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A little hint 7 July 2009

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It’s amazing what a little hint can end up starting.

I’m kind of lonely over here.  I know I’ve done this before, parenting on my own while Kurt’s out to sea, and for far longer periods of time.  It’s hard the first few weeks, but then you get into a groove and before you know it, six months have seriously flown by.  It’s hard to believe, but it really does happen.

But the thing is, I’ve had so many friends surrounding me for the last ten months, folks that I could call up when I got bored, just to talk or to have their kids over so Grace would have some playmates.  There was always someone there.  Now there isn’t, that’s the thing.  They’ve all moved on in the last couple of weeks.  Today I talked to no one in person, unless you count Grace’s teacher.

As a result, I needed to hear a cheerful voice, so I called my mom at work.  I love the way she answers her phone, with her first name and the name of the government agency she works for, very gently and subdued.  Not, “Hello, this is Marty at [government agency].”  Just simply, “Marty, [government agency].”  It’s just a soothing, calming thing to hear, something that always reassures me whenever I call her at work.

Aside: Oh holy cow, I have lost the ability to type Marty from all the months of writing Mary. Wow.  I never thought that would happen.  Then again, I never thought I’d name my daughter “Mary.”  I always thought it was a rather old-fashioned name, not all that pretty.  But somehow I just love Mary Ellen.  When her name is called at the doctor’s office, I always ignore the first summons because I don’t see her as simply “Mary.”  She’s Mary Ellen, you see.

I try not to call my mom at work; she’s actually working, you see!  But sometimes it’s just necessary.

I told my mom of the troubles regarding my laptop, how it was going to run me $300 to get the darn thing fixed.  She rather flippantly asked, “Why don’t you just put that $300 towards a new laptop?”

Hmm, why don’t we?

I mentioned it to Kurt, and though I’m normally the one who spazzes over money, he told me that we really ought to stick with just fixing this hunk o’ junk.  But the more I thought of it, the more that option attracted me.  And then I started looking at the Dell website.

See, fifteen months ago when I bought this HP laptop, I had an order in to Dell for a pink laptop.  The ship date kept getting pushed back and pushed back, and when we called to complain, the agents were rude and kept telling me nothing could be done, and if I didn’t like it, I should just cancel.  What happened to my Dell??  My father has been a Dell customer the late 1980s at least; almost every single computer he’s bought since then (and he upgrades every two to four years) has been a Dell.  The only time he deviated was the machine he bought me to take to college.  That came from MicroCenter and cost my dad $999.  That was probably six months before the price of computer plummeted.

Anyhoo!  Finally the Dell people told me the hold-up on my laptop was the pink case.  I asked them to cancel the pink case, just give me the black case.  But noooo.  I couldn’t switch.  I had to cancel my order and start all over again!  At that point, I got thoroughly pissed off after being told yet again that my best option was to take my business elsewhere.  So I did.  I went to Best Buy and picked this HP laptop up for the same amount of money but better specs.  As soon as I got home, we called Dell to cancel — only to be told we could not cancel.

Gah!  Finally they did cancel my order, but that’s why I have an HP instead of a Dell.

I have to say, I really don’t have any complaints other than the hard drive dying on me.  And I can’t really complain about that!  Sure, it’s annoying that my computer locks up once a day and I have to restart it twice, but once I do that, it works for at least 24 hours.  I’m typing this entry on my HP now.  It’s still functioning, even though the hard drive should be replaced.  There are tiny little issues that are annoying, like the fact that if my hand ever so gently brushes the touch buttons that work the DVD player across the top of the keyboard, the dang computer will lock up while the program loads.  And the volume buttons in the same place, which initially I thought were sheer genius after dealing with Kurt’s volume wheel that is easily knocked louder or softer, tend to lock up the computer for a good minute or two as well.  It forces me to use the Windows volume selector instead.

I found a Dell laptop that worked perfectly for me for $300 less than what I paid for this one, after all was said and done.  AND IT’S PINK!  And even better than that, it has a 500GB hard drive.  YEESH!  That’s bigger than my backup hard drive!  I finally talked Kurt into buying it for me, citing the very real possibility that something else would go seriously wrong with this HP piece of crapola.  I didn’t want to sink $300 into this machine only to have the screen go out, or something equally drastic.

The best part?  The Dell laptop has a two-year warranty, not the one-year warranty HP has on its products.  We even financed it with 0% interest.  So in just about two weeks, I will have a pink Dell laptop in my hot little hands.

And all because of my mom’s off-hand suggestion.  I can’t wait!


4 Responses to “A little hint”

  1. beanie Says:

    Dude ordered a Dell, they told him they would build it in August… he got it today!

  2. terri t. Says:

    Somehow it always seems to work out for you… you can’t wait for that pink machine to arrive.

  3. Good going on the pink Dell!! I’m glad you’re getting the ‘puter you want, at last. 🙂

  4. sleepyjane Says:

    OOOOOH! So exciting! 😉

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