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By the light of the moon 4 September 2009

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246: By the light of the moon

This time I’m going to have a good reason for my absence.  Tomorrow we are getting up at the butt crack o’ dawn and heading out to see our friends who live in Maine.  Once we arrive, it will be off to a local Maine fair, at which we will hopefully catch the Women’s Skillet Toss.

I’m wondering if they use husbands as targets.

What?!  I mean, who else would you throw a skillet at?  Why else would you need that skill?

I wonder if Kurt would allow me to practice on him.

So this means that we are getting up at 6am to hit the road at 7.  Fortunately, I’m already tired, so I will be in bed very, very soon.  For some reason, I couldn’t sleep past 8am, and I had stayed up really, really late yet again.  I’ve found “Golden Girls” on the Hallmark channel playing during the late-night hours, and I’ve rediscovered how freakin’ hilarious that show is.  I cannot stop giggling whenever I watch it, which is more than I can say of most sit-coms that are now playing on the tv.  I’m also amazed at how provocative Blanche is on the show!  Here I am, thinking that television shows when I was a kid were so prim and proper, and Blanche is talking almost graphically about sex all the time.

It all flew over my head when I was little, that’s for sure.

“Golden Girls” was only one of a few shows I was allowed to watch as a kid.  Generally we all watched “Murder, She Wrote” on Sunday nights, and sometimes I even got to watch “Highway to Heaven.”  When I was in 7th grade, my mom got us all watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”  But that was just about it, unless you could the nightly news.  That was required watching in my dad’s house, though most of it went over my head.  At least I have a working knowledge of the major events of the 80s and 90s.  I remember our invasion of Nicaragua, the collapse of the Marcos regime in the Philippines, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the collapse of the USSR.  And I remember all of it narrated by the now-deceased Peter Jennings, the voice of my childhood.

I still cry when I think about him.

So yeah.  The last thing I need that late at night is watching a funny show.  Now I’m trying to resist the urge to tune the tv to channel 170.  I can’t afford to stay up tonight!

On that note, have a fantastic Labor Day weekend!


3 Responses to “By the light of the moon”

  1. I hope you have a good labor day weekend too.  I’m certainly looking forward to mine!!!

  2. poolagirl Says:

    Have a great time! Photos of the skillet toss, PLEASE!

  3. purple chai Says:

    My girls and I are all huge Golden Girls fans. I watch it all the time (it’s on WE also), and I never get tired of seeing the same shows over and over, and I laugh at them each time.

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