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Ridin’ the train 31 August 2009

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I’m thinking Mary Ellen is teething, and teething badly.  This is a new experience for us.  Grace was a very good teether, rarely crying and never really making a fuss.  But we put ME to bed a good two hours ago, yet she wakes up every twenty to thirty minutes, crying.  Normally, she’ll fall asleep with a binky in her mouth, and as soon as she’s deeply asleep, she loses hold of the binky.  Tonight that part, the loss of the binky, is what’s causing her to wake up, and then she starts fussing all over again.  Kurt and I have tried everything — I swaddled her, Kurt cuddled her, yet nothing is really working.  Both of us came to the conclusion that she may be in pain at the same time, so the Tylenol came out.  Hopefully that’ll do the trick eventually, though I wish it would be sooner rather than later.  Grace’s first day of school (though it’s really just a continuation of what she’s been doing all summer) is tomorrow.  She needs her sleep!

No, Grace does not start kindergarten tomorrow.  I wish she could, but Rhode Island requires a child to be five before 1 September — and Grace’s birthday isn’t till October.  This means she’ll be one of the eldest kids in her class, but that’s not a bad thing.  Hopefully the kids will look up to her.  I know she would be ready for kindergarten; she can already read fairly well for a four-year-old, she knows all her letters and their sounds, and she understands how to sound out a word.  She can also do rudimentary math, though she doesn’t realize she’s doing it.  But keeping her back a year is just fine too, and it’s not like she’s not getting any schooling at all.  She’s going to pre-kindergarten twice a week and loving every second of it.  Once the school year starts in earnest tomorrow, they’ll be learning so much that their heads will practically pop off.

The Tylenol seems to be working…  it’s an hour later (I’ve gotten distracted), and I haven’t heard a peep from Mary Ellen in all that time.  Whew!  So glad it was a problem so easily fixed.  I wish they all were.

I love how imaginative Grace is getting.  I am always amazed by her, since I feel I was never very imaginative as a kid.  I tried to play with my Barbies and my Cabbage Patch Kids, but I never really “got” it.  I’d rather read a book, immerse myself in someone else’s creative world.  I couldn’t come up with my own.  Grace, on the other hand, is a walking imagination.  Everything to her sparks a story, an event, a world of its own.  Today it was my plastic-ware collection.  She would bring them out to the living room where I was chatting with a friend and tell us they were full of delicious food.  Apparently she is really good at cooking pasta; that was in almost every dish.  Rice pasta, bean pasta, pasta with sauce, pasta in salad.  Then she put all the lids on the containers and built towers with them.  It was always something new and different!

But she took the cake this morning when she found her cold-weather gear in the closet.  She put on the hat and the scarf and the matching gloves, and paraded around like she was at a fashion show.  Next thing I know, she’s dressed Mary Ellen up and let her play with my vacuum.

Eskimo baby

I seriously think that has got to be the best baby photo that has ever been taken in the history of the universe.  Of course, I am biased — but that is some serious cute right there.

This, folks, is why I had two kids.  As great as Grace is on her own, she’s infinitely cuter and funnier and amazing when she has her very own living baby doll to take along with her on all her adventures.  And I’m lucky enough to be along for the ride.


6 Responses to “Ridin’ the train”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    You are right, that is some VERY serious cute! And you are lucky to be on that ride!!

  2. purple chai Says:

    It can never hurt a kid to be the oldest in the class, although being youngest is a gamble. If she’s bright, as Grace is, it can only give her a feeling of security, and make her feel comfortable in school and see it as a place where she’s successful.

  3. sleepyjane Says:

    You’re allowed to be biased….SHE’S ADORABLE. I freaking love that photo!

  4. poolagirl Says:

    You are so lucky to have those two amazing little ones. And they are lucky to have you!

  5. cardiogirl Says:

    That is, without a doubt, the best baby photo ever. Look how cute she is!

  6. yankeechick Says:

    Amazing photo!! How fun those 2 girls are for you!

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