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Getting my hair did 16 January 2009

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When I first moved here, I went to a couple of cheap salons to get my hair cut.  I wasn’t that interested in spending much money on getting my hair cut; I just wanted a perm.  But apparently my hair was seriously screwed up from all the perms I had put in, so the first stylist I went to wouldn’t perm it to begin with.  I was rather sad about this development because I love having curly hair.

So I had my hair cut shorter and learned how to style it, sort of.  I was just not born with the ability to style hair.  Ask me to put on makeup, and I can do that.  I can even do subtle makeup, if you can believe it.  I choose not to wear subtle shades, is all, but I do know how to do a natural look.  If I know I’m going to be around people that would judge me based on my makeup, I will usually tone it down and wear some form of brown on my lids with some subtle lining.  Get me around my friends, though, and I’ll wear all kinds of crazy colors.  Today it’s a mix of purple and red (it’s in the same compact) over the lid, blended with a bit of gold up to the brows, and lined in graphite, which is a grey that is almost black.  I love it!  I also get a ton of compliments on these colors because they really pop my blue eyes.  Plus Kurt loves it when a pale-eyed girl wears black eyeliner because it’s so dramatic.

Then I decided to have my hair cut in an inverted bob, where the front is longer than the back.  For this I felt it would be best to go to a nicer salon, and one was recommended to me by a fellow Navy wife.  I made an appointment, and the rest, as they say, is history.  As the stylist is cutting my hair, she asks me, “Have you ever colored your hair red?”  It was as though the clouds parted and the sun shone down upon my hair as  the angels hit a high note.  And that, my friends, is when I went back to being a redhead, my true destiny.

I never feel as pretty as when my hair is red.  The moment I first colored my hair red, I knew this was the color I needed to be.  Not everyone can pull off red, and not everyone should.  Not only do I have the complexion to pull it off, but I also have the personality.  And I feel so much more me when I’ve got red hair.

In fact, when I get my hair colored, people almost always compliment me on the color — but they also ask, “Is that natural?”  Um, no.  I do not color my hair a color that occurs in nature.  It isn’t a pretty auburn or ginger or any other natural shade.  It is R-E-D.  So I always giggle when someone asks me if that’s my natural color.

I went back to the salon today to color my hair again and to get a trim.  That’s the one down side to having short hair; you have to maintain it!  But red is also a color that fades very, very quickly, so I’d be in the salon once a month anyhow coloring my hair; I might as well get a trim while I’m there.  The thing is, while I adore the color of my hair and the relatively low price I pay for the services, I am not getting quite the cut I want.  I have asked the stylist multiple times to give me what I want, and each time, she does it — but only sort of.  Today I asked for a sharp angle to my hairl, which she did — sort of.  It still looks good, and I like it, but not as much as I would if she gave me exactly what I asked for.

I saw my ideal cut on another woman in the salon today.  I know it’s rude to stare, but I couldn’t help it!  She was at a station on the other side of the mirrors, and I could easily see her and her stylist.  She ended up with hair that’s super short in the back but poofy off the crown of the head, angled very sharply from the back of the head to her chin, with sideswept bangs.  It looked so amazing on her!  But I knew I couldn’t have that cut.  I have very thin, fine hair that has very little body.  To have that cut and to style it properly, I would have to have thick, coarse hair, just like the lady at the salon today.  It’s such a shame.  I think I would look amazing with that cut.

Fortunately I’m not too fussy about my hair.  I’m perfectly okay with the way it’s been cut because it’s not that huge a deal for me.  It’s just hair!  It’ll grow back!  It’s not like the stylist’s scissors slipped and gauged out a chunk of my hair.  It still looks good.

No photos, though, because I don’t like the way my hairdresser styled it.  It’s got no hairspray in it whatsoever, so the style is very flat, which to me looks very goofy against my large, round face.  It’ll look better tomorrow once I get my hands on it.

What about you?  Are you fussy about your hair, or do you not really worry about how it looks?


7 Responses to “Getting my hair did”

  1. cardiogirl Says:

    I am completely freaked out by the thought of having my hair highlighted much less colored. Never done it, probably never will do it.

    Plus I’m actually wondering when the gray will kick in. I’m almost 41 (couple more weeks) and so far nothing. My mom didn’t have any gray until she was mid-60s and now at 81 it’s just framing her face. I hope I get her genes.

    And I never think, “It’s just hair it will grow back.” Lame, I know. I have to have it long enough to put up in a ponytail. Even if I have to use bobby pins on the sides.

    I’m a freak with my hair. Only had it in a short bob once — short enough I couldn’t put it in a ponytail. I didn’t like it.

  2. Rosie Says:

    I am so freaky about my hair that I won’t let anyone else cut it. My logic is that I can’t get mad at myself for a bad cut, besides, I didn’t pay for it! I have walked out of salons too many times in tears because I was hacked, so never again!

    The only exception to that would be if I went back to DeLoains’s in Decatur, Alabama. That was the best couple of cuts and color that I ever had. For $225, it better have been!

  3. yankeechick Says:

    I used to love coloring my hair ‘fun’ colors! The sister of my best friend in Fairbanks was a stylist, and OMG! Was she ever the best! At cuts and color! I would go from Roxy Red, to cranberry to mahogany to….I forget what all. And that was many years ago before the grey arrived. Sadly, when I stopped coloring, the grey started showing up and then I went to blonde highlights to camouflage the grey, LOL. Now the grey just runs rampant and is naturally streaked with blonde and brown and actually looks kinda cool. Also weird, since my natural color was a medium Auburn color. My stylist now wants so badly to color my hair, or at the very least give me some cool low-lights, but I get compliments on my hair everyday! So I sorta hate to mess with it. Besides that, for some reason, the cost of color is more here than in AK! Cuts and perms are cheap but color is way high in comparison, like $65. So for me, being a generous tipper and always a sucker for buying products, that would equal $80-100 every 4-6 weeks! I’m just not ready to go there! So I live vicariously thru you and drool over your gorgeous red hair and great styles. Maybe someday………

  4. Elle Says:

    Oh, I am very crazy when it come to hair and I am suffering through the aftermath of the WORST haircut I’ve had in my life, the result of over-enthusiasm with texturizing shears. My stylist, who as lovingly colored (used to be blonde highlights, now all-over red with lighter strands on top…) and not-so-lovingly cut my hair for quite a few years. Sometimes it is OKAY, but mostly I live with the style. But I always LOVE the color, so I go back.

  5. Poolagirl Says:

    My hair is my best feature. Often, my only redeeming quality. It’s thick and has a lot of body and grows like a weed. I experiment with color and cut all the time. It’s my opportunity to express myself.

  6. art Says:

    i miss the old fashioned barbers with the barber pole and the framed “union shop” certificate in the mirror. im fussy about getting my hair cut and do not like these “chain store” haircutters at all. just about everytime i get a cut, i dont like it, but it grows back eventually.

  7. terri t. Says:

    I have been using the same stylist for many years. She doesn’t change my style unless I tell her I am bored with it and it never looks quite the way I want it to look but at least I can usually style it myself. I don’t like how it looks when she does it…too fussy and too old ladyish….. I like a more casual look. But I do get compliments on it. I used to color my hair but now it is silvery in the front and top and still dark in the back….I would love all silver hair…
    I think you have the perfect coloring for the red hair. Maybe you should try to get that other stylist who did the cut you wanted to try it on yours….Even if your hair is fine like mine, the cut might be good.

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