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SNOW DAY! 19 December 2008

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I realize why they canceled school today.  They didn’t want a repeat of last year’s first big snowstorm, when school was released early, instead of canceled.  Kids were sent home at noon, but they were still on the buses on city streets in Providence at 8pm that night.  Definitely not a good situation in which to be.

Not only was school canceled, but most of the base shut down as well.  Husbands were home all over the neighborhood!  Kurt was told yesterday afternoon at work that his Commanding Officer didn’t want to see anyone today, and if a person had travel plans, he was expected to try to change them in order to get the hell out of Dodge before the storm hit.

Fortunately our friends managed to do just that.  Kurt got up at 3:45am this morning so they’d arrive at the airport by 5.  I woke up with him, surprisingly enough, because for some reason the bedroom felt like I’d descended into the depths of hell.  As Kurt opened the bedroom door, a welcome breeze of cooler air wafted in and I realized how hot I was.  I opened the bedroom window a smidge (Mary Ellen is now rooming with her big sister) and headed to the living room to cool off for a bit.  I wasn’t awake for long, but when I became somewhat conscious around 7:30, I was a bit startled to realize that Kurt had crawled back into bed without my noticing.  I’m a deep sleeper, I guess.

The snow didn’t start till almost 2pm today.  Kids could probably have gotten home safely before the snow began falling (I know elementary school kids are dismissed at 2:40 at our neighborhood school), but I’m sure they didn’t mind an extra day of Christmas vacation.  The parents may not have been thrilled with this development!

Grace and I wandered down to our neighborhood park not long after the snow started.  Several kids were out just playing and horsing around in the flurries.  It didn’t take long for the neighbor I was chatting with to get cold, so she headed in.  I elected to go inside as well, mainly because there just wasn’t enough snow to play in.



By 3:30pm, we had a decent dusting of snow.  It’s a shame it started so late, though, since the sun sets so early in the day.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time to play in it before it started getting dark.  Hence no snowman, though I plan on making one tomorrow, provided the snow is still decent to build with.

The snow continued to fall all evening, till just after dinner time.


I went outside at 7:38pm to take this photo.  That’s not sepia-toned, folks — that’s taken with ambient light.  Usually that’s a very comfortable chair to sit in, but not while covered in snow.  Also you can see how much the tree branches have been bowed under the weight of the white stuff.

It’s so beautiful out there, though.  Everything is so quiet and every noise muffled, and the less beautiful areas of the neighborhood have been rendered lovely in the soft glow of reflected moonlight.

It’s a little bit of magic for us all to enjoy.


5 Responses to “SNOW DAY!”

  1. beanie Says:

    Wisconsin got 12 inches of snow today… hee hee!!!

  2. Elle Says:

    Beautiful! LOVE the bench and tree photo. Have fun making the snowman tomorrow!

  3. The snow is gorgeous! And thanks for thinking I am NOT a wussie!

  4. Blue Opal Says:

    Snow really is beautiful – but I think I’ll stick to my Arizona winters 😉

  5. terri t. Says:

    It’s really beautiful when the snow is so fresh and white and the trees look like a fairyland especially when it is still quiet and peaceful…

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