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Follow-up 19 June 2009

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Kurt took Koolit in to the vet today.  We chose a new vet for the simple reason that the military vet whom we’ve been seeing for the last eighteen months has been sent to Iraq.  Since we were already sharing him with the sub-base down in Groton, Connecticut, there is no question of having him replaced.  So now we have to go elsewhere.

We’d been recommended to a local vet by our neighbors who told us of their compassion when they had to put down their agéd pet, so it was there that Koolit was seen today.

The problem with seeing a new vet, however, is that he doesn’t know all the backstory.  We can’t even get to our records because they’re locked in the military vet’s office.  So now we start from zero.  Today Koolit had blood drawn in an attempt to find out what is wrong with him.  He’s down to 15lbs, after weighing just 18lbs a few months ago.  That’s very worrisome because a loss of three pounds in a dog that small is pretty drastic.

The vet thinks perhaps he has a tumor on his pituitary gland.  That would cause his hormone levels to malfunction as well cause issues with other glands, which could be why his kidneys are possibly failing.  We thought we’d gotten his kidneys working properly again by switching his diet, but I suppose it was just a stop-gap.

We’ve been through so much with this dog since we moved here.  First it was the untreated UTI that required two rounds of antibiotics to clear up.  Then it was the kidney issues.  Now it’s maybe a tumor, accompanied by major weight loss.

All in a dog that is, at minimum, thirteen years old.

That isn’t very old for a little dog, but keep in mind we don’t really know how old the little feller is.  He was estimated to be four years old when we got him, but the vet could be wrong.  We’ve had him for nine and a half years now, nine and a half really good years.  I just wonder how long we could keep him alive.  Isn’t much of what we can do merely a band-aid for major problems?

The military vet realized how old poor Koolit is and told my husband that he could pass away at any time.  That’s what I’m trying to prevent — waking up one morning and realizing that Koolit is gone.  It would be really devastating to me.  I’d rather say goodbye on my own terms.

The new vet will call us tomorrow or Monday with the results of his bloodwork and to discuss options.  Hopefully it’ll be pretty clear-cut, either something so devastating that saying goodbye would be best, or something simple and easy that can be fixed with medication.  Honestly surgery is out.  He’s so frail I’m not even sure he’d survive, but we also can’t really afford it.  We’re not exactly made of money.

Koolit’s wasn’t the only medical appointment today.  This morning Mary Ellen had her well-baby check-up this morning.  Can you believe that my nine-month-old baby is already 21lbs 15oz??  How crazy is that??  She’s also 28½” long and growing well.  She checks out well on all her milestones, and I think she might be slightly ahead.  I don’t really know because unlike with Grace, I’m not obsessively checking all the lists to make sure she’s hitting the milestones at the proper time.  I used to read each chapter of What To Expect the First Year as Grace approached that age, and she would always be at least a month ahead.  Eventually I stopped checking and just went with the flow.  This time, I’m not even looking at the charts.  She seems to be doing everything a baby her age should do.

I’m starting to give her regular table food.  Tonight I cut up the grilled chicken into tiny little bites, as well as some roasted zucchini and roasted tomatoes.  Initially I had to feed her the food, but eventually she figured out it’s delicious and began bringing food to her own mouth.  She ate at least a couple of tablespoons of our dinner tonight.  It’s a lot easier than feeding her baby food, that’s for sure.  And I like having the four of us eat dinner together.

Now I just need to get her Cheerios for her breakfast!  Oh, and cup training is on the list too.  Fun.  That’ll be interesting because she’s actually a pretty stubborn baby.  She likes what she likes, and she won’t take anything new.  I tried her on a sippy cup, and she was having none of it.  I have a feeling I’m up for a battle of wills.

Something tells me I may not come out the victor!


4 Responses to “Follow-up”

  1. beanie Says:

    oooo put something really good in the sippy cup… like chocolate milk. You will be surprised how quick she will like it! hee!

  2. Rosie Says:

    I hated the time frame when Yazmine was “going”, but hadn’t yet gotten bad enough that we could honestly say that she was miserable. Poor Thor was perfectly fine mentally, it was just his hip that was so bad and causing him constant pain, and even when we HAD the money, surgery wasn’t a viable option.

    It is just so hard to see our precious babies slipping away, and not be able to do anything about it! I will pray for a definitive answer for you, regardless of which way it goes. Hugs!

  3. terri t. Says:

    Waiting for the medical opinion can be so difficult. I hope whatever you choose to do makes it easier to get through.

    So Mary Ellen is eating real food. Wow, she IS growing up quickly.

  4. cardiogirl Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Koolit. It’s amazing how much a part of the family a pet becomes and when they decline it’s devastating. I hope you receive news that allows you to make a definitive answer.

    Sending healing vibes your way.

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