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Crying babies and cleaning house 30 October 2008

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Busy, busy day today!!!

Kurt’s got duty today.  It used to be no big deal when he’d have duty.  He’d have to go in at morning colors to salute the flag as it went up, relieve the guy at the desk for lunch and dinner, salute the flag as it came down for evening colors, and do security checks before coming home for the evening.  He could come home or do whatever else he needed to do in between, as long as he was back in time to perform his duties.

That’s all changed now.  Now Chiefs are being assigned to do the same job as the junior officers of the watch, something that’s only been done by lower-ranking folks.  This means that he has to stay at the desk all day long, and even sleep overnight in the building.  So he’s not home at the moment.  It’s kind of nice; it’s really quiet here.

The other nice thing that happens when Kurt’s away is I get very, very motivated to do housework.  It’s amazing, really.  I’ve got this mental block against doing housework when he’s home.  I think it’s because he wants to help, but I don’t want him to.  He’s got a full time job; there’s no reason for him to come home and do housework.

With him away at duty, I have time to do some major housework.  Most days, Kurt’s home for lunch before I really get going with my day, and then he goes back to work for only a couple of hours after that.  There’s no time to get motivated because Kurt will be home from work before I can get anything started.

Tonight’s project — cleaning the refrigerator.

Blargh.  What a yucky job.  I’m so glad I did it when Kurt wasn’t home.  I found a few containers of very, very, very dead dairy products that would have sent Kurt retching to the bathroom if he had been home.  Me, I just threw it down the garbage disposal and didn’t think much more of it.  It was really vile, though.  But it’s gone now!!

I took out all the shelves in the fridge and scrubbed them down with soap and hot water.  What bummed me out was the realization that my shelves aren’t tempered glass, like they had been in the fridge in Washington.  Nope, these shelves are plastic.  The one shelf that is tempered glass is the one that forms the top of the produce bins.  No wonder my shelves are all scratched up.

I have to say, at least I don’t have the refrigerators with the wire shelves.  Some of my friends here in housing have those, and they suck.  Spills are never contained to one shelf, and drips are so hard to clean off the wire.  Some of my friends even have half-size fridges, ones that would look more at home in a NYC apartment kitchen than a regular suburban home.  I can’t imagine having a fridge like that, though my fridge has been awfully bare lately.  I’ve been really good about making what’s in my fridge instead of going out and buying more food just because I think it’s time for a commissary run.

So now my fridge is shiny and clean, and all the spoiled food has been gotten rid of.

Cleaning the fridge was actually the least busy part of my day.  I dropped Grace off at school and immediately went out to breakfast with my friend.  There was a bit of confusion in the diner’s parking lot, where a truck tried to take the spot I was waiting for, but amazingly enough, the gent behind the wheel graciously bowed out and allowed me to have the space!  He even apologized to me as we both made our way into the diner.  It made me feel like there are some courteous Rhode Island drivers out there.

I had about an hour here at the house, in which I managed to get some laundry folded, when my other friend needed me to help her retrieve her husband’s truck from the hospital.  So it was off again with Mary Ellen and me, and then I was rewarded for my good deed with some delicious coffee and a nice chat with my friend.  By that time, I needed to pick Grace up from school!  So all morning long I was running hither, thither, and yon.’

Finally this afternoon I managed to sneak in a nap.  Grace was napping, Mary Ellen was snoozing, and I figured it was a golden opportunity to bed down on the sofa and grab some shut-eye myself.  And damn, did it feel great!

Amazingly enough, I’m already tired again.  It’s been seven weeks since I had Mary Ellen, but sometimes it still feels like I’m in the early stages of recovery!  Go figure.


5 Responses to “Crying babies and cleaning house”

  1. Poolie Says:

    I LOVE to clean the fridge! I know. Me crazy.

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    Embarrassed to admit this, but I know you won’t judge me. I’ve lived in this house for 13 years. And I have never removed the shelves in the fridge to clean them thoroughly.

    But they are made of tempered glass 🙂

  3. michele Says:

    I know what you mean… I have a couple of tempered glass shelves and am bummed that they’re scratched up especially where we keep the gallon jugs of water. And yes, cleaning the fridge is always such a daunting task.

    You were probably tired from all that hard work cleaning the fridge and all the running around you did, too!!! You definitely deserved a nap.

  4. Elle Says:

    I only clean the fridge when backed against the wall and forced to, which happened just a few short months ago with the hurricane and having to dump everything. So it’s done until the next have-to situation.

  5. Aimee Says:

    I hate cleaning the fridge. I do not know how it gets so gross! And yes wire sucks!!! Especially with little kids who dump things as they pull them out.
    And ya for the polite driver!!!! And the nap. You hit the jackpot.

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