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Never get involved in a land war in Asia 20 March 2009

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One of my all-time favorite movies is on Bravo right now.  What girl grew up in the 1980s and didn’t love The Princess Bride?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it.  Honestly, I am not quite sure why we are watching it on live tv either.  We own the movie!

Today was another exciting day in my life.  I had lunch out with a friend, though for some reason we didn’t take advantage of the Restaurant Week lunch specials (which meant I did not have the creme brulee that I was so excited about), and afterwards we went shopping.  Being of a frugal nature, I don’t buy clothes for myself very often, and when I do, it’s something cheap from Wal-Mart or Target.  They look cute the first two or three times I wear them, but they quickly become pilled, or they shrink, or they develop holes.

But Coldwater Creek was having a sale, and while some of the clothes look a bit too mature for me, some are downright cute!   There was so much in there I wanted, but even on sale it was out of my price range.  I did score three shirts too, which ended up to be more than I usually wish to spend, but the quality is so much better than what I normally buy from the discount chains.

I’ve got a plan, you see.  I’m tired of dressing like a schlump.  Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.  There’s nothing wrong with that on occasion, especially since I still look nice most of the time, but I want to kick it up a notch.  This afternoon at the salon, I saw a woman in her late 30s wearing old faded jeans and a sweatshirt with beat-up running shoes.  I just don’t want to get to where I look like I don’t care about my appearance.

To that end, today I wore a nice blouse, dark rinse blue jeans, and very cute flats I bought at Old Navy for $5 many, many years ago.  They’re gold velvet with a gold strap across the top (much higher on the foot than in a traditional Mary Jane) and a pointy toe.  They are amazingly comfortable, even without socks or hose.

I’ve even managed to score some really nice looking blue jeans, though they did come from Wal-Mart.  They’re very dark rinse, and I hemmed them myself to the absolute perfect length.  I am so very proud of my hemming job.  The last time I hemmed a pair of pants, I managed to hem them just a hair too short.  They’re not high-waters by any means, but they don’t “break” as they hit the tops of my feet.  They’re just straight.  It looks funny.  My friends in San Jose assured me that they weren’t too short, but I think they are.  It makes me mad because they’re Levi’s and not the cheapest jeans in the universe.

And why oh why are clothing manufacturers making pants so very long?!  Not everyone wants to wear high heels with her jeans.  Let’s add a length to those already in existence, so in addition to Short (or Petite), Average, and Long, we’d have the Extra Short option that’s the typical 28″ inseam.  I keep seeing jeans marketed as petite that are 30″ long, which used to be the average length.  It’s a good thing I can sew, I suppose.

I had my hair done today as well.  It was quite a busy day for me, let me tell you!  For quite some time, I’d been seeing this one stylist.  Let’s call her C.  The first time I walked in there, I showed C a photo of what I wanted, and she told me that while she couldn’t give me that exact cut, due to the oddball hair style I had before, she would do her best.  I walked out of the salon with the perfect color and a great cut.  Based on that, I recommended the salon to all my friends.

Over the months, I’ve become disatisfied with C.  She never talked to me while I was in her chair, which made me rather uncomfortable.  She would talk to everyone around me, but if I tried to make small talk, she would shoot me down.  I felt ignored.  She also didn’t listen to me.  If I asked her for a deeper color, or a slightly different cut, she would still do what she wanted to do.  I kept asking her not to flip my hair out, since I don’t really like it, but she insisted on doing it anyhow.  I noticed that my cut never looked as good as that first day she did it, and finally I brought in a photograph of what it looked like the first day she cut it — and she still didn’t give me my original cut.

Not only that, but my friend went in to have her roots touched up after getting a successful color a few weeks before.  C absolutely butchered the touch-up, leaving it on too long, so my friend ended up with a brown stripe from her scalp to an inch into her hair.  It was hugely noticeable, and a mistake that a professional stylist who owns her own salon should not make.

I needed to have my hair done right before my birthday, but C was on vacation.  The only person that could style my hair was another stylist in the salon; let’s call her L.  I’d been admiring L’s talent from afar for months.  Every woman that had her hair done by L walked out of the salon absolutely thrilled with her hair.  I saw one lady getting her hair done, and I ran into that lady a few days later at Grace’s preschool.  She could not stop gushing about how lovely her hair looked and how much she enjoyed L.

