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In his hands 13 February 2009

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I actually have to give props to Kurt today.  I wasn’t in the greatest of moods, as I allowed the voices in my head to take over just a wee bit too much and cause some unneeded and unnecessary anxiety.  But instead of losing his temper, he rolled with the flow and was just there for me.  It was lovely.

Not only that, I told him I wanted to go out and take photos.  It’s obviously one of my favorite things to do, and it helps that I live in such a beautiful area.  After we made a run to the local health food store (where I scored steel-cut oats out of the bulk bin for $1.49 a pound — YAY!), Kurt asked me where I wanted to go.  I told him somewhere pretty to take photos.  And off we went.

We ended up in Portsmouth and Tiverton.  Those two towns are across the Sakonnet River from each other and are connected by the Sakonnet River Bridge.

Sakonnet River Bridge

This bridge was built in 1956 and carries Rt. 138 from the island over to Tiverton and beyond.  I try not to think too hard about its age as we cross it, not that a 53-year-old bridge is really that old.  But it’s very, very rusty, and I know that rust means the metal is degrading.  Sometimes I wonder why the state doesn’t do anything about it, especially since I know the rigorous maintenance schedule the Navy ships are under due to their salty environment…  but then I remember Rhode Island has no money.  Which is why a gate at the base is still closed, months and months and months after the bridge leading to the gate broke.  It’s Rhode Island property, and hence will never be fixed.

Abandoned bridge

This is the Stone Bridge, which was destroyed in 1954 by Hurricane Carol.  It used to carry Rt 138 from Portsmouth to Tiverton, but was replaced by the Sakonnet River Bridge after the hurricane.  The storm did some major damage to Rhode Island and the rest of New England, but this was the first time I’d seen evidence of the storm first-hand.

Mt Hope Bridge

And this, my friends, is “my” bridge, the Mt Hope Bridge that connects Aquidneck Island with the mainland at Bristol, RI.  Grace has determined that the Pell Bridge, which connects the island with Conanicut Island at the southern end, is her bridge, so I laid claim to this one.  They’re both beautiful at all times of the day, being graceful and swooping in the sunlight, and lit up with white lights accentuating the curves at night.  Grace gets the two bridges confused because they look so similar from a distance.  However, the Mt Hope Bridge is far flatter than the Pell Bridge since it connects two high points and is far older, having been built in 1929.

So those are the three bridges we saw today.  We did quite a bit of exploring down around Tiverton, but by then I was a bit too chilled to take more photos.  It was COLD out there with the wind whipping off the water.  There’s more we want to see, and now that Kurt’s looked up the area on Google Earth, we have more of a plan of where to go next.  That’s the nice thing about moving around a lot.  You never really take for granted where you live!

(More photos from today’s field trip on my Flickr page if you’re interested.)


4 Responses to “In his hands”

  1. cardiogirl Says:

    These are the kind of photos that I always *think* I could take if only I were using black and white film. However, I have to tell you I am amazed by your ability to take such quality, beautiful photos. In color no less.

    Somehow black and white fixes all of those, I don’t know whats. But color shows every last mistake and yours are perfect!

  2. art Says:

    these are the type of quality stuff you see in magazines!!! you do good work, and should freelance!!! you’d make moola!!! good stuff!!!

  3. Your photography is always just breathtaking! Please keep posting your pictures. They truly are worth 1000 words – though the words are nice, too!

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    Sounds like Kurt is a gem. J usually gets super frustrated with me. 🙂

    You take such lovely pictures Blue!

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