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Around and about 11 November 2008

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Judy’s not flying in till 11:30pm tonight, which means I have just under three hours to finish the little bit of housework I promised I’d do.  Fortunately, she’s flying into Providence, which is right up the road from me.  I wouldn’t mind at all picking her up from Boston, but Providence is so much closer and more convenient.

The funny thing is, she started her day in Charleston, South Carolina, where she was visiting another friend of hers.  She then flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, but the flight to Denver was full.  So she flew into San Francisco instead to put her daughter on a flight back home to Seattle, and she’s on her way to Providence by way of Chicago right now.  I find it highly amusing that she’s traveling from Charleston to Providence by way of the West Coast.  I don’t even want to think about how many miles she’s flown today, probably six or seven thousand miles.  Good thing she’s not paying for any of this!!  The perks of being a flight attendant, I guess.

I got a lot a lot a lot done today!  I was so proud of myself, especially since I didn’t start till mid-afternoon.  I had to do quite a bit of deep-cleaning, more than I would probably do if anyone else came to visit, because I know how hard Judy works on keeping her own house clean.  I’m so thankful I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees a couple weeks ago!

Not only did I clean the house, but I also decided to rearrange things a bit.  I cleaned out the top drawer of my dresser in my room, as well as my lingerie chest, which is a narrow dresser that I’ve used since I moved in with Kurt seven years ago to store my undergarments and socks.  I went through all my undergarments and decided I didn’t need at least half of them and tossed them.  And what was left all fit into the top drawer of my dresser.  No more lingerie chest!

Although now that I think about it, maybe I’ll use that as a dresser for Mary Ellen…

As if that weren’t enough, I decided the table I’ve been using as a nightstand needed to go.  It’s a piece of furniture that Kurt brought with him from Hawaii when he moved to Virginia in 2000, which meant it’s totally bachelor-pad furniture.  And it’s old to boot!  Kurt got it around 1998, and it wasn’t like he bought it new.  He says it came with the apartment, that the previous renters left it there when they moved out.  The top of it is black and textured, so any dust that may fall (and I manage to live in the dustiest houses possible) becomes nearly impossible to remove, resulting in a perpetual state of dustiness, no matter how often I try to clean it off.

Now I am using the hope chest my grandparents gave to me when I was a teen as my nightstand.  It’s got my name stenciled on the front, and inside I store more books.  This house is covered in books!  I have a six-foot tall bookcase that is stuffed full of books, the top shelf being two rows deep, a five-foot tall bookcase full of books, a skinny six-foot tall bookcase full of books, and now my hope chest is stuffed as well.  I have Too Many Books.  Eventually I’ll weed through them, but I haven’t read a good third of them.

My bedroom looks so open now, without the hope chest and lingerie chest on that one wall.  There is nothing there now!  I toyed with the idea of putting the bassinet along the wall but figured it was easier keeping it at the foot of the bed.  At least now I have a place to put the bassinet when I want to fold laundry.

This morning Kurt volunteered to do a presentation for Grace’s preschool class on the Navy.  It worked out well since today is Veteran’s Day!  He got all spiffed up in his dress blue uniform and talked to the kids about the Navy’s mission.  He even brought a board full of photos to show the kids and spoke for over thirty minutes, which is quite a while for preschoolers.  Apparently they even saluted him in thanks, which I am so sad I missed.  I took photos during most of the presentation, but then the owner of the preschool wanted to cuddle on Mary Ellen, and how do I say no to that?

The children also made Kurt drawings of ships and the like in thanks to him.  I thought that was incredibly sweet!

Because Kurt was in uniform on a federal holiday, I figured it’d be a good idea to go to our diner to show him off.  A few customers said something about his spiffy uniform, but it didn’t get us anything, not even a discount.  I have to admit to being a wee bit sad about that.  10% off would have been sufficient.  It’s not about the savings; it’s more about the recognition that he is a veteran in uniform, and it is Veteran’s Day.

But anyhow.

Marines vs. Navy

See how handsome he looks in his uniform?  It cracks me up that I managed to get this shot of the other man in the Marines jacket behind Kurt.  You gotta love the Marines, but they need the Navy to get them where they need to be!  Go Navy!

And now it’s back to housework for me.  Yay!  Ahem.  Not.


6 Responses to “Around and about”

  1. Fi Says:

    He’s got an awful ot of ribbons on his chest!!

    It is nice to read that some people still use bassinets. They have gone very out of fashion here. The poor mites are bunged straight into a full sized cot.

  2. terri t. Says:

    Well, doesn’t he look great! And you are awesome for getting so much done in one day. I can’t believe how much energy you have and still have time to enjoy taking care of a small baby. You rock, girl!

  3. art Says:

    now if this aint a good shot for a recruiting poster, i dunno what is!! GO NAVY!! WOOT!!
    “Why Join the Marines and end up on a stool like this fella here? Join The Navy and look spectacular like this sailor here!”

  4. Aimee Says:

    Awe, he looks handsome. I hope he had a nice Vets day!

  5. Shippie Says:

    Yes indeed he is handsome! In and out of his uniform! Ok, well not out of his uniform as in ….well….you know what I mean! (Although I do recall seeing him in his boxers while I was laying on your couch….and he was handsome in those too!) Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend Judy!

  6. okc Says:

    This is the first time I have actually read an entry. I did take a peek to see baby pics! I just had to say there’s no such thing as too many books. Unless you’re dusting or moving them!

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