (Naval Academy Preparatory School) kids.  I know I heard something in the way of music playing, and morning colors doesn’t start until 8am all year round.

Grace hears colors nearly every single morning, since her windows are open all summer long.  One morning she informed me she’d gotten up and used the restroom before I woke up, and then she stated, “Also I heard America singing, Mommy!”  I’m not sure how she came up with that, but it’s a pretty apt description because morning colors features the national anthem.

She’s a pretty smart cookie, that one.

You know, I can’t remember what the hell day it is.  I must have asked Kurt what day it is at least five times today.  He was able to go in to work late this morning, so he took Grace in to school while I slept in a bit — at least till Mary Ellen woke up wanting to eat again.  Still, it allowed me to sleep in till 9:30am, where I would have had to get up at 6:45am if I had had to take Gracie in to school.  You’ll hear no complaints from me!

But since I didn’t take Gracie in to school, I could not remember that it was Thursday.  My timing is all thrown off.

But tomorrow is Friday, which means I have the aforementioned playdate.  And yesterday was Wednesday, when Grace had swim lessons.  While there, I chatted with another mother who asked about my sling and other ways of carrying children that didn’t involve strollers.  But it had to be something able to carry heavier children because her daughter is very, very sturdy.  I suggested the Ergo Baby Carrier to her, which I bought when Grace was an infant, and then she reminded me of the other carrier that I have that I like even better — the Mei Hip.   The Mei Hip folds up into a teeny tiny area, so it’s just as easy to carry around as my sling.  The Ergo is lovely for longer periods of carrying your child, but because it’s so padded, it’s also rather bulky when your kid isn’t in it.

But the Ergo is good for Kurt to use with the kids.  I don’t think he’d be too keen on using either my obnoxiously pink sling with daisies printed all over it, or my Asian-printed Mei Hip.  Besides, men don’t have hips, not like women do, anyhow.  I don’t even think the Mei Hip would work on him.

Kurt talked to this lady more as I took Grace into the locker room to get changed after swim lessons.  He found out her name for me, so I was looking forward to talking to her again next week.  But today as we walked around the block (I needed to start exercising — I’m so sick of my maternity clothes, and I would love to get back into my regular jeans as soon as I can), a large SUV passing us slowed down and finally stopped.  It was the lady from swim lessons!  I’m pretty sure she just moved here.  Her husband is Army, and I am guessing he’s a student at the War College.  This means that like the rest of my girlfriends here, she’s only in Rhode Island for ten months.  I invited her to our weekly viewing of “Army Wives” because I really think she’ll enjoy it and fit into our group easily.  I also informed her of my scheduled playdate tomorrow, and I hope she decides to join us.

I tell you what, it’s so nice living around so many military wives.  They are so friendly and outgoing because they know we only have a short time here.  They want to make the most of every moment they’re stationed here, so they don’t waste time in being shy or doing the little dance of “when do I call after meeting someone new?” that some civilian women engage in.  It’s such a change from being in Washington state, where it took three years and having a child before I had more than one close friend.

And so I think I have learned my lesson.  Live closer, rather than farther away, to the Navy base whenever we relocate.  There are downsides to living around all military people, of course, but thus far the pros have far outweighed them.  These new friends of mine, in addition to throwing me a great baby shower, have also banded together and made me dinner for the last few nights — simply because I just had a baby, and they wanted to do something to help me out as I recovered.  I haven’t felt so welcomed and included for years.

It’s a lovely feeling.


11 Responses to “Keeping to the straight and narrow”

  1. Blue Opal Says:

    That DOES sound nice. I don’t know my neighbors because I work constantly. I don’t have the time or energy to be social. 😦

  2. cocoabean Says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying Rhode Island more than you did Washington.. and you are closer to your family, too.

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    That is so nice of them! 🙂 It makes sense, when you explain in like that! The whole, not enough time so enjoy it while you can etc. {hugs}

  4. Michele Says:

    she *is* a smart (and cute!) cookie indeed!

  5. art Says:

    i remember when you said gracie said :i can hear america singing, mommy!! that always cracks me up when i hear that!!! i remember what a hard time you had making friends in washington state. its good that the folks there are so much friendlier there!! makes for a happy time!!

  6. Michele Says:

    heyyyy! you’re right… you and one other person commented yesterday and those comments are gone. that is really freaky. i swear to gawd i did *not* delete them. i had no reason to do so. why on earth would that happen???

  7. terri t. Says:

    What a nice group of women you have meet and befriended. I remember when my sister lived in Ct. and her church would make meals for the new mommies and take turns delivering them for a few weeks. I thought that was such a nice gesture and one that could easily be returned when it was another new mommy’s time. It sounds like you are really getting to know a lot of great people.

  8. Aimee Says:

    You get a real sense of community. It’s really nice to have people around that care, are friendly, and can help each other. I’m happy you have that. Although it will be sad when people have to leave.

  9. Elle Says:

    I’m glad you’re collecting new friends! It makes me happy that you’re making the best of the temporary togetherness. I know when we lived in Lake Charles and I had a newborn, I went totally stir crazy for a while not knowing anyone. I’d dress Max up and go to Wal-Mart just to trawl for old ladies to talk to!!

  10. Shippie Says:

    I’m so happy that you aren’t isolate like you were in WA. THings just sound so much better for you, and it just makes me so happy! As for waking up with cold air in the morning….I LOVE that feeling!! Burrow deep under the covers with that cold air all around you. Love it love it love it!!

  11. iidlyyckma Says:

    Your baby is darling:):) You look great after birth! How are things going???

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