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Happy birthday! 8 December 2008

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I guess if I were at all bright, I would have written this entry last night, since most of you read my entries the next day.  But I am not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, I guarantee you that.

So!  Without further ado, let me wish my sister Michele a happy, happy birthday, and I hope that your 34th year brings you much joy and laughter and happiness.

Moving on!!  Today was not the greatest of days.  Not to wallow in my misery or anything, but it was one of those days where nothing is going right, nothing is working, everything is moving like you’re stuck in molasses, and you were late to wherever it was that were you going fifteen minutes ago and you still haven’t left the house.  You know those days?

I got one (1!) thing done today, and even that I only did halfway.   I cleaned my bathroom, which was in desperate need of it, though I have yet to mop the floor in there.  Oh, and I did my Wii Fit for twenty minutes.  I aim for half an hour, but today I just ran out of time.  And I also made lunch and dinner for Kurt, who had very little time for each meal since he’s got duty today.  He had planned on going to Subway for lunch, but I convinced him to come home to see me and the girls.  By the time he arrived, I had a delicious lunch of soup (canned) and leftovers on the table for him to enjoy.  Yay me.  Queen of reheating.

Even dinner was sort of a half-assed effort, though it’s one of Kurt’s favorite meals.  Take a link of turkey kielbasa, cut into quarters, fling into a skillet with a jar of pickled red cabbage, and heat until bubbling.  Voila.  Dinner.  I also made steamed zucchini, though I think they were slightly “off” because they just didn’t taste right.  Grace didn’t seem to mind; she had two servings!

The worst part of the entire day was when I packed up the girls to take Grace to swim lessons.  I got outside, opened Grace’s door (which is a power-assisted door that I open with the press of a button on my keychain), and pulled at Mary Ellen’s non-powered door.  And pulled.  And pulled some more.  That son-of-a-biscuit would not open!!  It had frozen shut.  I’m not terribly suprised; it didn’t even hit 30º here today (-1ºC for you metric folks).  Most of the day, temps hovered around 22º (-5ºC), which is getting to the realm of stupidly cold when you live in an area that isn’t usually so frigid.  And have I mentioned how moist that cold is???  It goes right through however many layers you pile on, just zooms right on through and chills you to the core.

A friend of mine just moved here from Anchorage, Alaska, and she says she feels the cold so much more here than she did in Alaska.  Sure, it’s frigidly cold up there, but she can dress for it.  The cold doesn’t seep through every layer like it does here.

It doesn’t help that we had a massive windstorm last night, with gusts of 30+mph registering on our home weather station.

Which is all a very long-winded way of saying that my van’s door had frozen shut.  This meant I had to figure out another way to lift Mary Ellen’s infant carrier (with her in it!) into the van to snap it into its base.  It’s a lot easier said than done.  I ended up crawling over Grace to do so since the driver’s seat wouldn’t come forward far enough.  This meant that I also had to reach over Grace to get Mary Ellen out once we got to the pool, and to do the same to get home again.  It was the last thing I needed to deal with today.  Once we got home, I crawled onto Mary Ellen’s car seat base and pushed on that stupid door till it finally popped open.

Now let’s just hope that it doesn’t refreeze tonight.  We’re not supposed to get any precipitation before tomorrow (we got a wee bit of snow yesterday), so I am optimistic.  I’d hate to deal with that tomorrow morning on the way to take Grace to school before I’m even awake!


5 Responses to “Happy birthday!”

  1. Cosmic Says:

    Is this the sam woman that just a few days ago asked me, “Where’s the snow?” “Wheres the cold?” Hmmmm. That’ll theach ya! lol.

  2. Cosmic Says:

    sorry, typing is not my strong suit at 12:40am

  3. michele Says:

    THANK you for wishing me a Happy Birthday! That was very sweet of you to post it on your blog, too!

    See ya in a few days!

  4. terri t. Says:

    I bet the windstorm caused the freeze. You might consider parking the van in the opposite direction if Grace’s side will open automatically…..

    Going over to wish your sister a Happy Birthday now.

  5. cardiogirl Says:

    Oy vey winter. I know you’re going to get colder than we do here in the mitten state. This morning we hit 16.3ºF. Brr.

    And Int! (That’s my new expletive — Int.)

    p.s. I copied and pasted your degree sign but look at you! Way to go, I love that!

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