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Not just another holiday 25 May 2009

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While making dinner tonight, I sliced my left pinky finger with a knife.  I was de-skinning the chicken thighs that I was preparing, and they were nearly frozen because my refrigerator is sort of on the fritz.  I never even felt the slice into my skin.  Oops.  Fortunately it’s not a deep cut, but it did bleed profusely.

The thing is, I was working with raw chicken when I sliced my finger.  If I die of salmonella tomorrow, you’ll know what happened.

No, of course I won’t die!  Sheesh.  I have a strong immune system, let me assure you.

What an amazing weekend!  We had something going on every day, though most of it involved hanging out with good friends and eating delicious foods.  I had two bratwurst boiled in beer and grilled last night — is there anything more delicious on a warm spring afternoon?  Especially when you’re eating with good friends whose company you really enjoy?  I don’t think there is.

Kurt had talked to me earlier about finding something really fun to do today.  He didn’t want to sit around and watch tv, which is our usual thing to do over the weekend.  I think the winter cabin fever has finally gotten to him.

This morning he found a craft fair to go to, up in Pawtuxet, as part of Gaspee Days.  I’m telling you, this is why I love living here in Rhode Island.  You don’t have to study history; it’s literally all around you, wherever you look.  Here I am, thinking I’m at a craft fair, when really I am helping to celebrate a victory of the colonists over the British military.

See, in June 1772, the HMS Gaspée ran aground in Narragansett Bay here in Rhode Island.  It had been sent to the colonies to enforce some pretty unpopular laws.  When it ran aground, the colonists saw a chance to exact a bit of revenge on the British military.  They rowed out, looted and burned the ship, and wounded its officers.  Later on, a Bostonian minister wrote a sermon using this affair to warn against corruption in the British government and the greed of the British monarchs, and the reprinting of these sermons helped to increase the colonists’ agitation that ultimately led to the Revolutionary War.  The Gaspée Affair is now recognized as the first overt action in the build-up to war.

Each year, the residents of Warwick throw a party to commemorate this event, including burning the Gaspée in effigy.  That’ll be on 14 June this year.  I might have to go back for that!  The website for Gaspee Days calls it “Rhode Island’s Original Water Fire,” which cracked me up.  See, every summer the rivers in Providence are set alight with bonfires as an art installation, and it’s called WaterFire.

I wish I had known all this before we went.  I learned all this just by looking up “Gaspee Days” on the internet.  But that’s the story of my life — it’s only till after I get home that I realize the significance of whatever it is that I have seen.  That’s what happened when I went to Italy my senior year of high school.  One of these days I will get my act together enough to learn about something before I go there!

One can hope, anyhow.

Photos (and even a video of Grace dancing!) are HERE, and I will be adding more tomorrow.  Thank goodness for digital!  I can’t even imagine how much all this would cost if I had to develop all that film, though I do know that film still rules when it comes to professional photography.  I just need to hone my skill and get good enough to warrant using film.  Maybe one day…


2 Responses to “Not just another holiday”

  1. I think your photos are stunning! And it looks like you had a glorious day.

  2. terri t. Says:

    You always seem to find a great way to give us history lessons and enjoyable pictures too.

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