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Not gone yet 11 November 2008

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I’m still here!!  I promise, I am.  It’s just been a very, very busy weekend, and the week promises to be just as busy.

On Saturday, I called the Michael’s in Warwick regarding the objects I so desperately needed.  The assistant manager that had been helping me so much said he still hadn’t found the box my objects were in, and he didn’t think he was going to find it till at least Sunday.


So I called the Michael’s in Massachusetts to see if they had what I needed.  At first, I thought I was going to have to deal with yet another surly young clerk, but the young girl I spoke with on the phone was helpful!  And she actually found exactly what I needed!!  And she even offered to hold them behind the counter for me!!!

It was like the skies had parted and the angels began singing.  That’s how I felt, anyhow.

It was off to Seekonk with us, where I did indeed find exactly what I needed.  On sale, to boot!  Then we headed to the mall in Providence, where we were smacked by the reality of holiday shopping.  It took us forever to find a parking spot in the garage!  We’re not the type to drive around and around and around and around just to find the closest spot.  We’ll investigate the parking area to see if there’s a free space, and if we realize the place is packed, we’ll settle for any open spot.  For us to have to spend a good ten minutes trying to find a spot means that the garage was full, or nearly so.

Kurt thought we were going to run out of gas while trying to find a parking spot!!  It meant we had to find a gas station as soon as we left the mall, and we managed to find the absolute cheapest gas in the entire city at $2.16.  We were running on fumes by the time we got there, just thirteen miles to empty, yet we filled up the tank for $40 exactly.

It wasn’t long ago when gas prices were over $4 a gallon that it would take $70 to fill up the tank.  Thank goodness prices have come down!

Last night we had a party for one of my friends who’s moving away in a couple of weeks.  It was one of the “Army Wives” ladies, of the group who gets together to watch the show every week.  We’d made her a scrapbook of all the good times we’d had together, from the s’mores cookout to the trip to the Lizzie Borden house to her Taste of the World party to the bowling trip she had the week before.  As she looked through the pages, the tears started flowing from her eyes.  She was so moved that we’d done such a thing for her.

One of the girls did something really clever.  She’d printed out a copy of the Army Wives logo with the main characters’ images above it, and pasted our heads over the heads of the main characters.  I got to be Pamela on the show, mainly because we both have red hair (and large bosoms — but that’s beside the point).  It cracked me up to see all of us portrayed as Army Wives characters.

The rest of the week will be spent with my friend Judy, the lady who lived across the street from me in Washington!  She’s got the week off from her job as a flight attendant, so she’s spending her time flying around the country visiting friends.  We’ll have such a blast together.  She adores Grace (and Grace calls her “Auntie Judy”!), and she’ll love cuddling with the baby.  Plus I’ll be able to do a lot of touristy stuff with her while Kurt takes over child-rearing duties.

So I may not update much this week, and I most likely won’t be keeping up to date with all of your blogs either!!  Please forgive me if I am remiss, and know that I’ll be back come Monday.

Take care of yourselves!


6 Responses to “Not gone yet”

  1. Have a great time with your friend!

  2. michele Says:

    1) You’re *not* like your father in the parking lot arena, apparently. Me either. I say, park and get in and get done whatcha came to do, right?

    2) That was really neat about the scrapbook. Too cool!

    3) HOLY CRAP! When did Judy become a flight attendant???

    you never tell me anything!!!!
    {totalllllly kidding with ya here!)

  3. Elle Says:

    I THOUGHT I heard the angels sing LOL. Glad you got your supplies without too much more rigamarole. Have a lovely visit!

  4. andrea Says:

    What a treasure that scrapbook is and how nice of you all to make that for her.

    Have fun with your friend!

  5. art Says:

    hava blast, and we will cya when ya come back!!!

  6. terri t. Says:

    the last time I heard the angels sing was when I walked into the car showroom and saw my yellow VW Beetle convertible!!!!!


    Have lots of fun.

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