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Embrace the difference 21 December 2008

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I’m doing 7Days over at Flickr again.  It’s a group for folks who take a photo of themselves every day for a week.  It’s harder than you think it is, especially when you see some of the incredibly creative submissions from the veterans of the group.  The group itself is an offshoot of the 365 group, in which a person takes self-portraits for a full year.  I can’t even fathom 365 self-portraits.  Seven is bad enough!

The self-portraits don’t have to be of your face.  I’ve seen photos of toes and fingers and legs and knees and just about every other body part.  You don’t have to simply hold your camera at arm’s length and take a shot either.  Lots of folks utilize reflective surfaces and self-timers.  Those of us with camera remotes and tripods have a very easy time of it, mechanically anyhow.

There are usually two theme days per run, and today’s theme was “Winter/Summer Solstice.”  We have several members from south of the Equator, hence the inclusion of the summer solstice.  (It still hurts my brain to think of all my friends in the southern hemisphere who go to the beach for Christmas, though!  I guess they don’t sing “White Christmas” in South Africa or Australia, eh?)  In the spirit of today’s theme, I figured it’d be great fun to go outside and take a photo of myself wearing summer clothes while the snow poured down.

Day 2 -- Winter/Summer Solstice

Hence this photo.  I did indeed take it myself; if you look closely enough, you can see my camera’s remote clutched in my right hand.  Kurt made it a little easier on me by acting as my tripod, but all he did was hold the camera.

I actually really like this photo of myself, even though it proves I still fit into my maternity clothes (bah, humbug).  There aren’t many photos of me that show my bottom half that I actually like.  Plus this photo was just so much fun to take.  I went outside, twirled around in the snow, giggled a bit at my idiocy — what’s not to love?  I wasn’t out for very long, fortunately, since our first attempt yielded such a great result.  It was 34º this morning, but felt warmer since the snow was melting, so I wasn’t too cold.

Now if I had been dumb enough to try to make a snow angel… brrr!

My cousin is also doing 7Days, and for her “Winter/Summer Solstice” photo, she photographed her feet, clad only in orange flip-flops, standing in her snow-covered yard!  Great minds think alike!  I love that she took such a similar photo with no prior knowledge of my submission.  We’re not biologically related, since she is my cousin on my (step)mom’s side, but there are so many similarities between us you’d be surprised we didn’t share DNA.

Speaking of similarities and differences, I love the differences between my girls.  I know it’s early days yet, since ME is only 3 months old, but I can already see how different they are.  For one thing, ME is growing so much more quickly than Grace ever did.  I think ME is the same size Grace was at 3 months, but you have to remember that ME was born a pound and a half smaller than Grace, so she started from behind.  Also, I think she’s grown out of the small cloth diapers I own.  I think I’m going to have to switch her up into the premium-size already!

ME loves to chew on her hands.  I think she’ll be a thumb-sucker, which causes me a bit of trepidation since I was a hard-core thumb-sucker throughout my childhood into my teens.  Grace never did chew on her hands much; she was content with the pacifier.  That’s one thing they have in common — just like Grace as an infant, when ME gets fussy, sometimes nothing will calm her but her pacifier.  Once she realizes she’s got it again, her eyes roll back in her head in contentment, and she’s snoozing again within minutes.

But my favorite difference of all is how much of a cuddler ME is.  Grace wasn’t all that keen on cuddling.  She wanted to be in her swing more than she wanted to be in my arms.  I felt kind of guilty sometimes because I didn’t hold her as much as I thought I should, but she resisted against it.  Besides, what do you do with a newborn all day, anyhow?  So she would spend a lot of time in her swing, rocking back and forth and investigating the world from that standpoint.

ME spends a fair amount of time in her chair (she hates the swing), but there are times when nothing will do but to be cuddled.  And at that moment, Kurt or I will pick her up, snuggle her tight against our chest, and she’ll fall asleep, content in our arms.  It’s the most wonderful thing, and I know I’ll cherish these moments when she’s a difficult teenager, throwing temper tantrums and slamming downs.

And I guarantee I’ll be storing up as many of these moments as possible in the next few months!


5 Responses to “Embrace the difference”

  1. Shippie Says:

    “I am truly magical! I said ‘Let there be snow’ and just LOOK at it out here!”
    Sorry, that’s what I picture you saying in that pic, lol. Love it!

  2. The picture is fabooooo!

  3. Cosmic Says:

    Well, now that the snow is yesterday’s news, I can love you again. I love the picture. You have a waist! You look great, my dear. And more important, you look radiant. I still think we snow may last til Christmas. We can hope.

  4. terri t. Says:

    that’s a great photo and so clever of you too. I imagine there are going to be plenty of photos of your two girls as they grow more alike and unlike. I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying their differences and are just as excited about ME as you are about Gracie’s changes every day.

  5. cardiogirl Says:

    Just like everyone else, love, love, love that photo! And like Cosmic said, you have a waist and you look incredible for three months out of childbirth!

    You also look so happy! I love the expression on your face.

    Lastly, got your Xmas card and you are one incredible photographer! You picture really was wonderful. My husband wondered if you were a professional photog. And I said yes, but if you asked her she might say no.

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