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Stun gun and a pole 2 November 2008

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I’m roasting another chicken for dinner, and let me tell you — it smells so delicious already!  Funnily enough, the reason I wanted to buy another chicken was so I could make that chicken n’ dumplings recipe again.  That’s how good it was!

We went to the commissary yesterday, which wasn’t the best time to go.  Ideally, one should go on a Tuesday because the store has just been restocked, so the shelves are full.  Going on a weekend, and especially payday weekend, is usually a very bad idea.  Fortunately, it wasn’t crowded at all.  They just had no food.

I had to get a Perdue chicken, which run twice as much per pound as the Tyson chicken, which meant I paid a whole $5 for this chicken.  That’s still cheaper than it is at the regular grocery stores, but it was frustrating just because I had gotten a Tyson chicken for $2.30 last week.

Ah, well.  I have dinner for tonight and tomorrow night now.  Woot!

We decided to head up to Warwick and do a bit of shopping today.  Last week I had gotten some footed fuzzy overalls for Mary Ellen at the thrift store, and they’re working out so well that I wanted to look for some more pairs.  Since I wanted to go up to Warwick, we decided to stop in at the new Trader Joe’s.

Wow. The place was packed!!  It’s the only Trader Joe’s in the entire state of Rhode Island, and this was the store’s opening weekend.

Stun gun and a pole

It was insane. I so wish I’d brought my cattle prod with me.  Not only was it completely packed, but people were being so rude.  They’d park their carts in the middle of the aisle, peruse the items on the shelf, and take their sweet time deciding between one item and another.  And when you politely asked, “Excuse me!” they’d glare at you for daring to move past them while they were on the aisle.

At one point, I started getting a wee bit panicky.  I really hate crowds, and I hate not being able to move freely.  Being pinned in really messes with my brain.  My skin began prickling at one point, and I knew it was time to get out.  Fortunately, I had everything I needed already, so I headed for the registers.

It was so busy that the Trader Joe’s even had a traffic cop directing people in the parking lot!  Rhode Island drivers are rather crazy when left to their own devices; just getting into the parking lot from the main road was causing gridlock to pile up.  They probably should have had the traffic cop directing traffic on the main road instead of in the parking lot!

I’m so thrilled to have a Trader Joe’s close to the house now.  I’ll be able to purchase cold things and frozen things and not worry about them spoiling before I get home!  Before now, I’d have to drive 70 miles to Hyannis to go to a Trader Joe’s, which precluded me from purchasing the cold stuff.  But now I have no such restrictions!  YAY!

I just have to find my coffee grinder so I can get some more delicious Trader Joe’s coffee.  Mmm yummy.

I sort of struck out at the thrift store too, which was a bit of a bummer.  I didn’t get any more of those fuzzy footed overalls for the baby, but I did find a cute romper for her to wear on Christmas that matches a nightgown that my mom bought for Gracie.  I also found three shirts for myself, though they are all green.  Heh.  It’s not intentional; that’s just the three shirts that I liked the best style-wise.

I was *this close* to buying a Minolta film SLR from the 1980s, but I finally decided against it.  It was $15, which isn’t that much, but what am I going to do with it?  I have a small camera collection going on, but I’d prefer an older camera.  I’m sure it works wonderfully; my Minolta from 1971 takes awesome photos.  That’s why I didn’t buy the one at the thrift store, though.  I already have one!  And the last thing I need is more clutter in this house.

I might call up there this week when they change what color is on sale (every tag is color-coordinated, and each week a different color goes on sale for 50% off), and if it’s blue, I might head up there and buy it.  Of course, by then it will probably be gone.  Ah well.  Such is life!

And now it’s time for dinner!


6 Responses to “Stun gun and a pole”

  1. purple chai Says:

    The only way to go to the Trader Joe’s near here is at an off time, otherwise it’s jammed with rude, entitled people, if you know what I mean. Any time on a weekend is out, as is a weekday afternoon. Hard to get to.

    If your footed overalls are what I think they are, we called them “stretchies”, and it was the only thing our babies wore (back 25 years ago.) Are there snaps up the legs to make them easier to open for changing? My sister and I never used gowns or any of those annoying layette things, but the kids were in stretchies the minute they were born and until they walked.

  2. michele Says:

    i love Trader Joe’s! Too bad we don’t have them here.

  3. yankeechick Says:

    I’ve still never been to a Trader Joe’s! I so wish they’d get one here 😦 . Krispy Kreme opened their 1st shop here a couple of years ago and they had to have cops there directing traffic. It was crazy for about a week, I think.

  4. Me loves Trader Joe’s coffee too! That is just too exciting!

  5. Aimee Says:

    That Trader Joe’s crowd would be way too much for me. I cannot handle crowds like that. I freak.

  6. art Says:

    im with ya on the crowds!! ewww!! i get all panicky and cant think when im inna crowded store!! what a mess!!

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