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Turn out the lights and dance 24 November 2008

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We have good news and not-so-good news.  Which would you like first??  The good news?  That’s what I thought.

Good news!!  Today Kurt had his Physical Readiness Test (now he’s calling it the PFA, and I don’t know what that stands for, so we’ll go with the old-skool version and call it the PRT).  We were a bit concerned about it because he really, really needed to pass and do well.  I had no doubt that he would be fine, but he was worried.

He called me as soon as he was done, still all out of breath, and told me he ran it in 12:59.  He said he wanted to run it in less than thirteen minutes, and he just barely came in under the line.  Officially he had to beat a time of 14:45, so he did very well!

He also did the appropriate number of situps and pushups for the rest of the PRT.  Coupled with his 19% body fat, having lost 30 pounds in the last couple months, he’s doing quite well for himself in the realm of fitness.  I am very proud of him.

So on to the bad news.

Remember last month when I was so very, very sick?  Well, I am not that sick.  But I am sick, and it sucks.  For the last few days, it’s felt like I couldn’t hear, that everything was being told to me underwater.  Definitely no fun at all.  Finally I got tired of how awful I felt, and I went to see the doctor today.

Good news?  Apparently I do not have the sinus infection from hell that I had last month.  This is Very Good News, as I honestly felt that I was going to die last month.  Instead, I have an ear infection “blossoming” in my right ear, and it looks likely that my left ear is headed that way as well.  Fun stuff.

Now I have antibiotics for the ears, Mucinex to clear me out, and Sudafed as a decongestant.  Something’s working because I feel better now than I have all day.  I was almost falling asleep in the doctor’s office.  I was also so very, very cold all day.  The only time I was even remotely warm was at the pool today during Grace’s swim lessons.  Usually I’m almost sweating because it’s so hot in there, but today it felt good.

So that’s the bad news, that I’m sick.  But fortunately I went in before we left on our trip, and I have meds to make me feel better.  I’m just glad I didn’t wait till it got worse!

I did quite well for myself at the thrift store again this weekend!  I really need to remember not to go to the thrift store on Tuesdays.  That’s Senior Day, and therefore nothing is on sale.  See, Savers (also known as Value Village on the West Coast) tags their stuff with different colors, based on when they came into the store.  Every week, they pick a new color to go on sale, and everything with that color tag is 50% off.

I love 50% off sales.

I picked up a really cute yellow outfit for Mary Ellen that was just $2, a brand-new romper by Carter’s for $3, and a little yellow romper for $1.50.  I also found a really adorable short-sleeved romper from Baby Gap that was brand new with tags (!!!) for just $4.  This one is light green with farm animals all over it, and because it’s short-sleeved, I put a long-sleeved onesie underneath it, and it looks really cute.  This outfit is from the Fall ’04 collection, according to the tags, which is when Gracie was born.  I’m amazed that someone hung onto this outfit for four years and never even took the tags off.  Oh well.  Their loss, my gain.

Gracie also got three new books.  For just 69¢ each, how can I say no?  They’re all hardback books too, and children’s books don’t come cheap.  I also found a nice wool sweater from Old Navy for me for only $3!

I know some people are grossed out by buying “used” clothes, but it’s the only way I can afford quality stuff.  Sure, I trawl the clearance racks at the department stores to find things cheaply, but lately the sales haven’t been all that great.  Stuff I used to be able to find for 50% or 75% off is now only going for 30% off.  Some things I will buy from Walmart or Target, but it’s not my first choice as their quality is fairly low.  Thrift stores are the perfect solution!  You just have to be patient and know that you might have to make a few trips to the thrift store before you find that perfect shirt, or even a shirt that works with your wardrobe.  Most things at the thrift store are a few seasons out of fashion, not that I really care.  That’s why buying baby clothes there is so great because kids are in them for such a short time, so they’re gently used and usually fairly recent.

Anyhow, my entire haul (including a shirt or two and a dress for Grace) came to just about $26.  Can’t beat it!

Now I just have to paw through all of Grace’s old clothes, as well as the clothes my friend Julie gave to me.  It’ll be like shopping for new clothes, except I won’t be spending any money!

PS — If you like to look at my Flickr stream, I posted two new videos of Mary Ellen there.  WordPress won’t let me post them here, as it won’t allow Flash widgets, but head over to Flickr and see what crazy noises my baby likes to make!


10 Responses to “Turn out the lights and dance”

  1. sleepyjane Says:

    I have no problem with used clothes either! 🙂 I mean, you wash them and then they’re as good as new. And the deals are just too good to pass up I say!

    Congrats to Kurt for passing his PRT!

  2. beanie Says:

    YAY!!! for Kurt!

  3. purple chai Says:

    I used to go to the thrift store with the girls when they were teenagers. We would each come out with a big garbage bag full of stuff, and the total would be maybe $25.00. Great deal. But I was always afraid that one day, one of them would pick up a sweater or something and say “I love this!” and I would have to remind them that it was something we had put in the clothes bin ourselves! (But it never happened.)

  4. Good news about Kurt! And I hope you feel better soon. Being sick….sucks!

  5. michele Says:

    sorry you weren’t feeling well but glad to hear that you’re on the road to recovery!

  6. Kitty Says:

    Hey…Sierra used to make those noises too. I love the tongue poking out! So cute! And ILOVE second-hand clothes, especially when it can work for a boy or a girl! (I usually had second-hand clothes growing up, even though I was first-born…I guess it just never bothered me too much and I was just thankful to have something)

  7. art Says:

    i have no problem with used clothes myself, in fact, im wearing used clothes right now!!! people need to realise that in these tuff times, used clothes are the way to go!! i guess the folks who lothe used clothes never heard of a washer and dryer!!! hehehe!!! having a ear infection sucks!! i hope you get thru it ok! and fast!

  8. terri t. Says:

    Even your bad news wasn’t too bad because you can take medication and get past it. And, you got the medication before it got too bad.
    I love to find special things at a thrift store. Unfortunately, I don’t go often and our Good Will isn’t really very good….
    But it is always fun to find cute outfits for the kids when you can.

  9. Blue Opal Says:

    I’m glad you got to the doctor and got something to help you feel better. And as for thrift stores, if you wash it before you wear it, how is that worse than trying on something new that was NOT washed after someone else tried it on???

  10. Cosmic Says:

    My daughter buys the girls clothes at Goodwill and other thrift stores. That way the girls get many designer lables and they are already shrunk to where they won’t shrink any more, anny color has long since bled out and they don’t have that (God forbid!) new look! Win, win all the way around.

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