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Drowning in a sea of despair 6 April 2009

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96: Rain

OK, so it’s not that bad.  But my, oh my, what kind of weird weather are we getting now?  My friend in Michigan went to work in the snow.  In April!  In Seattle it was 70º and sunny, in a season known for rain, rain, and more rain.  Here we had a deluge of almost monsoon proportions.  The rain poured down, the thunder rumbled occasionally, and the clouds were so thick that I never saw the sun today.  All day long my lights were on.  If there is one thing that I really don’t like, it’s having the lights on during the day.  There is just something so depressing about it.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I had to go out in that mess.  I seriously considered skipping swimming lessons, and Beanie suggested I just let Grace swim in the street as practice instead of heading all the way to the base.  We were getting so much rain, that was very nearly possible.  My front walk was flooded with a good inch or two of rain, and any low area around here filled up with plenty of rain.  I did end up going to swim lessons, although I was one of just a few parents there, and I went through several very deep puddles on my way there.  Kurt said that the parking lot at his office looked like an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  When he told me that, I was surprised he was able to drive the little car through it and not get stuck!

Tomorrow’s forecast is supposed to be mostly cloudy with no rain.  I sure hope so.  I’ve had enough rain for this week!

What I am drowning in right now is stuff.  How does it all multiply??  It’d been a while since I clipped coupons; I just kept taking them out of the newspaper and the circulars that come in the mail and stacking them up.  Today I finally tackled them, with the result that I now have a stack of coupons to use at the commissary.  Too bad I don’t buy a whole lot of junk food or convenience food.  There aren’t many coupons for the sorts of things I use!

And what’s up with the tiny coupon values anyhow?  The SmartSource flyer seems to have decent savings, usually at least 50¢ and sometimes up to a dollar.  But the Proctor & Gamble flyer is so very chintzy with their coupons.  Really?  You want me to bother clipping a coupon to save 20¢ on a $3 bottle of Dawn?  True, that is 20¢ that I could save, but that’s simply ridiculous.  Maybe if they printed their coupons on cheaper paper, instead of beautiful, thick, shiny paper they could save enough money to be able to afford to print more valuable coupons.

So now I have all the coupons clipped.  Next up is going through my coupon folder and getting rid of all the expired coupons.  And then I’ve got to look through my BJ’s flyer and make sure I clip all the coupons I can use from there.  And then I’ve got to figure out if I want to save these Michael’s coupons or the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon… and if I do want to save them, where do I put them??

So much STUFF.

I need to come up with a better system of organization.  I used to have a basket that would hold all of my mail and random pieces of paper that I would go through every couple of weeks to try to stay on top of the clutter.  But that made my kitchen feel a bit too cluttered, so when I moved in to this house, I banished the basket to the laundry room — which is another sea of clutter that I don’t even want to think about.

It seems like all I do is straight and clear and de-clutter, and it all comes right back again.  Does it ever end??  Yes, if I were willing to get rid of more of my stuff.  I’ve got to get out of this packrat mentality.

Somehow I just need to take my brain in for an overhaul.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


5 Responses to “Drowning in a sea of despair”

  1. beanie Says:

    I wonder if the coupons are less because so many stores double them… and the manufacturers don’t want to pay for it, so they just lower the value of the coupon. Food (heh) for thought.

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    Stuff will be the death of me. I’m bad….but J is way worse. That man keeps EVERYTHING! Pieces of string, rubber bands, broken pieces of idon’tknowwhat, papers, flyers. You name it, we have it…somewhere under all the piles of stuff.

  3. art Says:

    seems now you have to get a BIGGER PLACE so you can collect more STUFF!!! i was looking at last night for your neck of the woods and the overnight forecast was:
    “Tonight’s forecast: Dark. Continued dark throughout most of the evening, with some widely-scattered light towards morning.”

  4. terri t. Says:

    I have noticed that the coupons are for less money too….and they are usually for junk food as you mentioned or beauty products that are expensive. Or you have to buy 3 large packages of whatever-it-is to get 25 cents off these days. I find I don’t use coupons as often as we just don’t buy that type of quantity with just the two of us.
    I guess I would rather have cents off different products every week over-all as our local supermarket is doing now….
    We had snow yesterday too and today it was very windy but at least the sun is out and we can see blue sky….

  5. cardiogirl Says:

    This weather is seriously crazy. I’m one of the Michiganders enjoy snow in April. That phrase should never be uttered — “Snow in April.”

    Anyway, I have to say I love the composition of that photo up there. Even though there’s rain behind it, it’s still really cool and artsy. Well done, as usual!

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