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Darting and dashing and wandering and hiding 10 April 2009

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Third Beach

Last night Kurt conned me into going out to dinner.  I had suggested a pizza night with our friends here, but when they declined, I felt badly for getting Kurt’s hopes up.  So it was off to the Chinese buffet for us, where we were serenaded by Spanish guitar renditions of songs like Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” and Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”  Kind of ruined the feeling of being immersed in Asian culture, that’s for sure.

It was early by the time we got done, so I asked Kurt if he’d drive me around, just to see what we could see.  Living on an island, we weren’t going to go far, but it’s fun to drive around in case we’ve missed something.  Finally Kurt realized it was close to moonrise, and we drove around somewhat desperately trying to find whether we could see the moon come up.

You know, there are houses everywhere on the water here.  It was so hard to find a place to see the moon because the shore was clogged up by houses.  How dare these people want a scenic view from their living rooms??  What about the rest of us that want to take in the land and seascapes?

Eventually we found the moon, and it was this amazing deep red color.  But of course we were between large homes at the time, so we had to continue on our search.  And that’s when I had the bright idea to go to Third Beach.  That’s where I snapped the above photo.

Not the most creative of names, Third Beach.  But it is the last remaining numbered beach, which means it’s probably going to be renamed for some famous Rhode Islander before the season’s out.  There was once First Beach, but now that’s Easton’s Beach, across the way from Easton’s Pond.  There was also Second Beach at one point, but it’s now Sachuest Beach, close to the Sachuest Wildlife Preserve which makes for some very pretty hiking, if that is your kind of thing.  And so far as I know, there was never anything after Third Beach, no Fourth Beach or Fifth Beach.  It may escape being renamed, now that I think about it, since it’s not in Newport proper.

I don’t get the whole renaming thing anyhow.  Don’t even get me started on sports fields.  I refuse to call it US Cellular Field, thank you very much.  It is New Comiskey Park, and it will remain New Comiskey Park till they build a new one.  Had they named it US Cellular Field to begin with, I wouldn’t be quite as irritated, though I do hate corporate names for sports parks.  I mean, what does “US Cellular Field” say to you about who plays there?  If you didn’t know, it’s the Chicago White Sox.  See, Charles Comiskey was the founder and owner of the Chicago White Sox, so it just makes sense to name the park after him.  But US Cellular Field?  That could be anything, any sport, any city.  But Comiskey Park?  Now that’s evocative, and it shouts Chicago to anyone who’s familiar with baseball.

I mean, I wouldn’t rename my daughters for any price.  Why would a city allow such a recognizable feature to be renamed and thereby lose the recognition?  For the money, of course — but sometimes I think money talks far too loudly for our own good.

In other news, we still haven’t had our salmon cakes.  Long story short, last night we had the aforementioned Chinese buffet, and today we had to make a Target run, which led us to TGI Friday’s since we had a gift certificate.  We ended up paying just $13 after tip, and even that was too much money.  Kurt has promised me we’ll eat them for dinner tomorrow.  I think we’ll have veggies and parsley potatoes, especially since I have all that fresh parsley in the fridge.  Mmmm, my tummy’s starting to rumble just thinking about it!


5 Responses to “Darting and dashing and wandering and hiding”

  1. boxx Says:

    I used to work for the San Francisco Giants baseball team when they were at Candlestick Park. Now I think it is called AT&T Park.

  2. How sad that corporate America has become the noxious weed of our recreational and public lands. 😦

  3. beanie Says:

    And the Milwaukee Brewers play in Miller Park, named after …. what else? BEER!!!

  4. art Says:

    another BEER stadium: COORS field in denver! where the colorado rockies play!!

  5. terri t. Says:

    I agree with you on the corporate named sports arenas. I especially hate Safeco in Seattle because right after they sponsored the park, we were told we would not be getting our annual bonus or even a yearly raise because there was not enough money….yeah right!

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