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Hippity hoppity down the garden path 12 April 2009

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The bunnies are back!  Two of the animals we have plenty of here in Rhode Island are bunnies and seagulls.  In fact, when you first move in to housing, you are warned never to put out your garbage in a bag, that it always needs to go into the bins that the garbage company gives you, or else the seagulls will tear into the bag and strew the trash all over the street.  And they do it, too!  Plus they use any clean vehicles they find as target practice.  It never fails.  We’ll wash the car, and the very next day, we’ve got a big ol’ splat down one side.  It never fails.

I like the bunnies, though.  We don’t have a garden, so they don’t bother me much.  And I think they’re kind of cute.

Speaking of gardens, another thing the the housing managers will tell you when you move in is it isn’t a good idea to have a garden if you plan on eating the things you grow.  There’s too much lead in the soil, you see.  (Don’t worry — Grace gets a lead test every year during her well-child checkup.)  If you do want to grow your own veggies, they encourage you to build raised beds.  I am thinking of growing some herbs, but I think I’ll hang pots on my fence.  That way they won’t have lead in the soil, and they’ll be out of the way of the bunnies.  I scoped out Wal-Mart this weekend, and they’ve got mint, basil, parsley, and cilantro.  I’m going to check Home Depot too and a couple of nurseries.  I’d love to grow my own rosemary, as well as cilantro and basil.  Yum.

So how was your Easter?  We are horrible, horrible people over here and didn’t do one thing associated with Easter.  We didn’t go to church (whoops), and neither did the girls get an Easter basket.  We’re just not huge fans of candy over here; we never did eat all the Halloween candy that Gracie scored.  But we did take the girls to the zoo.  I reminded Kurt that the first time I took Grace to the zoo was when she was seven months old, the same age Mary Ellen is now.  It was Mother’s Day 2005, and my friend had offered to take me to the zoo so I wouldn’t be alone on my first Mother’s Day.  See, Kurt had left on a six-month deployment just a few weeks before.  He was in Hawaii that day, so when I saw a map of the world embedded in the concrete, I had my friend take a photo of Grace and me, pointing to Hawaii on the map.  I emailed it to him and said we were both in Hawaii at the same time!

I enjoy the zoo.  Sometimes it depresses me, especially when you see the big cats pacing in their enclosures or the elephants swaying back and forth because they’re so bored.  But it’s still neat to see animals I wouldn’t ordinarily see.  I just think it would be better if a city’s zoo focused more on the natural habitat around the city, though I know that would never sell.  People want to see exotic animals, not the native stuff.  I think it would be interesting, especially since humans have rather depleted most of the natural environment around the urban areas.

When we left the house, we thought the weather was perfect for the zoo.  But once we got all the way to Providence, it seemed like the temperature had plummeted.  Grace kept saying she was cold, since she was only wearing a jean jacket and a long-sleeved shirt, and I was worried about Mary Ellen.  The sun came out after a bit, though, so it warmed up a tad.  I just thought it was really odd that it was so warm in Newport and so cold in Providence!

It didn’t take long to see the whole zoo.  It’s not a very large zoo, though of the zoos in the area we have been to thus far, it is my favorite.  We even brought our own lunch in a bid to save money.  Visits to the zoo aren’t cheap.  We did get a military discount — a whole dollar off each of our admission fees.  A WHOLE DOLLAR.  Wow.  Thanks for your service; now here’s a dollar back.  Hmph.  (Photos from the trip HERE, if you’re interested.)

So once we were done, we decided to stop in at the mall so I could get some makeup.  I had gotten this mattefying stuff as a sample, and I fell in love with it.  The only place to get it?  Sephora.  Hence the mall.

We got an awesome parking spot right outside JC Penney’s, but the doors were locked.   The lights were dimmed.  What the heck???  We walked in, and sure enough, the mall was closed.  I had never heard of such a thing!  Christmas and New Year’s, yes.  But Easter?  How odd.

No makeup for me.

In other news, Mary Ellen has grown herself a tooth!  I stuck a finger in there to investigate during dinner tonight, and was very surprised to feel some sharp little bumps on her lower gum.  Man alive, they grow so quickly.  Pretty soon she’ll have a full set of chompers and we can get on to the real food.  YAY!

Mary Ellen looks up to Grace — literally!


6 Responses to “Hippity hoppity down the garden path”

  1. beanie Says:

    I love the tongue!!

  2. michele Says:

    that is the BEST pic!!! classic stuff!! glad you caught it on “film”!

  3. Poolie Says:

    FABOOO picture!

  4. Aimee Says:

    Love the picture! So cute!!!! No basket for easter??? Want me to send you some of my kids’ candy??? 🙂 It’ll be sitting around here until halloween when we finally throw it away.

  5. terri t. Says:

    Sounds like a lovely day except for the mall being closed. Bet you were disappointed. The girls look very cute, though….glad you took pictures.

  6. cardiogirl Says:

    You COULD NOT SCRIPT that picture any better. How ever did you get that? Incredible!

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