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I’ll take the pesos 22 November 2008

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Another quiet day in the Bluesleepy household.  I love quiet days!!  For one thing, I think both Kurt and I are coming down with something.  Kurt is complaining of being cold, and he’s NEVER cold.  His thermostat is always on overdrive, he’s always sweating and wanting to open the window.

Actually I just looked over at him and barely refrained from busting out laughing.  He’s wearing his t-shirt and his sweatshirt (which he never wears inside), but he’s taken his jeans off!  He can’t be that cold, then.

But for him to say that he’s cold, you know he’s coming down with something.  I got him a gallon of orange juice at BJ’s today, so hopefully that’ll stave off the worst of it.  I won’t touch that orange juice; it’s from concentrate.  What can I say, I’m picky about my orange juice.  I’ll only drink the not-from-concentrate stuff.

For myself, I have a very stuffy head.  It feels like the top of my head could just pop off at any moment.  I have a minor stuffy nose, and I have to cough all the time.  It’s annoying.  It feels like the start of the really nasty sinus infection I had last month, and I am crossing all that I have to cross that it doesn’t turn into that.  Man, that was horrible.  Seriously awful.  And I managed to get Mary Ellen sick too.  If my illness stays at this level and then gets better, I’ll be a very happy camper.

Speaking of Mary Ellen, she had her two-month well-baby visit.  I gave birth to quite the chunky monkey!  She may have started life as just 6lbs 13oz, but she’s made up for lost time.  She weighed in on Thursday at 12lbs 1oz, which is a gain of over five pounds!  Plus she’s grown four inches too!  That’s just in ten weeks; can you believe it?  It’s amazing how quickly they grow.

One of my friends has a nine-month-old son.  She’s always telling me he’s a little peanut of a boy, but I didn’t realize exactly how little until Mary Ellen’s checkup.  Her son is just 15 pounds at 9 months!  Mary Ellen is only three pounds smaller, yet she’s seven months younger.  I have a feeling that Mary Ellen will surpass him by the time she’s six months old, if not sooner.

Poor Mary Ellen also got the first of her shots on Thursday.  The first was an oral vaccine, which she took just fine.  But the other two vaccinations were traditional shots that had to be jabbed into her chubby thighs.  And oh, they made her MAD!  She glared at the corpsman administering the vaccines as if to say, “How dare you stab me with those needles??  That hurt!!!!”

And now onto news of the dog.  For those of you who don’t know, we have three animals in this house, two cats named Storm and Karla, and a dog named Koolit.  We were told by the SPCA (who is responsible for his moniker) that he’s a terrier mix, but I’ve been told by others than he could very well be a purebred lhasa apso.  No matter what kind of dog he is, he’s my baby.  We’ve had him for eight years, and he’s been an excellent companion since the moment we brought him home.  He’s kept me company while Kurt was on deployment, and loved snuggling with me when Kurt would leave for work at five o’clock in the morning.  He’s really an awesome dog.

He’s had some issues lately, though.  We took him to the vet a few months ago because he was peeing on things, couldn’t seem to hold it when we left the house, and was getting very confused in everyday situations.  Back then, the vet diagnosed him with a UTI, which was successfully treated with medication.  But now he’s back to doing many of these same things.

Kurt took him to the vet this morning and was there for three hours.  The vet really wanted to figure out exactly what is wrong with him before he went home again.  There are a few scenarios.  First off, it could be kidney disease.  Secondly, it could be a tumor.  He’s got a high white blood cell count in his urine, which makes the vet think it’s a tumor.  Also, sometimes Koolit does this thing where he stands in one place for a few minutes and stares off into space, and the vet thinks that he’s having small seizures when he does that.  The seizures could be caused by this hypothetical tumor.  It would also explain why he gets so confused so easily, like when he can’t figure out how to get out the door to do his business.

The vet thinks if it is a tumor, we can treat it with medication.  I sure hope so.  I don’t know what we’re going to do if he needs surgery.

It’s all so worrisome.  We don’t get any firm answers till Koolit’s bloodwork comes back sometime this week, though.  I just hope it’s not as bad as it seems right now.


6 Responses to “I’ll take the pesos”

  1. Shippie Says:

    Oh poor Koolit! And poor you! I know how much you love that dog! Crossing my fingers that all will be well, and I hope you and Kurt start feeling better soon too!

  2. andrea Says:

    I hope it’s something you can easily treat. Poor Koolit. It’s so hard to see our animals hurting.

  3. Elle Says:

    Poor Koolit puppy! Hope it is the least possible thing… and hope you and Kurt get past the coming down with something blues too!

  4. art Says:

    i hope koolit will be all right, and that its NOT a tumor!! hes such a loveable doggy!!

  5. Blue Opal Says:

    Awww, poor Koolit! I hope the news is good (or at least as good as it can be under the circumstances)

  6. terri t. Says:

    I add my good wishes for koolit to be ok. The good thing is the vet is checking it out thoroughly and hopefully, there is something that can be done.
    As for Mary Ellen, she is a cutie-patootie and it is obvious that she brought a whole lot of pleasure to your entire family.
    Hope Gracie’s lip feels better today too. How are her teeth…did she hit them?

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