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Y’all are awesome 24 July 2009

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204: Nikon

No, really.  I mean that.  Y’all are awesome.  And I realize I did wrong by posting a photo of something like that to begin with.  Initially I thought it was harmless, especially since you couldn’t see the person’s face, and I kept my comments rather mundane.  But still.  It wasn’t nice.  I shouldn’t have done it.

I just really appreciate y’all coming out and telling me that I am okay the way I am.  It helps to know that I have such supportive friends, even if I only know you through the internet.  I have to admit to some hesitance when dressing this morning for my lunch.  Should I really wear my “new” (new to me — I got it at the thrift store) embroidered linen blouse, or does the pink look that bad against my red hair?  But I wore it anyhow, and my friend complimented me on my choice of pink shirt, white tanktop, and grey capris.  Heh.  Yes, that’s a rather 80s color combination, but I like it.  My sister had a Huffy 10-speed back in the day that was pink and grey.  And I wore my white sandals, so I think I looked really cute.  Not anywhere as lovely as my friend looked, but she’s got a much better defined sense of style.  At least I didn’t embarrass her.

She was seriously craving a margarita, but the place she initially wanted to go to isn’t open for lunch.  Then the other Mexican place we decided to try was BYOB — which doesn’t work well if you want a mixed drink.  So we ended up down at one of the swanky tourist places where we each got a shrimp Caesar salad and a couple of Bellinis.  NOM.  I’d never had one before, but it was delicious.  The Bellini, I mean, not the Caesar salad.  The salad was pretty good, but sadly enough, it wasn’t nearly as delicious as the one I got from one of those a la carte places in the San Jose airport in February.  A Bellini is usually more of a girly drink than I’m wont to go for, but it was still yummy.  Usually I go for something strong or tart.  My new favorite drink is a caipirinha, which is a rum sour made with a special Brazilian rum called cachaça.  I found the recipe on, and amazingly enough, this liquor store in Massachusetts carries the cachaça.  It’s very tart, made with basically lime juice and rum, but it goes down so easily.  Yummmmm.

It’s been a good day, though.  Kurt finished his work amazingly early, so he was actually home no later than 4pm today.  The past several months he’s been working till 5:30, 6 o’clock, which isn’t so bad till you realize he starts work at 7am.  That, and I was used to him being home at 3:30 or 4 every afternoon.  Work’s ramped up a bit, so that doesn’t help.  But I’ve gotten a lot more housework done lately.  It’s so much easier to clean whe there isn’t a husband underfoot.

I did find out today that Ms Cheez-It and her family are moving within the week.  We’ve inherited their air conditioning units, which is nice, but I will miss them.  It’s been a while since we’ve hung out, but they’re wonderfully lovely people, and it’s been nice to have such good people just a couple of doors down.  My next door neighbor will be gone by the end of the month too.  I also found out that my neighbor across the street is moving within the next couple of weeks, and that my good friend down the street will move in February.  There are new people living in Bridget’s old house already, but our street is starting to look rather bleak.  By February I might be all alone.  I just hope that we get some awesome new neighbors soon.

I’ve got my fingers crossed!


4 Responses to “Y’all are awesome”

  1. poolagirl Says:

    You are an absolute doll, and I will consider creepy people whale dung for as long as it takes.

  2. cocoabean Says:

    You can count on Poolie when it comes to whale dung!

  3. terri t. Says:

    Sorry I was late in reading these blogs. Guess this time YOU were the victim of some person who thinks they have the right to tell you how it is…. Just remember they don’t know you. Your friends in real life and on the blogs love you just the way you are. I like your red hair and I love your outfits….please don’t let some person’s own sour viewpoint spoil your outlook.

    It’s so easy to be critical on the blogs when the person doesn’t give you a chance to respond when they start making accusations.

  4. karmacat Says:

    I have an auburn-haired friend whose mother wouldn’t allow her to wear pink. (So sad!) She has just recently started to wear some pink, the rebel. Personally, I like the combination.

    I love pink and gray together, too. I just wish Mom would stop telling me that pink and black is a 50’s combination whenever I wear it. Clearly, I don’t care.

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