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Dagnabbit 25 October 2008

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My penchant for slim-fitting t-shirts to show off my curves is coming back to bite me in the bottom.  Seriously.  I have nothing to wear that isn’t a maternity shirt because everything is too tight around my belly.  Plus all my shirts are so short, in comparison to my maternity wear, that the instant I move, the panel to my maternity jeans is visible.

I know I just had a baby six weeks ago, but dangit, I thought I could wear my regular shirts and jeans again by now.  I’m not looking to be a size 2, but getting back into my size 18s and my XL shirts would be nice. Before I was pregnant, I was a size 16 and could wear a size L in my shirts, so it’s not like I expect to be my pre-pregnancy size already.

I am so tired of my maternity clothes.  It’s all I’ve been wearing since April or even March.  And I don’t have that much.  I have three pairs of jeans and maybe eight or ten shirts.  I guess that sounds like a lot, but it’s really not.  I have more shirts, but a good number of them have references to being pregnant on them — and the last thing I want to wear when I’m six weeks post-partum is a shirt advertising that I am pregnant.

I’m not dropping any weight either, which is so frustrating.  With Grace, the weight just melted off, and I was back into my regular jeans, though they were still a bit tight, ten days after she was born.  The number on the scale just won’t budge this time.  I’m not the type of woman to obsess about my weight; I don’t weigh myself every day because a person’s weight fluctuates so much naturally.

I know I am eating healthfully too.  Kurt needs to drop a little bit of weight before the next Physical Readiness Test for the Navy, so he’s doing Weight Watchers.  This means that I know how many points our meals come out to be.  He’s always well within his limits on points, and I eat less than he does, which makes sense since I am also significantly smaller than he is.  I also make things that are low in calories because both of us are trying to watch our weight.

I made andouille with red beans and rice last week, a recipe I had found online that had been published in Cooking Light.  I substituted chourico for the andouille, since andouille wasn’t to be found at the commissary, but I used 4oz for the entire dish just like it said in the recipe.  And I can’t see chourico being that much more fattening than andouille, to tell the truth.  I dished out exactly what a serving size was, using a measuring cup to make sure I was doing it right.  And that was four points for the entree.  Not bad!

I don’t snack, I really don’t.  I know that’s the downfall of a lot of diets because most of us don’t think to compensate at our meals for what we ate as a snack.  I don’t ever think to grab a snack because by the time I get hungry, it’s almost time to make a meal.  I figure I can just wait till dinner.  ‘

We also eat a ton of veggies.  We always have veggies or a salad at dinner.  Kurt uses those spray dressings that Wish-Bone has put out since they’re so low in calories, and I’ve got a berry dressing that is 35 calories a serving and no fat.  Neither of us like a ton of dressing on our salad anyhow, so I know we’re doing well there too.  And at lunch, we eat fruit.  I just bought a whole ton of McIntosh apples, though I don’t think I’ll get those again.  They’re too grainy for my preferences; I guess I’ll have to go back to Fujis.  The only reason I got the McIntosh was they were the small ones in a bag.  I’d rather get a lot of small apples already packaged in a bag instead of picking the large ones from the bin because they’re so huge.

Since I’ve been trying to save money, we haven’t gone out to dinner in a really long time either.  The last time we went out was a couple weeks ago to a Japanese restaurant where we had sushi.  We’re staying away from restaurants that serve only fried foods or enormous portions.  I haven’t wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant, though we love that cuisine, because neither of us have any control when it comes to tortilla chips and salsa.  They’re just so delicious that we make total pigs of ourselves.

And we don’t ever drink soda!  Not usually, anyhow, though I did indulge quite a bit when we went to have Thanksgiving-in-October at Pamela and Vic’s home.  But that’s a rarity.  Even when we go out, I drink water or hot tea, or coffee if I’ve gone to breakfast.  I know soda is just empty calories, and it’s the last thing I need when I want to get back into my regular jeans.

I know what the answer is.  I need to exercise more.  It’s hard, though.  When Grace is in school, I’d rather relax and enjoy my quiet time, not spend it exercising.  When she is home, I have to take her with me, and I can’t always walk as fast as I like because her little legs can only carry her so quickly.  But that’s just an excuse, it’s not a good reason.  So I guess I’ll be getting out and walking more.  Not my idea of a good time, but it has to be done.


Wish me luck!


8 Responses to “Dagnabbit”

  1. art Says:

    perhaps you can see your doctor, and have her schedule you to see a dietitician, who can help you with healthy food choices to lose weight? its hard after having a baby to lose the weight, but with encouragement, and will power you know how to, and can!!!

  2. Boxx Says:

    It took me 52 weeks to lose 52 pounds. ONE pound per week. I go to the gym EVERY day and work out HARD for at least 65 minutes at a time. I’ve gone VEGAN and I limit my fat to under 27g per day. My daughter has gained only 20 pounds during her pregnancy. I gained 70 with my son, but I did lose all of it before becoming pregnant with my daughter. My kids are 14 months apart in age. I only gained 30 with her. At age 53 it’s a lot harder to lose weight than it used to be when I was younger. Losing weight is HARD work. GOOD LUCK.

  3. purple chai Says:

    Your body may not be ready to lose all the pregnancy weight yet, for some reason. It took me a long time to lose mine, both times, yet I knew someone who was back in her size 4 jeans a week after the baby was born! Not me, by a long shot. Maybe you could stop by Target or Kohl’s and pick up a few inexpensive tops to make yourself feel a little better, maybe longer to cover the top of your jeans, and at least with no pregnancy slogans on them. If they’re too big in a month, donate them, and know that you did a good thing for yourself and for someone else, too.

  4. Rosie Says:

    If you aren’t breastfeeding, then I’d wager you would do well to jumpstart yourself with a low carb/high protein diet. Diets can be “healthy” but still contain too many carbs for some body types.

    And taking the baby and Grace for a walk would be a good thing, or maybe take the baby for a walk before Grace comes home? Walking is such good exercise! Also, go to FlyLady and check out the Momentum diet/exercise plan. Good luck!

  5. michele Says:

    sounds like you’ve got a good thing going and you might be right about going walking more. maybe it’s just tougher to lose baby weight with the second one? i think you’re eating very healthfully and consciously…. and, i’m guessing that your portions are reasonable, too. (though, Ben found that decreasing his portion sizes made a difference and w/o trying he lost some weight)

    anyway, i hope you get it worked out and fit into the clothes you want real soon! 🙂

  6. Blue Opal Says:

    You may also be sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is the worst thing for your weight. Walking is all well and good, but so is a well timed nap. If you catch naps while you can, I’d be willing to bet you’ll start losing weight in short order. *Hugs*

  7. sleepyjane Says:

    I can see how that must be frustrating but as everyone said, just give it time. You’re taking all the right steps and so it should get some results soon. 🙂 {{hugs}}

  8. healthy gal Says:

    It seems that you are on the right track towards a slimmer body, perhaps you should also consider taking low cab diet and exercise regularly.good luck

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