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Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ 25 February 2009

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So pleased with herself!

Gotta love the grin on that kid, don’t ya?  She’s a cutie, I think I’ll keep her.

See how pleased she looks with herself?  This was after the second time she rolled over from her back to her belly on Sunday — the first time she had ever done it!  I was getting nervous that she was never going to pass this milestone.  I can’t remember when Grace rolled over, but I do know she was ahead of the timeline that all the books gave for just about every milestone.  I credit her being two weeks overdue for that.

The thing is, as with most second-born kids, we’re not giving ME everything we gave Grace.  We can’t — we have things to do now.  I was very careful to give Grace plenty of floor time when she was a baby to make sure she could strengthen her back muscles enough to flip over.  With ME, it’s easier to keep her in her chair or her Exersaucer while I get some things done around here.

Our pediatrician reassured me that larger babies (and Mary Ellen is pretty big for her age) don’t turn over as soon as their smaller counterparts.  She kept teasing us too!  She would lay on her back, then slowly turn on to her side, and look like she was going to roll completely over, but right when it looked like there was no going back — she’d let go and flop on to her back.  Sheesh.

But now she’s done it, so I can quit worrying.  Yay!  Now I just have to wait till she figures out the crawling thing.  Grace started crawling at 7 months, which is too soon for my tastes when it comes to Mary Ellen.  I would much rather her wait a bit!  Grace was also cruising a week after she started crawling and walking at 10 months.  Early milestones are great when you have just the one kid, but once you have more, you’re all for slower development.

The pediatrician asked at ME’s four-month appointment if we were going to start her on foods.  I said, probably too vehemently, no way!  He looked a little taken aback, since he had started all three of his kids on food at four months, but then I explained my reasoning.  For one thing, Grace has a serious food allergy.  When there’s a history of allergies in the family, it’s always suggested to wait.  Secondly, I’m just too lazy.   I don’t want to start having to bring food with me instead of bottles, and it’s just so much easier to make up a bottle than to prepare cereal.  Thirdly, ME spits up a lot, and right now it’s just milk.  Once we add in food, she’ll be spitting up all sorts of things that will stain whatever it touches.  Milk is so much easier to clean up.  And fourthly, I’d rather not feed a kid before she can sit up on her own.  ME is getting better, but her back isn’t quite strong enough to support her yet.

That said, if you choose to feed your baby sooner than six months, more power to you.  This is simply what works for my family, and I realize that not everything works for every family.  I’ve known some folks to hold out on food entirely till the child is nine or twelve months old, and as long as the kid continues to grow and thrive, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Enough of Mary Ellen.  Grace is doing fairly well.  She is acting out a bit here and there, I think in response to the attention that ME receives.  But she’s not mean about it.  It’s just a normal four-year-old reaction to no longer being the only child.  Sometimes she doesn’t listen, and I have to tell her something many, many times.  It’s so frustrating when she does that, like get into Mary Ellen’s face.  She’s actually trying to entertain her, but she’s so loud she ends up scaring the baby.  I tell her over and over and over again, “Don’t get into the baby’s face!” but she does it two seconds after I say it.  Eventually she’ll figure it out.  I hope.

One thing that I am enjoying about Grace is how our friendship is developing.  Obviously, I am still her mother, and still a figure of authority, but we’re moving into a new phase where I enjoy her company.  There have been times where I’ve gone somewhere with just her, leaving ME with Kurt, and it’s so much fun to listen to her tell me all about her day at school or whatever is going on in her head.  She’s a trip!  Some of her gestures are so adult in origin, like cocking her head to the side or rolling her eyes a bit, but you can tell she’s just mimicking the adults around her.

She’s also becoming a lot more cuddly.  It’s probably a response to how much cuddle time the baby gets, but I don’t really care what the reason is.  Grace never was much for cuddling until now, so I will take whatever I can get.  She’ll come up to me and ask, “Momma, can I cuddle with you?”  So I put down whatever I am doing and pull her into my lap because I know only too soon, nothing will entice her to cuddle with me.

You know, I think the best decision I ever made was to have kids.  Obviously it’s not a choice for everyone, but it was the best choice for me.  They are my joys.


8 Responses to “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’”

  1. beanie Says:

    Kids can be joys, at least at this age. And it’s important to make sure you have enough one-on-one time with each of them… it makes them feel so special!

  2. Good for you. Sad to say, for many folks they decide AFTER their children are born that they don’t want kids. Yours was a conscious decision based on experience and you obviously adore your little ones. It shows in their faces!

  3. becca Says:

    Awww, what a beautiful picture. Well done ME!!! James can roll over but only does it in his bed. He doesn’t do it in front of anyone but most times he has a nap I put him on his back and find him asleep on his front.

    I’ve been feeding James a little for about a month. When I say a little I mean like half a pot of baby food or a baby yogurt once every 2-3 days as I don’t want to overload him too much yet but as he’s now waking in the night for additional feeds, I am taking it as a sign that he’s now more ready for more nutrition, variety and something more filling. Here in the UK we are told to breast feed exclusively for 6 months but it’s not always that practical. You just have to do what is best for you like you say. I’ve always thought medical professionals put too much pressure on us mums when it comes to feeding as I’ve ranted about enough times already. In my opinion it’s all down to personal preference and parenting is about nothing more than finding the right balance for yourself and your child and you need the confidence to know what your baby wants more than what the books and experts tell us. They ram it down your throats that babies are all individuals and have different needs then give us “strict” guidelines that don’t work for everyone. You do as you feel right, you are doing a great job and as long as our kids are happy then we know we are doing something right. 🙂

    That’s made me feel better!!! I love a good rant every now and then. 🙂

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    She looks so like you!! 🙂

    I’m useless with babies. They cry and make me want to cry and I’m always afraid I’ll drop them.

  5. Chelle Says:

    This is such a great post about your girls! It makes me feel a little better about having kids of my own someday.

  6. purple chai Says:

    Grace getting in ME’s face is all part of the sibling relationship they’re developing. They’ll both come to learn what works for them. If at some point, Grace gets too close and ME swats her away, Grace will learn right away that the baby doesn’t like it.

  7. cardiogirl Says:

    Blue you took me right back to my second daughter’s infancy. Our pediatrician said the very same thing about larger babies taking longer to roll over and crawl. And Allison took her time as well.

    Strangely enough, she’s still taking her time and dawdling through life. She is certainly going to smell the roses, that kid.

    I love that picture with the bright colors and her beautiful grin. And it is fun when you get some time alone with Grace, isn’t it? I’m sure she’s full of stories and is loving her special time with her mom.

  8. Aimee Says:

    My Sister’s son walked at 9 months but my big baby (B) waited until well after he was a year-old. They have to build more strength than the little ones…As far as the food, I agree with an allergy history why take any chances? I did food early because my big one was never satisfied but if I had a food allergy in the family, NO WAY!
    PS you have such a perfectly sweet looking baby. She looks like she could be the gerber baby.

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