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Spring sprung sproing 22 March 2009

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80: Crocus

Last fall I bought some bulbs from a fundraiser B’s son was selling for his preschool.  I can’t remember what all was in the pack, though I know it included crocuses, tulips, and daffodils.  I have some things growing, but this is the only thing that actually resembles a flower.  Spring has sprung!

Oh, I know it’s snowing up in New England.  Real New England, that is.  Apparently we live in fake New England, where we have all the history and none of the crappy weather.  Tom in New Hampshire and Andrea in Maine both reported snow today, where we had peekaboo sunshine and relatively warm temperatures.  I’m not complaining, mind.  I just  find it odd that I live in New England but still get gypped on the weather.  Maybe Kurt will get lucky and receive orders to a pre-commissioned ship still being built in Maine, and we can have a real New England winter.  The major bonus to that, of course, would be close proximity to Andrea.  I couldn’t think of anything better, honestly.

It also helps that being on a pre-com would count towards Kurt’s mandatory time-at-sea for this next tour, yet he would still be home every night for dinner and not have to sleep aboard the ship at all, at least until the ship’s handed over to the crew.  It would basically extend his shore-duty time with the benefits of his being assigned to a ship.

And yes, there are benefits to his being on board a ship.  Right now his paycheck is far less than it would be if he were on board ship.  He receives a sea pay allowance when he’s stationed aboard a ship, a hazard pay allowance when he’s in the Persian Gulf, and a family separation allowance when he’s away from us for thirty days or more.  Needless to say, we receive none of that when he’s here on shore duty.  The Navy figures we don’t need the extra money since we have him with us all the time instead.  It makes for a difficult transition when he’s on shore duty, not only because he’s finally home every night for dinner, but it wreaks havoc with our budget as well.

I can’t tell you how many Navy wives look forward to a deployment, just to get a handle on the bills once again.

Speaking of the Navy, Kurt’s work is starting to ramp up again.  He teaches on a nine-week schedule, with a two week break between classes.  During the two-week break, he’s updating his PowerPoint presentations and making sure everything is ready to go for the next class.  It generally means he can spend more time at home because he ends up doing more of his work here.  The computers at work are really, really slow, and he can get twice as much stuff done in an hour here at the house than at work.  He doesn’t teach many of the intro classes either, so we get a bit of a reprieve there, though he has to be present every afternoon to run training simulations.  But now we’re coming into the time where he does a lot of teaching and a lot of training, so I won’t be seeing him much at all — not compared to what I have been used to these last couple of weeks.  It’s really strange, the ebb and flow of his work schedule.  I get so used to seeing him all the time, but then I start to miss him when he’s got to work a normal 7am to 5pm schedule after the first few weeks.  By the time the class has graduated and he’s back to an easy schedule, I start getting frustrated with him being home all the time!  The poor guy just can’t catch a break.

So I’m back to being a normal wife and mother who does most everything on her own while the hubby’s at work.  Lucky me, huh?  I’ll manage just fine; I usually do.  Plus the weather’s getting so nice that all I have to do most afternoons is tell Grace to go out into the backyard and play.  Now all I have to do is wrangle the baby, which can be interesting since I think she’s starting to teethe.

Speaking of the baby, she went in for her well-baby checkup on Thursday.  She’s six months old now, and 18lbs 4oz and 27″ long.  She is a chunk.  She’s bigger than any other baby I know, including babies that are several months older than she is.  My mind is boggled because she has almost tripled her birth weight in six months.  She’s getting so heavy.  Carrying her isn’t so bad, as long as it’s just her.  But I’m going to have to switch her to a regular car seat soon.  The infant carrier is just too hard for me to carry in and out of the house now.

Not too much is on the schedule for this week.  Aside from the normal swim lessons and preschool routine, tomorrow we’ve got Grace’s physical for school next year, but that’s it until her friend’s birthday party on Saturday and hopefully a trip to Gloucester on Sunday.  What’s going on in your world this week?


5 Responses to “Spring sprung sproing”

  1. sleepyjane Says:

    Well, it’s autumn here now. Apparently. And I’m still trying to recover after the weekend.

    Hopefully this week my life will be back to normal. 🙂

  2. michele Says:

    I have one more week with my friend, Stef and then it’s back to a very empty house where I won’t have any distractions to keep from missing Ben (and Stef).

    However, she and I are planning to do a big blowout Girls’ Weekend on Fri/Sat/Sun before she leaves on Monday.

    It’s ucky here… overcast and wet.

  3. terri t. Says:

    It’s cooler today..about 37 and overcast since yesterday it was 67 with blue skies…..

    Your week sounds busy…..ours is very quiet…..I plan to start reading another book this afternoon.

  4. Elle Says:

    Looks like the first crocus of spring in RI! the birds, bees and other flora and fauna are gearing up in LA big time! There are a couple of cardinals nesting right outside of my office door, and I got my first mosquito bite in the front yard this weekend.

  5. Aimee Says:

    Beautiful picture! B was a chunk too. Now he’s a stick…a tall stick but a stick.

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