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Cosmically wonderful 3 January 2009

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This morning I was puttering around on the internets, as I am wont to do, when Beanie pinged me on Yahoo and asked if I were around.  Of course I was!  I always am.  Unless I’m not, at which point I’m gone.

But anyhow.  She had this great idea to do a really nice thing for another friend of hers, but she needed my help.  I had no plans today, so I jumped at the opportunity.

See, when Beanie had posted about the plants that were on sale at the Depot of Home where she works, Cosmic had mentioned that she’d always wanted a ficus tree.  So Beanie called around to the Depots of Home here in Rhode Island to locate one, and finally Kurt found one at a good price at a garden center near Cosmic’s home.  As soon as we had lunch, we were off on our adventure!

Getting to Cosmic’s neck of the woods was no big deal.  Seriously, when you live in Rhode Island, you are no more than forty-five minutes from any other point in the state.  I find it mind-boggling that people here on the Island never want to leave it, or even go to the north end of the Island.  I mean, this whole state is smaller than the area in Washington where I used to live.  And I thought nothing of driving an hour down to Tacoma to go to the big Target, or to see my friend HC, or to go to Trader Joe’s.

I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous on the way there.  I was worried that I would come off too goofy or too silly or too… whatever.  But I had nothing to worry about!!  Cosmic is even awesomer in person than she is online, if that is even possible.  She’s always laughing or joking or telling a funny story.  I don’t think we quit laughing the whole time we were there!  We talked about everything while we were there; no topic was left undiscussed!

Cosmic loved Grace and Mary Ellen, of course, and once ME woke up, Cosmic got in plenty of baby snuggling.  Grace was rather well-behaved, which pleased me highly as she’d had a bit of a rough day yesterday when our friends were over.  She was so enthralled by Cosmic’s husband Terry, a soft-spoken gent with a lovely British accent.  She was fascinated by Terry’s wheelchair, especially when she discovered that it could raise up and down.  Kurt and I joked on the way home that Grace saw Terry as her own personal WALL-E!  Grace got a bit too comfortable at Cosmic’s house.  She had to visit the restroom twice while we were there, but she forgot to shut the door both times she went!  So here we all are in the living room, talking about this, that and the other — and my daughter is dropping her drawers where everyone could see her!  Oops!  I think I need to work on the whole “modesty” concept now.  Good thing she’s only four!

And of course, Cosmic was thrilled to finally get a ficus tree!  She almost teared up when we saw what we had brought her, and she was even more moved when I told her it was from Beanie, that we were just the delivery service.  She was tickled pink!  I was just glad I was able to have a part in this, to bring a little bit of joy to a friend’s life.

Now Friends In Real Life

(This photo really does no justice to Cosmic at all.  I have no idea why she’s not smiling — she was grinning from ear to ear the entire time we were there!  Silly lady.  And you can see the beautiful ficus behind us, courtesy of Beanie!)

And now I can’t wait till we can go back and see them again!


11 Responses to “Cosmically wonderful”

  1. Miss Hiss Says:

    Delightful entry. I adore happy endings! Love, R xxx

  2. Rosie Says:

    OH! Lucky, lucky YOU! You got to meet Cosmic in person, and vice-versa! Isn’t Beanie just the most wonderful person? She is so sweet and thoughtful! I’ve gotten to talk to Cosmic by phone, and of course, I’ve been lucky enough to be with Beanie a number of times, but I still envy you! And hugs to you and Kurt for being such lovely messengers!

  3. Blue Opal Says:

    I’m so jealous!!! I’d dearly love to go meet and hug Cosmic in person!

  4. Kathy Says:

    That is so awesome! You got to meet MY Cosmic!!!! Lucky!!!

  5. michele Says:

    i am not sure why you were worried, sweetie… you have an awesome personality and when someone comes into contact with you, you shine! your wit and smile are some of your best attributes that are noticed right off the bat. anyway, glad you had a nice time.

    and yes, it’s probably time to work on modesty with that silly little niece of mine!

  6. Cosmic Says:

    We, also had a wonderful time. I could not have asked for a better surprise. And you deliver the nicest trees! Oh, and let us not forget those cookies. You can start mailing them anytime, (hehehe) As for Grace, she left the door open because she didn’t want to miss anything. That will pass. As long as it isn’t Kurt, you have nothing to worry about.

  7. purple chai Says:

    Wow, what a great project! Isn’t Cosmic just awesome? What a wonderful thing to do!

  8. art Says:

    that was so sweet, to co-ordinate the ficus tree like that!! i would do the same thing if i was asked to! wonderful entree!!!

  9. sleepyjane Says:

    First amazing deed for the new year! That is such a sweet thing you guys did Blue!

  10. terri t. Says:

    What a great “pass it forward”….You got to be part of a great idea and also meet another blogger. I am especially glad that you posted Cosmic’s picture because now I have a better visual in my head when I read her blog or her comments….

    And what can I say about Beanie…..she’s a keeper too.

  11. Shippie Says:

    What a wonderful day! And honey, you so not need to ever worry about coming off silly, weird, goofy or otherwise….You are a beautiful soul and a joy to be around. I know….I slept on your couch remember?!! An angel! And today, a bunch of angels got to hang out together….so wonderful!

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