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Looking up through the clouds 27 July 2009

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Two weekends down, several more to go.

The last couple of weekends we have hosted some guests.  The first weekend was Kurt’s aunt and uncle, and this past weekend were good friends.  We’ve got about a week and a half break before we have more friends (plus kids!) coming in for five or six days, and then my cousin comes for five days.

Let me tell you, I am So Excited.  I could do this whole hospitality thing more often.  Plus it gives me a good excuse to get out and see my town like a tourist would!

Anyone want to come visit?  Anyone??  We have a spare guest room!  I’ll even cook for you, though I never managed to cook the last couple of weekends.  How is that even possible?  I don’t have a clue how that worked out.

This past weekend was seriously fabulous.  My friends arrived late Friday night, having experienced zero traffic from NYC to here, surprisingly enough.  They had one request that I was only to happy to fulfill — a lobster roll.

Behold, a lobstah roll from Flo’s Clam Shack down in Newport:


How do you even begin to resist this?? (Unless you don’t like lobster, at which point I ask, “Can I have yours???”)  Not only is it a lobster roll on a deliciously grilled New England hot dog roll, but it is a mayonnaise-less roll.  Most lobster rolls are made with lobster salad, which is lobster, mayonnaise, and whatever else the chef decides to throw in, like celery or onion.  This was nothing but lobster and a small piece of lettuce.  NOM.

And yes, that’s my own photo, taken about two seconds before I commenced inhaling the roll.  It was not long for this world, that’s for sure.

The rest of the day was spent visiting Marble House, one of the Gilded Age mansions down on Bellevue Avenue, and strolling along the main drag of Bristol, Rhode Island.  It’s a cute little town that loves the Fourth of July.  It’s got its main street painted with a red, white, and blue stripe down the center of the road, and all the houses that face that street are festooned with red, white, and blue bunting and American flags.  There isn’t really much to the town, but it’s fun to walk the streets and peer into the storefronts.  The only store that was open was the bakery that offered wedding cakes.  They were absolutely beautiful!

Once we all rolled out of bed late on Sunday, I whipped up a batch of blueberry pancakes while Kurt attempted to make bacon.  I say “attempted” because the oven decided it didn’t want to function.  My brand new oven!!!  I had the electric skillet going, Kurt had the toaster on to toast the bagels, the microwave was running as well, and on the other side we had my electric kettle and the oven so Kurt could bake some bacon.  It was just too much for our electrical system to handle, and the breaker popped.  After Kurt reset it, the oven just wouldn’t come on.  The stovetop would work, and the broiler would work, but not the oven.  He called the emergency maintenance line, and a technician came out at noon.  He turned on the oven, and voila!  It worked.  Bah.

At least we didn’t have to pay for the trouble call.  Thank goodness for military housing!  I’m doubly glad that it was fixed so easily because I just got that stove.  We’re still getting to know each other!

There’s just something weird going on with me and electronics.  My camera decided to wig out a bit over the weekend.  I always press the shutter halfway as I take a photo to lock exposure and focus, then when I’m ready to take the photo, I press it all the way.  It works like a champ all the time — except when I wanted to use the flash.  For some reason, I had a lag of a few seconds, and it would shine my autofocus light first.  Why???  I finally decided to hit the factory reset buttons to set it back to the factory defaults, and it fixed my issue — without resetting any of my defaults.  That’s odd, but hey, it’s fixed.

So the rest of Sunday was occupied by returning to Bristol and taking in the local Columban Fathers Outing and Bazaar.  I was hoping they’d parade the monks around, give them a good ol’ outing, but alas, I didn’t see any.  There was one priest with his collar undone, but I can’t be sure he was an actual monk.  The only monks I’ve seen (one Franciscan and one Russian Orthodox) were both wearing robes, so I’ve got not much to go on.  What does a Columban Father look like?

It was a fun little fair, though.  There were a bunch of kiddie games set up so the children could win prizes, there were booths set up so that the locals could sell their wares, there was lots and lots and lots of food, and there was even a beer garden with both kinds of beer — Bud and Bud Light.  And wine poured from gallon jugs.  It had much more of a local flavor to it than any other fair we’ve visited this summer.  It felt like Rhode Island, and not Anytown USA.

So yeah.  It was an awesome weekend.  We were so sad to see our friends go.  But now it’s time to gear up for the next visit — and time to go through my recipes and figure out what to cook for them.

I’d best get started!


2 Responses to “Looking up through the clouds”

  1. sleepyjane Says:

    I’ve never had a lobster roll. Like, ever. Yeah. I know…it’s sad! 🙂 And I would come visit you in a heartbeat it it was possible!

  2. terri t. Says:

    oooh, lobsta” sounds delish! I haven’t had one in many years.

    I know what you mean about the company and the cooking. My sister is leaving today after 8 days with us…I think I actually cooked once….we ate out most of the rest of the time….fun while it lasted but I am ready to get back into my usual routine and get my house put back together…and tomorrow, we are having laminate flooring put in the kitchen/dining area!

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