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I’ve sunk your battleship 17 February 2009

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49: Battleship

I really ought to be in bed, since I promised my friend I’d take her to the airport tomorrow.  She’s headed to Florida to visit family with her two boys, and they’re far too rambunctious to inflict upon a quiet airport an hour before they have to be there — which is how early they’d be if her husband drove her.

Everyone says, “Oh, you’re such a good friend to be doing that for her!”  Am I so different from everyone else, though?  For me, this is normal.  My friends here are more than willing to help me and do favors for me whenever I need them.  They threw me a fancy baby shower after knowing me a month!  They cooked a week’s worth of food for me when I had ME!  They answered the call when I needed someone to keep Grace while I went to the hospital!  Any time I need someone to watch my kids, they’re there for me.

Is it because we’re military?  Maybe it is.  I know I had a much harder time switching off childcare with civilian friends; something always came up.  But then maybe it was just my friends.  Just before I left Washington, I met a wonderful older lady who “adopted” Grace as an honorary grandkid, and I know she would have been more than happy to keep her for me if I needed her to.  And her daughter was the same way, especially since Grace got along famously with her kids.

I don’t really know.  All I know is I am loving living here, surrounded by such wonderful people that area always there for me.  It’ll be such a shame when most of them move away, come June.

Kurt and I had a friend over for dinner tonight, which was delicious, of course.  Not the friend — the dinner.  I thought we were having a couple, but I guess something came up and the husband couldn’t come.  So it was just the wife, which was fine, but it made for major leftovers.  Good thing my husband loves my cooking!

That’s one thing I love about Kurt, how he loves absolutely everything I cook.  I feel like I’ve got absolute carte blanche to do whatever I want when it comes to dinner.  It takes a lot of pressure off me.

But you know, I’ve got a pretty patient husband.  He’s so willing to take me wherever I want to go to take photos.  I don’t even need to tell him where to go specifically; I just say, “Let’s go someplace pretty!” and we’re off.  Not only that, he is more than willing to take a detour so I can get the shot.  Yesterday we were on our way to dinner up in the north end of the island, but while there, I noticed the sunset was looking really gorgeous.  Instead of whining that he was starving to death, which I know he was, he willingly turned towards the water and allowed me a good ten minutes to shoot.

Not only that, he lets me take the goofiest photos of him and never once complains that a photo I have posted is unflattering.  Tonight when I fussed that I hadn’t yet taken my daily shot, he suggested I take a photo of our evening snack.  He’d made up some slices of manchego cheese topped with quince paste, something I had had and loved in San Jose, and he figured I could snap a neat-looking photo and post that.  But when I wanted him in the photo as well to give some extra visual interest, he was all for it.  Then he sat patiently while I took at least fifteen photos from various angles, some with bounced flash, some with ambient light.

For the record, he was trying to scam that last piece of manchego from me, but I insisted it was for me.  I do not give up manchego easily!  And because we are nerds, both of us noticed that the topping of quince made this piece of manchego look like a battleship.

I have to say, it’s wonderful to have a partner willing to indulge my obsessions.  Now if only I could get into hot wings as much he is, we’d be even!


7 Responses to “I’ve sunk your battleship”

  1. beanie Says:

    yeah you can see the hunger in his eyes…. hahaha

  2. Rosie Says:

    I’d have shared, after all, he is such a sweetie! And look at the longing and desire in his eyes!

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    You know, now that you mention it, I’m sure you have supportive friends *because* they are military. Those other women are living a very similar version of your life and their husbands are away a lot, just like yours.

    Civilian chicks have different scenarios all the way around and they don’t feel the same connection, I think. My neighbors are really competitive, in that they always have a story of how much harder it was for them and how they never had help.

    Um, great can you watch my kid or not? No. Wonderful (whispers, betch!)

    So I’m willing to bet the comradeship you feel is from the circumstances and that your friends are nicer and more empathetic.

    Good for you! A life with help is a more fulfilling life, methinks.

  4. Chelle Says:

    Kurt is such a good sport! I am glad you guys have so much fun together. And I’m glad you are surrounded by such caring friends…at least for a few more months, right?

  5. terri t. Says:

    I think it is the military lifestyle that makes your friends so helpful too. They have all been in the same situation and know that it is so much easier to help each other out…not to mention more fun. I know you will be the welcoming wife when the new group of women come to the area in June.
    And Kurt is special, for sure. I loved the picture and I saw the battleship in that treat too.

  6. Aimee Says:

    As far as the friends go it might be military. I noticed living in this teeny tiny town people are willing to help. Maybe it has something to do with sense of community that we have lost with the advent of the burbs? I’m not sure.
    When will you be cooking for me? I ate beans and corn bread last night and I kind of need your help….

  7. michele Says:

    I am really surprised that you don’t like hot wings! Hmm… just when I thought I knew everything about you, too! 🙂

    And yes, you do have a great guy. I’m thinking ya might wanna keep him around. 😉

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