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Gettin’ it done 10 September 2009

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It’s been a good day!

What amazes me, however, is how quickly my brain shot back into deployment mode.  Kurt told me before he went to bed on Monday (yay for federal holidays!) that this week was going to be horrific.  There were fifteen students in his class this time around, and the final exam, for lack of a better word, takes four hours per pair to run.  He started work right at 7am on Tuesday and didn’t get home till nearly 11pm.  I assumed that Wednesday was going to be the same — until he texted me at 5:45 to tell me he was on his way home.


But even still, all day Tuesday and Wednesday my brain had gone straight into deployment mode.  I found myself thinking, “OK, I need to run this errand.  Kurt’s not home, so I have to take the girls.  When can I go?” and then I’d run through all the scenarios of when it would work with ME’s nap time and Grace’s schedule.  THEN I would realize — hello, it’s only a couple of days.  I can wait till Kurt’s home again.  This doesn’t have to be done right this second.

It’s just amazing how quickly I fell back into the mode of having Kurt gone.  At least I know it won’t be too much of a shock to my system when he really does have to leave.  I was worried about that, since he’s been home for the last two years.

The plan as it stands right now is for Kurt to get a pre-commissioned ship out of Bath, Maine, one that will be eventually homeported down to Norfolk, VA.  This will mean that I will be close to my good friends the Dubses, who live in Maine, for about a year, while getting a real New England winter, while guaranteeing me family close by for when he starts going out on real deployments once the ship is moved to its homeport.  We met a family today, rather randomly, who is doing that exact same thing — so it can be done.

Just keep your fingers crossed.

I managed to keep myself busy this week while Kurt was working.  The first couple of days I did housework.  I swear housework multiplies when you’re not looking.  How does the mess just increase when you’re trying to contain it??  Ugh.  It didn’t help that we went on a trip to Walmart last night where we managed to spend too much money yet again.  At least ME has two new outfits for the fall.  I found these adorable knit pants that are sewn like jeans, complete with teeny back pockets that made me gleeful every time I see them.  She’s got two pairs; I may have to go back for more.  For $4.50, why not?

Today was re-painting my star.  I have several stars hanging on the wall of my porch.  One is done in red, white, and blue, one has a farm scene on it, and one was a matte burgundy color.  But it has been in the sun for over a year, and it’s rather faded:


Not pretty. So last night I bought some lovely spray paint to refinish the star. Can you believe I was carded for it? I realize it’s to prevent kids from spraying graffiti all over everywhere, as well as to help keep them from huffing the stuff, but still. I do not look 18. Do I?? C’mon, folks, I’m in my 30s now. Can I please stop getting carded??


So the paint I chose is this lovely copper color with a hammered finish. It looks awesome now!


Isn’t it lovely?? I told Kurt that the spray paint cost almost as much as getting a new star, at which point he asked me why I didn’t just buy a new star.  I see this as an investment.  I painted it with Rust-o-leum.  It should never fade again, and now it won’t rust either!  Score!!  If I had gotten a new star, I would have to get another one next year, and another, and another, and so on.

Yesterday was ME’s first birthday!  Can you believe it’s been a year already?!  I cannot even imagine where the time is gone.  Her party isn’t till Monday evening, so tune in next week for photos of her plastering cake all over herself.  I can’t wait!


8 Responses to “Gettin’ it done”

  1. SJAT Says:

    You got carded buying spray paint, huh? Wifey and I got carded earlier this year, buying a bottle of champagne. I am 37! Between our two ages, we’re old enough to retire, FFS! Star looks good though. Some time I’ll show you a photo of the handiwork I did for next to our front door.

    • bluesleepy Says:

      I don’t get carded for alcohol much anymore, mainly because I buy it on base most of the time — and maybe I’m in there too often! If there is such a thing… I did get carded in California at a restaurant last February, just before I turned 30, the only one of a table of ten ladies to be carded. What made it worse was I wasn’t the youngest one there. *sigh*

  2. twisterjester Says:

    Enjoy the fact that you’re getting carded. The only “carded” we get is to prove whether or not we’re eligible for senior discounts, lol.

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    No WAY! Mary Ellen is already a year old?! Happy birthday ME — I love the idea of her in pseudo jeans. You have to get a picture of her back pockets.

    Love the star. I actually like that photo of it sitting on the newspapers. Very artsy!

    • cardiogirl Says:

      Forgot to ask — so this means you’re moving again to Maine? What a drag you’ve only been in RI for a year or two, right? I have to start sending you snail mail again…

      • cardiogirl Says:

        Just clarifying. I didn’t mean you’re going to live in Maine again. I meant you’re moving again and this time to Maine. Just felt the need to explain that.

        Carry on.

  4. Katastrophe Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mary Ellen. Your star looks great by the way. I think I need to find a project like that for the front of my place. You’ve inspired me.

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