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I am cursed! 4 July 2009

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Or maybe it’s me who lays the curses.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that two integral pieces of electronics have both decided to go kaput on me.

It’s been going on for a while with my little pink point-and-shoot camera.  I have a Casio, and when I first got it, I loved it.  But then I started to realize that its color rendition was really off.  It always looked washed out.  But I kept it and made do since I have a fancy big camera.  I really only use the little camera for sneaky photos while I’m out in town, or video of the kids.  A few months ago, it started to blue-screen on me.  It wasn’t your tradition Windows blue-screen, but the back screen would show nothing but bright vertical lines, and the lens would be stuck in the out position.  The only way that it would begin to respond was if I popped out the battery for a few seconds.  Gah!

Last night I was trying to take some photos of the lights of Boston as I was stopped at a red light, and the darn camera would not stay on.  When I would get it to turn on, it would reset some of the settings but keep others.  It’s the weirdest thing.  You would think it would reset everything, but no.  And it wouldn’t stay on long enough to take a photo.

Kurt had planned to take that on his business trip tomorrow, but he can’t take it in that condition.  So we made an unexpected and unplanned purchase at the NEX — a new Nikon point-and-shoot for $134.  What amuses me highly is that it’s burgundy in color.  My poor husband has to take a girly-colored camera to Florida with him!  Hee hee!

After that fun layout of cashola, we came home to get ready for an impromptu bbq we were having.  My friend arrived in the late afternoon, and mentioned that she wanted to check her email every so often to see if her husband had made it safely to Iraq.  My laptop had turned off by then, having been off the charger for quite some time, so I turned it back on.  And the darn thing would not keep working!  It would start up, and then it would freeze.  It didn’t matter what I had running, whether it was Firefox and Trillian, or whether it was just Windows.  It would hang up after five to fifteen minutes.

After chatting online with an HP rep, we ran a diagnostic tool during startup.  And what was the answer??  I’ve got a bad hard drive.  Gahh.  How???  How is that even possible??  Kurt’s laptop is almost two years old, and it’s fine.  This laptop is not even 15 months old, and the hard drive has failed?  It’s so frustrating.

So tomorrow it’s off to Best Buy to buy a new drive and to get them to install it.  Maybe I could do it myself, I don’t know.  But the thought makes me nervous.

Did I mention that Kurt’s going on a business trip tomorrow?  This means I will be computer-less till this thing gets fixed.  Eeek!  But that is why I might not be around as much.  It’ll give me more time to hang out in the sun with a good book while Grace plays and Mary Ellen naps.  Awesome.’

Happy Independence Day!!!


4 Responses to “I am cursed!”

  1. beanie Says:

    OMG I miss the Muppet show!!!

  2. I hate when that happens. It’s too bad you’re not closer – we’ve got a couple of spare hard drives and G knows how to install them on laptops. (I do too, but don’t tell him that part, lol.) Reloading Win-Doze is a pain because of the time involved, but it’s not hard to do. But I can’t help you on the camera. We never even did troubleshooting on those suckers when something went wrong – we just sent ’em straight to the shop. (I used to troubleshoot electronics on the job.)

  3. poolagirl Says:

    Eeeeek! Computerless?

  4. terri t. Says:

    I can only hope that your visit to the computer store is quick and easy…..

    I can’t imagine you without a computer to blog on for a couple of days…you might have to take the big camera and the girls and go on an adventure.

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