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Times two 17 January 2009

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I got a better look at my cut today after I styled it.  I had asked the stylist for more of an angle to my bob yesterday, and she told me she’d cut it dry so she could see the angle better.  When she was done, I noticed that the left side was longer than the right side in the front, but when I pointed it out to her, she said it’d be fine.  She offered to cut it for me if I would be bothered by it — which I was.  I’m far too OCD to allow one side of my hair to be longer than the other.

However, once she was finished cutting my hair, she warned that because she had trimmed the left side, I had lost the sharp angle I had wanted.  I didn’t look all that closely at my hair yesterday since I was a little irritated that she hadn’t styled it before I left, but this morning I was able to see that I had almost no angle on the left side of my hair.  When she trimmed the long end on that side, why didn’t she simply re-cut that angle?

I’m a bit perturbed.  I realize that she was busy because she was working on at least two other women at the same time she was working on me, but that doesn’t give her the right to short-change me.  I don’t think she’s all that fond of me since she rarely talks when she’s styling my hair, where she can chatter away at her other clients while my color is setting.  I know it’s not because I stiff her on the tip; I give her slightly more than 20%, so I tip well.

And it’s not every time she does my hair, so I don’t feel right firing her and finding a new stylist.  Ugh.  It’s just frustrating.

But then it’s just hair.  It’ll grow back.

Aside from the hair issue, we had an excellent day today.  First off, we lazed around all morning long.  No one really wanted to get going with the day, so Kurt and I spent the morning on our respective computers while Grace watched a bit of tv.  I didn’t even get dressed till after noon.  Heaven!!

At one point, Kurt asked me what I did want to do today, so we went out to take some photos.  I left the “where” up to him.  He decided we’d head up to the windmill — only I thought he was talking about the antique windmill, when he was talking about the modern windmill that generates electricity up at the north end of the island.  The funny thing was, my best photos weren’t even of the windmill!  We found ourselves right next to Narragansett Bay, right at the edge of the property for Green Animals Topiary Garden.  It’s part of the Newport Preservation Society, the folks that own most of the Gilded Age mansions down on Bellevue Avenue.  The last time we’d gone there was the week after Mary Ellen was born, during their fall festival.  It looked so different with no one around (it’s closed for the season), blanketed under the snow:

Echoes of what had been

instead the green, lush lawn on a hot, Indian summer day:

What a lovely day

I took the summer photo from the house, and today I stood down in the far right corner of the lawn, just on the other side of the stone fence, to get the photo of the swing.  It’s amazing what a difference the seasons make.

But my favorite photo of the last couple of days has to be this one that Kurt took last night:


How do you not just coo at the sight of those tiny toes???


8 Responses to “Times two”

  1. beanie Says:

    Awwww what sweet toes!! *sniff*

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    The toes! The toes! The best picture I’ve seen in a very, very long time.

  3. yankeechick Says:

    Darn! I just wrote a comment and it went poof! WTH?!? Anyway, I was admiring ME’s sweet little piggies and commiserating with you about your hair. I had my hair cut like that about 4 years ago. The initial cut was great, but when I went back for a trim, the same girl couldn’t get both sides even to save her butt! I finally just had her stop, as it kept getting shorter and shorter! ACK!! Never did go back to her. It’s hard finding a good hair stylist when you move.

  4. art Says:

    awwww teeny toes!!!

  5. Poolagirl Says:

    Oh! The toes are fabooooo!

  6. Catie Says:

    Karyl- your stylist isn’t listening to you and she clearly does not value you as a client. The bob that you want is actually called an A line bob. The best thing you can do is gather a bunch of photos that show the exact style you want- ideally from different angles and take that to her. If she cannot replicate it for you- start looking for someone new.

  7. terri t. Says:

    Don’t think of it as firing her, think of it as trying out another stylist. I agree with the other comments – she wasn’t paying attention to what you wanted and she was too busy working on multiple clients. She shouldn’t have been doing that anyway….other than you were having color too. And then not styling your hair before you left….what’s that about?

    And those little, itty bitty baby toes…oooh, I could just bite them! Adorable….

    How about a picture with Gracie’s toes and Marybeth’s….

  8. Tracey Says:

    I love all three photos!

    I agree about the hairstylist, and you know what… I don’t think she’s earned that tip. I know it’s so hard to find someone who listens, but who will also have a discussion with you about what’s best for your hair. My hairstylist is great with my hair, but her personality has been getting on my nerves so much that I am thinking about finding someone new.

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