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Thunder and lightning — OH MY! 1 July 2009

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My day was turned upside down from almost the moment I turned over in bed and realized how late it was.  That’s what I get when I fall asleep reading and decide to shut off my alarm!

I had plans to play MarioKart on the Wii with Grace, and to have an enjoyable and quiet day at home.  But it wasn’t long after I got up that Kurt called me to tell me he had a half day.  I spent most of the morning waiting for him to get home, and as soon as he did, we were off!

There was a storm gathering, you see, and Kurt wanted to see if we could find a good place to take some photos.  We didn’t have far to go.

Storm's a-comin'!

That was taken from my driveway.  The storm moving fast too; within a minute the entire sky in that direction was full of forbidding grey clouds.

It took us about five minutes to get on base.  By that time, all hell had broken loose.  It was like Armageddon with pounding rain, pelting hail, booming thunder, and flashing lightning.  Grace was pretty darn scared by it all, but Kurt and I were exhilarated.  It’d been so long since we’d experienced a big, nasty storm!

I have a thing for storms, you see.  When I was a kid, living near Omaha, Nebraska, my dad and I would sit out on our covered sunporch and watch the storms roll in from Iowa.  The rain would be so loud on the tin roof of the sunporch that I used to think I’d go deaf.  The storm scudding across the landscape, rolling towards our house on the hill, was an amazing view to behold.  It was one of my favorite things to do with my dad.

Kurt grew up in Tucson, Arizona, a place where bad summer monsoons are the norm.  So he’s always been fond of storms as well, and I don’t think anything he’s seen in recent years could compare.  Until today, anyhow.

That was the scene near the mothballed aircraft carriers on base at 1pm this afternoon.  I couldn’t believe how dark it’d gotten!  We had some major flooding as well; low-lying areas were submerged under a good eight inches of rain just fifteen minutes after the storm began.  Down by Easton’s Beach you couldn’t even see the road, it was that flooded.  Cars had to plow through water standing up to their front bumpers.  It was pretty nerve-wracking.

And now you wouldn’t ever know that we had such a bad storm today.  The sun came out again at dinner, and the only indication that we had any sort of severe weather is the patio furniture tossed around the backyard.  It’s surprising how quickly the world returns to normal.


4 Responses to “Thunder and lightning — OH MY!”

  1. beanie Says:

    Doesn’t happen here much……

  2. Rosie Says:

    The Monsoons are early this year, we’ve already had one power outage three weeks ago! I do love to watch the storms, but I had to bring the dog into the house yesterday afternoon because of the hail. She pooped in my carpeted bathroom. What fun…not!

    Then only thing I hate about the storms is that I have to shut off the computer when they loom. I do wait for the high winds and thunder before I do anything drastic though. Glad you got to enjoy one out there!

  3. terri t. Says:

    We had a nasty storm 2 weeks ago and it blew the splitter for our cable right off the house. Thank goodness there was no damage to any of the tvs…

  4. Military Mom Says:

    We had one here in ND last week, but it lasted only 5 minutes. But it was a doozy! Hail, wind, LOTS of rain, thunder and lightening. I love a good storm too, but they are very fast moving and short up here. Nice pics!

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