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New and improved 8 March 2009

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What a lovely day here today.  I’m guessing it reached into the 60s, and we got sunshine much of the day.  I went out with my friend today to a movie and didn’t even bother with a jacket.  Instead I wore a short-sleeved t-shirt all day long, not getting cold till late afternoon while at my friend’s house.  We had the windows open and finally aired out the house, getting rid of that winter funk that seems to build up during the cold months.

I read on someone else’s blog that the crocuses are coming up, a sure sign that spring is on the way.  I wonder if the bulbs that Kurt and Grace planted last fall are going to bloom.  It’ll be a total surprise to me how they come up because they did it totally on their own, so it’s anyone’s guess what it’ll look like.  Beautiful, I am sure.  There are crocuses in the bulb mix I bought, and I love them so.

It’s been a weekend of acquisitions, though most were pretty minor.  However, one stands out from all the rest.  Kurt and I have finally joined the 21st century and gotten a widescreen HDTV.  It’s a 50″ Panasonic, and it just seems so huge in comparision to our square 27″ we had before.

Now before you go wondering how a military family on a single income could afford such a thing on a whim, let me tell you we bought it from a friend.  It’s a rear-projection tv, and apparently it’s prone to blowing its lamp.  Our friends got tired of replacing the lamp every other year, so this last time when it blew, they went out and bought an LCD tv to replace it.  But what were they going to do with this huge monstrosity that didn’t work?

They sold it to us for just $100.  We found a very inexpensive (or relatively so) replacement for the lamp online, and it was finally delivered on Friday — just before we left for Yo-Yo Ma.  And Kurt, being a guy who loves new gadgets to play with, stayed up till 2am that night disassembling the entertainment center so that it would function more like a tv stand.  But the tv worked like a champ once he had the lamp in and the cable box hooked up.

WOW, what a difference a big tv makes.  People’s faces are larger than life, and it’s almost like you’re part of the show.  It’s really amazing.  Plus it’s an HDTV, and while we don’t yet have a HDTV cable box, we still get the networks and some cable channels in HD.  Holy moley, it’s such a difference!  And it’s only going to get better once we do get a new box.

I’m not really someone to obsess over the picture I get on my tv.   I was perfectly satisfied with my old 27″ square tv because it worked, and it gave me a picture.  That’s all I care about, just being able to watch my favorite programs.  Kurt wanted a big-screen tv, but then he’s a guy and he cares about such things.  But for me, I couldn’t justify shelling out at least $1500 on a decent large tv.  I mean, if you’re going to go big, go really big or go home, right?

Kurt’s been looking at big tvs for a while now.  Initially he thought to use our IRS refund towards a tv, but then I reminded him we have bills to pay.  We saw an awesome tv for half price (but still $1300) at the NEX one day, a gorgeous 52″ plasma, but then it was the floor model and had been turned on all day and night for the last year.  Who knew how much life it still had in it?  So when this tv came along for such an inexpensive price, we had to go for it.  Sure it’s “old,” since our friends bought it in 2004, and it takes a few moments for the lamp to warm up when we turn it on, but we can’t complain for the price.

One last thing — I really hate this Daylight Saving Time nonsense.  It almost makes me want to move to Arizona, where they’re so smart as to not have to deal with it.  It makes no sense to me.  It doesn’t give you more light; it just shifts your getting more light in the morning to getting more light at night.  If you want to enjoy the daylight more, get up earlier.  Let the rest of us stay on standard time, where we belong.

Now I have to remember that my in-laws are three hours behind us in time, not two, since Arizona doesn’t change its time.  Fortunately we got Grace together with her friends for most of the day, so she was worn out enough to go to bed an hour earlier.  But it’ll be interesting to see how late she sleeps tomorrow with the sun making her room so light.

I guarantee whoever thought of Daylight Saving Time was not a stay-at-home mother!  Sleep is too precious to us mothers to fool around with our kids’ sleep schedules like that.


6 Responses to “New and improved”

  1. Rosie Says:

    I do admit that I LOVE Arizona because of that very fact! I just have to remember that the East Coast is now 3 hours earlier, so I don’t call folks too late at night!

  2. beanie Says:

    Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care about time? Oh, no!

  3. art Says:

    now thats a real deal!! big screen tee vee for 100 bux!!! good score!!

  4. Aimee Says:

    I hate daylight savings time. They do everything at 2 am (bar close in Michigan.) So when we fall back in the fall, we stay open an extra hour. But when we spring forward we still close at 2 because it happens at 2. Rrrrrr
    Happy belated birthday to your hubby and congrats on the deal on the TV!

  5. Tony Says:

    I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  6. jhoney Says:

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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