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Insert Tab A into Slot B 30 May 2009

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Every time I put my headphones on, I think of my trip to DC a couple weeks ago with a couple of girlfriends.  We’d stopped in at a shoe store in Dupont Circle where we got some amazingly personal service, so personal that we got several group hugs from our salesman after we each paid for our brand new shoes.  Later we came back to pick up the other salesman so he could show us to this particular coffee shop, but he couldn’t figure out why his earphones had such a strange cord.  Because mine are the same way, one side much shorter than the other, I was able to show him that the longer end is meant to go behind one’s head so that only one cord drapes down from the head.  He was flabbergasted and insisted I put them in his ears for him.

Then on the way to the coffee shop, he gave us his entire life story — all about his former partner and what that partner did to him and how he was going to exact his revenge and what he’d already done to get retribution.  It was just… amazing.  Except my new shoes ended up giving me bleeding blisters by the time we got to the coffeeshop, and I haven’t been able to wear them since.


It was one of those absolutely perfect days today.  I’m sure some would argue, since it wasn’t all that warm, but after the cold, frigid, rainy days we’ve been having, it was perfectly heavenly to me.  Yesterday was still cold, only hitting 60º.  I had to wear a coat as we walked to dinner and then to the Depot of Home.  A coat!  When it’s just a couple of days from June.  We’re not in Seattle anymore, Toto!

Today was sunny and bright with high, puffy clouds.  It was in the mid-70s with a breeze that was just enough to cool things down in the sun.  When I told Kurt that I didn’t want it to get any warmer than that (wishful thinking, I know), he replied that I’d love Hawaii.  80º and partly cloudy every day, with somewhere on the island getting some rain.

Yeah, I suppose Hawaii would be nice, but I like having a winter too.  Over the last few years I’ve come to realize that I much prefer the winter to the summer.  Not the common preference, I know, but I just don’t like the heat and the sun and the warmth.  Plus I’ve got very fair skin, and if I forget to slather myself with sunblock, I burn.  I’d rather be cold and add more layers to my clothing than be wearing as little as possible and still be hot.  Maybe if I lived somewhere with central air conditioning, I’d change my mind.

Says the girl who’d like to move to southern Virginia next.

My best friend lives down there, and she’s already setting up the sprinkler almost every day so the kids can run through and cool off.  Amazing.  We used to live there, when we were first married seven years ago, and I can remember coming out of our nicely cooled apartment into the oppressive humidity and heat.  It was like getting smacked in the face with air from a hot, wet oven.  You don’t walk from one place to another so much as you swim there — or at least it feels that way with the humidity.  Sometimes I feel as though I should grow gills, just so I can breathe in the summertime.

I guess Pascagoula, Mississippi, is right out then…

Actually we’re starting to hatch a bit of a plan.  It might come to nothing, but it’s worth a shot.  See, the Navy is building lots and lots and lots of destroyers, which is Kurt’s preferred ship.  He hasn’t been on one in ten years, though he’s diversified and been on a cargo ship and a frigate since we’ve been married.  So we’re thinking, maybe he could get a ship in the process of being built up in Bath, Maine, where they build lots and lots of ships (that, and Pascagoula).  Maybe we could even get one that’s scheduled to be homeported in Norfolk, Virginia, so that when it does go out to sea, taking my husband with it, I will be close to my best friend and my family while he’s gone.

Who knows, though?  There might not be any space for him on a precommissioned ship.  Just keep your fingers crossed, okay?


3 Responses to “Insert Tab A into Slot B”

  1. purple chai Says:

    Fingers crossed. And thanks for explaining the headphone thing. I never understood why one side was longer than the other.

  2. terri t. Says:

    It sounds like your and Kurt are thinking ahead to where you want to be stationed. hope it works out for you.

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    Fingers, eyes AND toes crossed! 😉

    And I like winter more too. If I’m cold I can layer and sit in front of a heater and cuddle in bed with cute puppies.

    In the summer I can’t really walk around naked can I? Plus I’m way more comfortable covering up.

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