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I’d like to commit cat-a-cide 9 January 2009

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I finally took down the tree today.  I had left it up to enjoy it for a few extra weeks since it looks so beautiful, but I figured since we’re now into the second week of January, it really should come down.  I did leave my candles in the window, though, and I think I will all winter long.  I may have to fix one of them; I don’t think it’s working.  Is it okay to leave one’s candles on all winter long?  What’s the protocol?

Speaking of protocol, my husband got to meet someone cool today!!  Guess who??  It was the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughead.  He’s the highest ranking member of the US Navy and also sits on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  He advises the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretary of the Navy.  Amazing, huh?  He came to visit Kurt’s command and even shook Kurt’s hand.  Bonus — he referred to Kurt as “Chief,” and not “Senior Chief.”  So many people call him Senior Chief, which is kind of funny because he doesn’t have that extra star.  Maybe one day…

So today we went over to our friends’ home for dinner.  We had a lovely time; dinner was delicious, and the company was very enjoyable.  We were gone about four hours.

When we returned home, I was confronted by several pairs of socks leading down the hallway to the girls’ room.  And once I got inside the room, this is what I saw:

Damn that cat!!!!

That, dear friends, is the narrow bookcase that I am using as ME’s chest of drawers.  Notice the cloth drawer full of baby clothes that has been pulled out and is hanging precariously on the edge of the changing table.  (And yes, Beanie, you can see the hairpiece you got for Grace for Christmas, as well as the crown you made her when ME was born!  They’re hanging on the light.)

Can you guess who is responsible for this?

Any guesses?

Folks, that’s my cat Storm who has wreaked this havoc.  Storm has this ability to sniff out baby socks, no matter how well I hide them.  He’s had this ability since Grace was an infant.  For some reason, he leaves everyone else’s socks alone; he’s just obsessed with infant socks.  I had hidden the socks underneath the blue jacket with brown polka dots which is at the bottom of the pile on the floor while everything was still in the bin.  But somehow he found them, even hidden away, and he pulled the drawer till they all fell out so he could bat them around the house.

It doesn’t matter where I hide them, whether I hide them in this drawer or the drawer above them, or the basket full of baby clothes on top of the changing table.  No matter what, he can still find the socks, and he’ll do whatever it takes to overturn the drawer to get to them.  And he never fails to find exactly which drawer the socks are in, regardless of how many times I’ve switched the socks in an effort to hide them from him.

It drives me insane.  We have had at least fifteen pairs of socks for Mary Ellen since she was born, but I can only find about seven.  Granted, she doesn’t need many pairs since she doesn’t wear them every day.  Her feet get too hot if we put them on under a pair of pants with feet, so she only wears them if she’s wearing non-footed pants.

Kurt had an excellent idea, though.  As I am cussing a blue streak, wanting to find the cat and throttle him while I pick up the socks scattered all over the house, he suggests that I grab a plastic container and put the socks in there.  The cat won’t be able to get them out of a sealed container.  That’s the thought, anyhow.  If he manages to get open this plastic container, I might have to find him a new home!!!

Damn cat.


7 Responses to “I’d like to commit cat-a-cide”

  1. beanie Says:

    dang! he sure knows how to make a mess!!!!

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    Isn’t there a line from a Lady and the Tramp with two Siamese cats singing:

    where we are finding baby
    there are milk nearby

    Your cat seems to have amended that to say:

    where I find baby
    I find socks nearby

  3. yankeechick Says:

    The cat and socks story is too funny! It’s amazing what strange things an animal will fixate on.

    As for the candles, many people leave them in their windows year round. It’s a symbol of ‘welcome’ to a warm and happy home. It’s also a symbol of love and support for those not at home ( these days for our soldiers at war). So, there are 2 perfectly good reasons to leave them right where they are!

  4. Cosmic Says:

    I am sorry for laughing, but that is too funny. Maybe baby powder is his catnip! haha. Yes, it is time for a rubbermaid container with a top. Maybe if you gave the cat a pair of his own he would….. no, that won’t work. Container it is.

  5. terri t. Says:

    I like the idea of leaving the candles in the windows over the winter season…makes it seem more cozy.

    Our cats love the little sock cat toys filled with catnip….I’ve had two cats who meow when they carry them around…I always thought they thought they were babies…..whatever the case, I hope Kurt’s idea works for you.

  6. art Says:

    cats love socks!!! kurts idea sound like a winner!! this was too funny, but i can understand your frustration!! congrats to kurt for meeting the CNO!!! thats ultra cool!!

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