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Shivering in the breeze 16 September 2009

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It’s amazing how quickly fall has arrived here.  One morning I awoke to dappled sunlight flitting through the living room and knew that the seasons had changed.  It was that subtle, but it was definitely the moment of change.  From then on, the sun’s been rising later and setting earlier, and there’s a distinct chill in the air, even on the warm days.  It’s already down to 60º tonight, too chilly to keep the window open.  I’m loving it, though.  I’m just not a warm-weather person.  Give me a nippy breeze with the hint of woodsmoke in the air, and I am a happy camper.

It doesn’t take much to please me, that’s for sure.

Speaking of which, I am on a quest.  I’m looking for beers that I like.  And being the fickle pickle that I am, I like variety.  I’m not one that will decide on a beer and only drink that for the rest of my life.  I might always come back to the same type of beer, but never the same style and brand as my one and only beer.  For a while, Kurt was stuck on MGD, back when he was single, long before we started on this beer quest.

Then I moved to Washington.  That was my first experience with something new, different, exotic.  For one thing, I noticed how much everyone drank.  I guess when it rains all the time there just isn’t anything else to do that’s as much fun.  Well.  I can think of others.  But they’re not nice to do in public, anyhow.  I mean, even the ferries carrying commuters between Seattle and the west side of the Puget Sound served alcohol — which I always found amusing, since most of the ferry-riders drove their cars on the ferry.  It was in Washington that I went out with my friend J to the bar when she got a craving for beer and chicken gizzards.  I did try the gizzards, though they weren’t my thing, but the beer set me back a pace.  She’d ordered a pitcher of hefeweizen, and when it arrived at the table I was almost disgusted.  Cloudy beer?  What the heck was she trying to poison me with?  But after the first sip, I was in heaven.  Hefeweizen is still Kurt’s favorite type of beer, though we can no longer get the one brewed by Henry Weinhard’s here on the East Coast.  What a shame.

It was also in Washington that I got hooked on drinking microbrews.  I don’t much care which brewery they’re from, but I want to try something produced by a small brewery that takes pride in its product, not a huge conglomerate.  That said, there are a few brews by big names that I really love.  Michelob’s Amber Bock is yum yum, as is the winter specialty of Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale, also by Michelob.  But I have moved on from Icehouse, that’s for sure.

So now I drink whatever strikes my fancy, and I am slowly learning the jargon for the flavors I like so I can decipher the description on the bottle.  Lately I’ve been really into the darker beers, things with a lot of flavor and a high alcohol content.  It’s not that I am looking for a buzz.  Heck, it usually takes me upwards of two hours to drink a 12oz bottle, so it’s not like I’m going to feel anything.  It’s just that a dark beer tends to have a high alcohol content.  One leads to the other.  However, my local brewery has a stout with an ABV of just 3.5%, which I almost have to think is a typo.  The beers I’ve been drinking lately have hovered between 9% ABV and 12% ABV.  Lighter beers, like a hefeweizen, are usually down at 4.5% ABV.  I guess that’s why I didn’t feel a thing when I had two hefeweizen in short order at the bar on Friday night.  Or maybe it was because I was still freezing to death in my wet clothes after having been poured on during the local high school football game.

Note to self: Do not believe husband when he insists that the rain shower is a passing one.  Next time tune into a real meteorologist.

Right now my favorite beer is Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, which was brewed from an ancient recipe using ingredients found in ancient drinking vessels, dating back almost 3000 years, left in the tomb of King Midas.  A friend of mine found it “strange,” but I really like it.  It’s not really a beer; it’s really in its own class.  I also really, really like their Raison D’Etre, another strange beer that has a faint taste of raisins.  Kurt doesn’t like either of them.  That’s fine by me.  All the more for me!!

But in other news, Mary Ellen’s first birthday party was this past Monday.  We had a lovely time with my good friends who visited from Michigan, as well as a few neighbors who stopped in to help us celebrate.  I made ME a cake from scratch and topped it with frosting that I made as well, which was far easier than it had any right to be.  She thought it was absolutely delicious, as evidenced by this photo:

Really getting into it

NOM.  I think it tastes better if you can get some in your hair, don’t you think???

Happy birthday, ME.


5 Responses to “Shivering in the breeze”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    Cake is always best when smeared on one’s body while eating!!

  2. kitty Says:

    Smart idea to take her top off. No messy clothes! Geez, isn’t it just mind-boggling how fast time is going by? ME and Sierra are only 2 months apart, but it feels like they were born last week. Happy Birthday ME!!!

  3. poolagirl Says:

    Cake! Need cake!

  4. karmacat Says:

    Oh, you know it’s good cake when it gets all up in your hair!

  5. SJAT Says:

    Now you see you have another reason to get to Northern England. The beers. Though mostly bitters here rather than lagers/pilsners etc. Gotta get you trying some good Northern bitters.

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