And you know what, L did a great job on my hair right before my birthday.  She listened to me, touched up my cut to just what I wanted, and gave me an excellent color.  Today I went back with great trepidation, knowing that C would be there too.  Right as I eased into L’s chair, C came breezing in from lunch and saw me.  She stared at me and said, “What are you doing over there???”  Fortunately I used Kurt as an excuse since he had made my appointment; I could simply blame him for booking the wrong stylist.  After everything was said and done, and L had worked on my hair exactly the way I had asked her to, C saw the finished product and asked, “How come you let her cut your hair so short?  You never let me cut it that short?”  I stared at her in disbelief.  I had been asking her over and over and over again to cut it short, but she wouldn’t do it.  I insisted my hair was getting too long, but she never did take off enough.

Either she’s going senile or I am.  But either way, I doubt I’ll go back to her.  If I have to have every appointment on a Monday when she doesn’t work, so be it.  I walked out of the salon with a huge grin on my face, so thrilled and satisfied with the cut and the color.  It’s short, it’s sassy, it’s updated and modern.  Plus it’s easy care — wash and blow-dry.  Now I just need to get the product she put into my hair because it was seriously amazing and left my hair soft, silky, and smelling fantastically.

In the immortal words of Mr Trump, C — “you’re fired!”


7 Responses to “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”

  1. Elle Says:

    Wow you are a braver woman than I am! Here’s hoping C doesn’t decide to fire L in spite.

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    Regarding the jeans that are a tad too short, can’t you rip the seam out and re-hem them? Or have they been washed and now there is a lighter line that will show if you re-hem them?

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    p.s. This might be sort of queer if you use the wrong fabric, but I saw a tip in a mag a long time ago. And it was for children’s jeans. But they suggested sewing another fabric on the bottom to lengthen it.

    For the kids the fabric was some kind of plaid or polka dot, since kids like whimsy.

    But I wonder if you could add some kind of navy blue, heavier fabric to add some length.

    Or not.

  4. becca Says:

    Good for you. You need to stand up to people like that and if you are paying for a cut, don’t leave until you get the result you want. If you want an extra inch or 2 off, then you should get it. It’s YOU paying so you should get whatever you ask for, I mean would you go into a restaurant and let a waitress bully you into a burger instead of a steak because she “thought” it was better. Nope. The customer is always right but well done for getting rid. 🙂

  5. Chelle Says:

    Ah, the lovely politics of the hair salon! I am so glad you ended up with L and a style that you love. I think scheduling on Mondays from here on out may be just the way to handle things.

    And yay! for hemmed jeans. You are muy talented, K. You are also very sweet to offer to hem my too-long pairs for me. Part of the reason that they aren’t hemmed yet is my own fault: I am notoriously lazy about that kind of thing. So much so, that one pair of jeans that were too long I just cut to a better length. They may not look very “finished” but at least I can wear them on the weekends!

  6. terri t. Says:

    So glad you got the cut and style and so on that you wanted….I think going on a Monday is probably the best way to handle it.

    I am short too…5″2″ until I started shrinking in my older age. I used to cute the bottoms off my jeans and let them “fringe” …then I found the Riders with the length choice and now I am trying to find another source since I can’t find those Riders any more.

    I know just what you mean about wanting to change your style…I am into sneakers, jeans and tops since I retired and it does get boring…..Maybe I should be checking out the Coldwater Creek store in our area….I think I saw they were having 50% off sales this week….

  7. kitchenlogic Says:

    Just getting home from my hair appointment, I’m again thankful for the woman who does mine. I never understand why people go back to people who don’t do what they ask or even better than what they asked. We have to look our best! Good for you. Next time just tell C that L makes you feel better about yourself.

    I just picked up three mid-length-sleeved spring-colored t-shirts at Coldwater Creek yesterday. $9.99 each. Not too shabby. I agree about the clothing being a bit on the mature side. And I’m 50 years old! But they have occasional kicky stuff that I love.

    We are twins! Separated by decades!

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