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Old vs. new 3 June 2009

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The sore throat I had yesterday has now morphed into an annoying cough, one of those ones where you just have to cough as soon as the urge hits you.  There is no ignoring it.  If you try to swallow the cough, you end up choking.

Not pretty.

Plus it’s not a productive cough, so here I am, hacking away, but for no good purpose.  Add to that an extremely stuffy nose, and I think I’ve come down with a spring cold.  It can’t be a summer cold; we haven’t got the weather for it.  We’re still in the 60s here, and not likely to see anything warmer till at least the weekend.  I don’t remember it being this cold last summer.


I must have pleased the gods in some way because not only have I received a shiny new (or new to me, anyhow) fridge but I have also gotten a shiny new stove!  In the same week!

See, I live in military housing, which is sort of like living in an apartment complex.  The maintenance people are charged with fixing or replacing appliances, instead of my having to call a repair guy on my own and being responsible for paying the bill.  In some ways, it’s nice because I call one number for any and all issues with my house.  But it also means that I can’t pick out my own appliances or even be guaranteed that it will be replaced instead of repaired.

A few weeks ago, I had one of the maintenance guys over to fix my toilet.  While he was here, I happened to mention the issues with my fridge, that things on the door would freeze, and that the door wouldn’t seal either.  He told me that the freon was probably going, and that if it got any worse, to call them and I’d get a new (or new to me) fridge.  Sure enough, I called them back, and when the man arrived at my house, he immediately told me he’d find me a new fridge.

I made sure he knew that I needed a large fridge, one at least as large as the one I had because I cook a lot from scratch, and I need room for all my ingredients.  When he arrived, he had a much narrower fridge, and I was worried that he’d gotten me a smaller fridge.  But once I took the measurements, I realized it was actually larger!  Now I have a fridge with glass shelves instead of plastic, and there is so much more room between shelves for taller items.  There’s even enough room on the door for a gallon of milk!  It’s going to be great come summer when I’ll have enough space for my milk and my iced tea, which has always been a problem before.

But back to the first guy, the one that had come to fix the toilet.  When he arrived, I’d been in the middle of making some homemade baby food, and he was totally impressed that I would do such a thing.  I told him all about the cooking I love to do, but then he got a good look at my stove.  My old, gross, ancient stove.  I hated that thing.  I didn’t really care how it looked, although the stains around the burners really got to me because I am a clean freak.  But the burners would slide all around on the cooktop, making it difficult to keep a pan centered over the flame.  And the window in the oven door was tiny, and you couldn’t really see through it.  To check on what I was baking, I had to open the oven door, thereby losing a fair amount of heat.

He told me that I really deserve a new stove.  Like I was going to argue!

I was sitting here on my couch, minding my own business, when that same guy came to my door today.  He told me he’d found me a new stove!  Within a couple hours, I was the proud owner of a nearly-new stove that looks amazing in my kitchen.  The window in the oven door is twice as big as the old oven’s window, and the light makes it easy to see what I’ve got baking.  The burners stay put on the cooktop, and I have so much more control over the flames.  It is seriously fabulous, and I am beyond excited about it.

I was so thrilled, I gave the guys who delivered the stove some homemade brownies that I’d made over the weekend.  I figured they deserved it for going out of their way to find me a new stove!  Now imagine the delicious foods I’ll be able to cook up now.  I can’t wait to get started!

I guess it doesn’t take much to excite me, eh?


4 Responses to “Old vs. new”

  1. sleepyjane Says:

    I can’t deny – I would be excited too. I got a new(ish) fridge a couple of months ago and I love that thing. It’s a monster and there is enough space for everything.

    Happy cooking! 🙂

  2. terri t. Says:

    I think you found the answer to getting new-to-you appliances….keep up with the goodie rewards to the maintenance staff and you might have lots of new items in your home.

  3. Cynthia Says:

    That is Awesome!

  4. Ooooh, maybe that’s the secret. I need to invest in maintenance-guy goodies!

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