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A night of solitude 2 June 2009

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Kurt’s got duty today, which means he stays overnight in his office building.  Don’t worry — there are locker roms and a cot for him to sleep on.  I think he even has a tv, but he tends to take his laptop with him.  It just makes it easier.’

I have to say, there is a part of me that enjoys the solitude.  It’s not that I don’t love my husband, but sometimes we just need a few hours apart.  When you’re a military wife, you get so used to your husband being away that extended stays at home sometimes wear on you.  Having a few hours to oneself gives one time to recharge and to remember why we’re supposed to be enjoying this time together.  It’s a tiny little taste of his being away again.

I tell you, after a few months of him being home, you tend to take for granted all the things he does.  You go right back into being a two-parent household with the ability to say, “Here, you deal with it,” at any time.  But once he goes out to sea again, that’s an impossibility.  And that’s easy to forget.

But it’s not like I’ve been sitting on my laurels all day long while he’s been at work.  I had intentions of doing just that this morning — but those plans were quickly dashed.  I glanced at my phone after I dropped Grace off at school to find a text from Kurt informing me that I had to be at medical in ten minutes.


See, on Sunday I dropped my steam mop on my foot.  We were cleaning up a bit in preparation for having some friends over for a cook-out, and I noticed that I hadn’t taken the pad off the steam mop the last time I used it.  I attempted to rip it off the base to put it near the washer, not realizing that such a force would cause the mop to come off the nail it was hanging on.  The sharp edge of the mop head crashed into the top of my foot — and a string of invective was the next thing out of my mouth.  Kurt was so scared that there’d be blood gushing out of me at some point that he raced into the laundry room, almost throwing Grace aside.

We iced my foot and kept it elevated for a while, and the pain began to lessen.  But then on Monday, as I attempted to pull the stroller out of the back of the minivan, I misjudged it — and it came crashing down on my sore foot.  I was sure that if I hadn’t broken my foot with dropping the mop on my foot that I had surely done so with dropping the stroller on it.  I could barely walk, the pain was so great.

That’s why Kurt made a doctor’s appointment for me this morning, and the timing was perfect — if I had been prepared for it.  As it was, I headed straight from Grace’s preschool to the clinic without any provisions for ME.

Major mistake.

The corpsman who took my vitals had some sage words of advice for me, namely “Quit dropping things on your foot!”  Yeah, thanks, buddy.

The doctor didn’t believe it was broken, but sent me to radiology to have X-rays taken anyhow.  Everything went swimmingly, until I returned to her office to have my X-rays read.  I was kept waiting for an hour before she finally pulled me into the office to tell me my foot wasn’t broken.  If it had just been me, it would have been no big deal, but Mary Ellen desperately needed a diaper change, and she was extremely hungry.  I had nothing for her, not even a clean diaper.  Mother of the Year Award, right there!  I hadn’t grabbed the diaper bag because I thought I was just dropping Grace off at school!  I guess I need to have a spare diaper bag in the car at all times.

I also had my throat swabbed, since this morning I woke up with an extremely sore throat.  Fortunately I do not have strep throat, and I now have a package of throat-numbing lozenges to ease the pain.  I love love love these lozenges.  They ain’t kidding when it comes to numbing your throat!  Actually it numbs your whole mouth, and if you’re not careful, you end up talking funny.

After that busy morning, I planned on getting to know my couch even better — but my dinner plans interfered with it.  I made an extremely delicious homemade pizza, including a homemade crust, that was to die for.  I just wanted to use up the leftover roast chicken I had in the fridge, and that sounded most delicious to me.  I cannot even describe to you the heaven that this pizza was.  I doubt we’ll ever order in, now that I have made this.  It’s super simple, and the results are more than worth it.

I even beat the final level in Wii MarioKart!

And now it’s nearly midnight, and I need to crawl into bed and finish my book.  Hopefully the rest of the week will be far less intense than today has been!


5 Responses to “A night of solitude”

  1. poolagirl Says:

    Thank goodness it isn’t broken! And I want to have some pizza!

  2. sleepyjane Says:

    I actually cringed when I read about your foot! I dropped books on mine (don’t ask) last week and it hurt like hell!!

    And thanks. For making me crave pizza. 😉

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    Ouch on the foot. And way to go on the dude who gave sage advice. Uh, really? I just have to avoid dropping stuff on my feet? Thanks.

    And do you have a pizza stone for your oven? I think you told me yes before. I’ve made homemade pizza but the crust is never like it is at the restaurant.

  4. terri t. Says:

    So glad your foot wasn’t broken. I have dropped a new shampoo bottle on my foot while standing in the shower….oooo boy…did that hurt. My toes and the upper part of my foot turned purple…….
    Last year during one of my many falls from the bicycle, I got my left foot caught in the wheel and the last 3 toes all turned purple….they still hurt sometimes……I expect I broke the toes…

  5. Kitty Says:

    lol I’ve kept a spare diaper bag in our car for months. Actually needed it a few weeks ago, but I stoopidly didn’t have the right size diapers in it. It’d been so long since I’d needed to use it. My suggestion for if you do have a spare is to change out the diapers every time ME goes up a size. I also have a smallish box in the back of the car with an extra shirt for myself and Paul. And an extra outfit for Sierra. I used to keep water bottles and granola bars in there, but they got drunk/eaten. I’m rambling. Sorry.

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