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I’ve got you stuck in my head 31 March 2009

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Yesterday was one of those days in which I could understand those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I know some folks pooh-pooh the entire idea of a depression caused by lack of sunlight, but it can really happen.  I don’t know what my deal was yesterday.  Everything was setting me off, I was getting annoyed at the drop of a hat, but somehow I was also a millimeter away from tears of sadness for most of the day.  The sun came out for just a few moments in the afternoon, long enough to tease me with its light.  It wasn’t more than fifteen minutes later that it was pouring, so hard that our back windows were covered in rain.

Days like yesterday make me so thankful that I’ve got Grace signed up for several things.  I have to get out of the house every day; I have to talk to people and be social.  It’s too easy for me to hibernate, and this really forces me to get out and get over it.  It really helps.

Today, however, was completely the opposite:

7Days: Day 4

Now that is more like it!  I find it utterly impossible to be dour and depressed when there is sun like that in my backyard.  I’ve been feeling good all day, and it didn’t hurt that Kurt was able to take an earlier lunch so we could go to brunch together.

Why are toasted plain bagels with real butter so good??  Why???  I had a spinach and havarti omelette at our new favorite diner, and it came with a bagel and some homefries.  I schmeared one half of the bagel with cream cheese, and one half with butter, and let me tell you, the butter side was so, so delicious.  Next time I go with all butter.  Nom.

Also, why do people eat non-toasted bagels?  That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, to order a sandwich on a bagel and not have it toasted.  There is something about toasting a bagel that makes it far easier to eat.  Without toasting, all the fillings slide right out, and you end up tearing the bagel with your teeth instead of biting into it.  Not my idea of a delicious time, that’s for sure.

My absolute favorite thing to eat on a toasted bagel is egg salad.  Oh, my heavens.  It doesn’t get any more delicious than that!

Speaking of food, we have started Mary Ellen on rice cereal, as I have mentioned.  For the last few weeks, it’s been somewhat of a trial because she’s got the whole tongue-thrust thing still.  It’s quite frustrating to feed her.  If you can manage to shove the spoon past her protruding tongue, she ends up spitting most of the spoon’s contents right back out again as her tongue thrusts outward.  Yeah, not fun.  Somehow Kurt has taught her that it works much better when she actually swallows the food.  I was able to feed her a good amount of rice cereal for lunch this afternoon with few complications.  Yay!  Now I just have to start making up some veggies for her to try.  Mmmm sweet potato….

I am now the proud owner of my very own copy of Slumdog Millionaire.  I saw it a few weeks ago at the old-skool theatre downtown, so old-skool, in fact, there is an organ in the theatre.  And there’s only one screen too.  The film was really amazing.  It can be hard to watch in spots, especially since that’s the sort of life my brother faced if he had stayed in Guatemala, but it’s so moving and well-done.  I just wish I hadn’t heard that the child actors were returned to the state of poverty that was portrayed in the film.

And now it’s off to watch the movie.  As soon as Grace is in bed, that is…


5 Responses to “I’ve got you stuck in my head”

  1. purple chai Says:

    I agree with you about the bagels; growing up, I never had a bagel that wasn’t toasted. But if I get, let’s say, a bagel with lox and cream cheese, I don’t take the extra time to get it toasted, but I eat each half separately, open-faced. It’s a lot easier that way.

  2. art Says:

    i just LOVEEEEEEE BAGELS!!!! especially with melted swiss!! YUM!!! im happy Mr. Sun made an appeareance and brightened up your mood!!!

  3. terri t. Says:

    I love bagels too with peanut butter. of course, I know you can’t do that because of Gracie’s allergy….. I like them toasted but I have been known to eat them just from the package….

    I think I must have had that seasonal sunlight deprivation thing too. I have been so blah….but today we went for a walk after I went to the grocery store (and I forgot bagels…boo-hoo) and I feel good…

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    I love that picture. It reminds me to enjoy the warm sunlight because soon it’ll start getting colder and darker here.

    You totally made me crave a bagel now. 😉

  5. michele Says:

    ya know, i actually “suffer” from that affliction from time to time. i can handle a day, maybe two without much sunlight but by the third day, i’m miserable. depressed and lethargic. glad you got some sunshine… vitamin D works like magic sometimes!

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