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A bottle of red, a bottle of white 20 November 2008

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You ask what I’m using those wine corks for??  I don’t know yet, honestly!  I’ve seen some cool crafts where folks make trivets out of them, but I haven’t gotten around to even looking up the instructions yet.  I find it fun to collect all the corks for some reason.  i’m not sure why, since I tend to buy the same ol’ wine, over and over again, so there isn’t much variation in the corks.

With the exception of the bright yellow cork that’s in the jar.  That, my friends, is from the bottle of Funky Llama malbec I bought while browsing the package store with my friend Bridget.  Malbec is a type of wine that’s a dark, dry red, sort of like a merlot or a cabernet savignon.  I tend not to go for merlots, though I love a good cabernet savignon, and I like the malbec.  The Conquista malbec is now the Army Wives drink of choice, apparently, since someone in our group always brings a bottle to our viewings.  I personally couldn’t taste the difference between the Funky Llama malbec and the Conquista malbec, but Bridget says the Conquista tastes better.

I’ll go with her expertise.  She has a far more developed palate than I do.

The other wines I normally buy all come from Sakonnet Vineyards.  It’s a vineyard close to my home, and they make pretty decent wine.  Amazingly enough, I read in one of the local Rhode Island publications that Sakonnet Vineyards is the only all female-run vineyard in the country.  That makes it more special to me.  I usually buy one of four wines of theirs — the sweet red, the sweet white, the dry red, and the dry white.  They have more specialized wines, but then you start getting out of my price range.  I have a hard time paying for than $10 for a bottle of wine, especially knowing that I’m going to have to drink it all myself.  Kurt isn’t a a fan of wine, so it’s not like I am going to get any help from that quarter.

But now I have a new favorite drink, one that is far less expensive than any bottle of wine out there (especially considering that I throw out at least a quarter bottle every time I open one).  When we were at the Khaki Ball, my friend Pamela ordered gin & tonics to my whiskey sours, and she let me try one.  Then when Judy was visiting, she suggested drinking gin & tonics one night while we played games.  And let me tell you, they are quite yummy.  Plus they’re easy to keep on hand — just grab a bottle of gin, a couple bottles of tonic, some limes, and you’re good to go.  I cheat and use lime juice anyhow.  Plus they’re light-tasting, though they have a kick, especially if you overload the gin, which I tend to do after I’ve had a few.  As if all the above wasn’t enough, I never get a hangover from them, no matter how many I’ve had the night before.  If I had just one glass too much of red wine, I feel ill all night and then have a headache the very next day.

Did you know a gin & tonic is a health drink?  Sure!!  Tonic water contains quinine, which was used to prevent malaria!  I guess I won’t ever get malaria now…. Heh.  It’s a lot better than anti-malarial meds, let me tell you.  I had to take them when I was in Kenya in 1996, and they gave me the runs.  Not fun.  But at least I didn’t get malaria!

I wish I’d drunk gin & tonics in Kenya… but then I was only 17.  That, and I was on a church trip.  Probably not the best of ideas, to drink a lot of alcohol on a religious mission trip where I went to church a minimum of three times a day.  That’s right — a day.  Morning prayers, afternoon worship, and evening vespers.  Sundays were spent in church, the entire day.  They’d probably look down on me for coming in to worship all tipsy, yes?

Ah well.  Maybe if I do ever make it to Kenya for a photographic safari, I’ll live on gin & tonics.  Now wouldn’t that be fun??  Imagine the photos I could get!  I did fairly well in 1996 with nothing more than a cheap, refurbished 35mm point & shoot that I bought myself.  I can only guess the types of photos I could get with my D40 digital SLR and my Minolta 35mm SLR.

Now let me find my shoes.  I’m off to Kenya!


10 Responses to “A bottle of red, a bottle of white”

  1. beanie Says:

    Heh. You had enough tonic the other night to keep you from EVER getting malaria!! hahahaha

  2. Shippie Says:

    Gin and Tonic was my drink of choice for many years. I haven’t had one in ages, but now you got me wanting one.

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    While you’re in kenya you can come down and visit me! Deal?
    I love gin and tonic, I don’t drink it a lot but every once in a while I’ll have one, and it’s YUMMY! Wine, I can only do a nice Rose. Anything else I just can’t get down my throat.

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    I swear I saw a craft a loooong time ago on Martha Stewart’s show regarding wine corks. Some chick had 200-300 corks. So they made a corkboard that all of the corks right next to each other.

    Don’t know how they secured them, maybe with a glue gun? Anyway, it was cool.

  5. OrneryPest Says:

    Hey, everybody oughta go to church drunk! The sermon will probably make more sense that way!

  6. purple chai Says:

    I used to be a gin and tonic fan, but someone told me that it’s “a summer drink,” Who cares, but it is really refreshing on a hot day.

  7. Shear Says:

    Never tried the gin and tonic. I will do so next time I’m offered a drink. As for wine? Trixie (next door neighbor) brought over a bottle of wine a few months ago called “Sweet Bitch”. It was sweet. It was bitchy. I liked it.

  8. art Says:

    i used to drink gin and tonic, seperately, outta the bottles! i dont think i ever mixed em up! most times, i didnt even bother with the tonic, but thats anutter story!!! i noticed the corks, and i figured you was saving them for something classy!

  9. terri t. Says:

    wondering if you could ask one of your favorite restaurants to save you wine corks?

    and you mentioned throwing away wine….have you tried using it in a recipe for flavor? I bet you have!

  10. michele Says:

    well now that I know that you collect corks, I’ll try to keep the ones from the wines that Ben and I have been trying lately and send them your way. so far, Ben and I have been partial to rieslings.

    i agree, $10 to $12 is a good price for a bottle of wiine in my opinion.

    hmm.. lime juice in gin & tonic? I’ll have to try it. another benefit to drinking them (besides the yummy factor) is that they’re quite inexpensive at a restaurant or bar. score!

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