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Ch-ch-ch-changes 2 January 2009

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Don’t worry, folks, I am still going to blog.  I’m not sure I can give up blogging, although like anything, I go through phases with it.  Some days I can’t wait to get my entry posted, and some days I look at the computer screen and wonder why I feel obligated to post every single day.  But I’m going to be doing a few different things around here, instead of just the boring same ol’ same ol’ day in and day out.

Change #1 — My friend Pamela does a “The Week Ahead” post every Sunday, and I think I am going to steal that from her.  So if you are not interested in what I’m planning on doing each week, do not tune in on Sundays.  It’s actually a really cute post, and I give you full permission to steal it from me if you so desire.

Change #2 — Also because of Pamela, Mondays will be “What’s On Your Shelf?” days.  She had the coolest idea — take a photo of your bookshelf and discuss it.  It can be about your favorite books, or books you haven’t yet gotten to, or even about the sentimental things you have on your shelves.  This is going to be so easy for me.  I have overstuffed shelves everywhere in this house.  Some have just books, and others have objects I have saved for years and years standing on them.  I think it’ll be interesting to see a glimpse into my life, into the books that I read and the things I collect.  Again, feel free to copy and/or steal this idea, but just let me know that you’re doing it so I can check out your posts as well.  I would love to see what on your shelves as well!

This next item isn’t a change, but rather a new thing.  Two of my friends who are amazing photographers have decided to start up a project in which they take a photo every day for a year.  Unlike the 365 group over on Flickr, it doesn’t have to be a self-portrait, although it could be.  The photo can of anything I want.  When Jen first mentioned it to me, I immediately asked what the rules were.  Her response: “they are very complicated. take one photo every day.  add it to a set.  done.”  Well, heck!  I can do this!  Plus it will stretch my creativity and my skills to take a good photo every day.  Sure, I take a zillion snapshots, but I’m talking some real artsy-fartsy type shots.

The photo at the top of this entry is my submission for today.  I tried a new oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, a reduced-fat version that came in my Cook’s Country magazine for this month.  It’s a little more work than your traditional oatmeal raisin cookie, as you need to plump the raisins and toast the oats in butter before you combine it with the dry ingredients.  But the results are worth it; the cookies come out crunchy yet chewy with a ton of raisin flavor.  Yum!

So today’s photo isn’t all that inspired, but I was a bit busy.  The house was a bit of a mess; we’d sort of let things slide these last couple of weeks that Kurt’s been home from work.  We had company for dinner tonight, our friends Pamela and Vic, so a straighten-up was in order.  Between making cookies and cleaning house, I couldn’t think of a better photo.  Besides, I figured I might as well make my friends drool over my cookies.

Such a nice friend I am!


9 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. purple chai Says:

    I love your ideas. You may see the shelf one pop up with me from time to time.

  2. Blue Opal Says:

    Neat idea and I want your recipe. I have a similar one… for muffins!

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    I love the blogging ideas! Especially the “What’s on your shelf?” one. 🙂

  4. andrea Says:

    I am going to do the “What’s on your shelf” posts too. Thanks for the inspiration! I don’t write half as much as you do, yet I still have a hard time coming up with something at times too.

  5. Tracey Says:

    I’m not even going to pretend that I will ever blog again. However, one of the things I like about the 365 project is that it’s sort of a slice of life thing. At least, the way *I’m* doing it. So it’s sort of a Blogging Lite (half the content, none of the guilt).

    I think your shot for today is great — it may be a simple subject matter, but it’s done well.

  6. terri t. Says:

    I like the new ideas too . Gee, thanks for posting the cookies so that was the first thing I saw… I am craving them….

    Have you ever thought of taking a picture every day of each of your girls? I think it was a Life magazine photographer who took a picture of his daughter for one year to see how much she changed from an infant to a toddler.

    It isn’t too late…You could do one each day or each month…might be fun….

  7. Shippie Says:

    I like Terri’s idea! would be neat to take one pic every day of each of them, and then compile it into a speedy slide show. Glad you aren’t serious about not blogging….I’d have to come hunt you down and strap you to the desk!

  8. michele Says:

    CRAP! i had a really long comment and went to post and POOF! it’s lost forever in cyberspace. Basically, I agree about the blogging thing…. I haven’t felt like posting or reading lately. With FB, MS, flickr, email, etc. it just becomes so time consuming lately.

    I didn’t know you had a ‘script to Cook’s Country. I’ve been meaning to get my own actually but in the meantime, I did pick up the Jan ’09 issue.

    love you

  9. Military Mom Says:

    I’m not an oatmeal raisin fan, but those cookies look pretty good. It feels good to be back in th blogging world again. I never stopped reading your blog, just was really bad at commenting for like half a year or so. Sorry! But Hopefully we can get to be friends again. And Congrats for your baby girl, Mary Ellen is beautiful, just like her big sister and her Momma.

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