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On our way… 18 September 2009

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When we were still in Washington, I bought Kurt a pad of sticky notes with Stewie and Brian from “Family Guy” sketched on each page, and “On our way to Rhode Island” superimposed over the sketch.  But I’m not on my way to Rhode Island, since I am already here.  No sirree, I am on my way to…  California!!!  WOO HOO!!!

See, when the news came out about the Javelina Hunt 2009 in San Diego, I knew I wanted to go.  I really wanted to attend last year’s Hunt in Tombstone, but alas, I had just given birth to Mary Ellen, and it was just wasn’t feasible.  I knew I would try my damnedest to get to San Diego this year.

Once I found out exact dates, I started bugging Kurt.  But I couldn’t bug him too much.  He was in the middle of an extremely stressful class, full of students that didn’t want to do their work and who wanted to blame the instructors for their bad grades.  He was just in a really bad position at work, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause him more stress.  Finally, with him being in a break between classes, I decided it was time to revisit the subject of a trip to San Diego, especially once I found some extremely cheap airline tickets.

Last night I gently asked him if I could go to San Diego.  He started looking at his schedule and working out what point of his class he’d be at, and finally he figured out that I wouldn’t be able to go.  There was just no way he’d be able to take the time off and take care of the kids.  With a heavy sigh and a huge sense of disappointment, I IMed Beanie and told her I didn’t think I could go.

There was much sadness.

But then!  This morning Kurt talked to his boss.  And I am good to go on the trip to San Diego!!!!!


I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to meet these wonderful ladies.  I have known Beanie for what feels like a zillion years.  We talk online almost every day, and I have been there with her as she got up in the middle of the night to go to work at her grocery’s bakery, right through her divorce and move to San Diego, and now her trials and tribulations with working at the Depot of Home.  Plus she’s helped me through some rough bits in my personal life and remembers me from way back before I even had kids!  Yes, folks, it’s been that long.

And Poolie!  I could have sworn I was reading her in college, but she insists she hasn’t been writing that long.  Oh well.  I cannot tell you how honored I was when she left a comment on my page for the first time.  I was all, “OMG POOLIE IS READING ME!”  Hahaha.  I have met her niece Shippie in person, and she is a lovely gal.  I can only assume that the rest of her family is equally as awesome!

And then I’ll get to meet Yankee Chick, and Terri T., and Miss Rosie too!  I’ve been reading these ladies for years, and I was a wee bit envious to see what a great time they had at the last Javelina Hunt.  But this time I’ll be there!  And you should be too.  C’mon down — there’s plenty of room for everyone!

As if that weren’t awesome enough… I posted on FB that I was going to California next month, and my best friend from high school piped up and reminded me she lives in San Diego!  We haven’t seen each other since early 1999, back when we were only 19.  I was on spring break from my sophomore year at William and Mary, while she was about to start attending classes at Harvard.  This was even before I started dating Kurt!  And my brother was still in elementary school.  So it’s been a long, long time.  We’ll squeeze in some time between Hunt activities and hang out for a bit.  I missed her wedding earlier this year, so I sort of owe her.

I can’t wait!!!


6 Responses to “On our way…”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    I can’t wait either!! How exciting!!!!!

  2. beccasfamilyof5 Says:

    Hope you all have a fabulous time, sending lots of well wishes to you all. x

  3. cardiogirl Says:

    If I weren’t so introverted I would want to go, too. I know all of you are going to have an awesome time, enjoy!

    Tell everyone I waved at you hidden behind the drapes of the second story window of my house.

  4. poolagirl Says:

    Oh YAY! Oh YAY! This is absolutely wonderful news! We are going to have such a grand time!

  5. SJAT Says:

    Dammit I wish I could go. I envy you all!

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