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Gleefully delicious 24 September 2009

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Have I mentioned how much I love the show “Glee”?  I’m not one to watch a whole lot of network TV.  I pretty much restrict myself to BBC America, HGTV, and almost any reality show on A&E.  “Intervention” — yes please.  “Obsessed” — of course.  “Hoarders” — now we’re talking.  Throw in a little “So You Think You Can Dance” and I’m good to go.  I had every intention of watching “Glee” when it first came out, having seen the trailers on SYTYCD, but somehow it had fallen through the cracks.  Fortunately I corrected my error and set my DVR, and I have been hooked ever since.

I cannot remember the last show that made me laugh that hard, unless you count “The Golden Girls.”  Case in point — last night the girls had a get-together at their house, and afterward Blanche says, “You know what I think is the worst part after a party?”  And Rose says, totally deadpan, “Looking for your panties in the big pile?”

You could almost hear the (probably non-existent) studio audience hitting the floor as they fell off their chairs laughing.  I about died myself.

“Glee” is even better than that.  Seriously!  The writing is tight and fast, like “Sports Night” used to be.  And it’s clever and funny, and you really pull for the characters.  It’s not just another sitcom.  It’s fabulous.

I’m now mad that it’s only Thursday, and I have to wait six whole days before the next new episode.  Gah.

Anyhow.  What did I do with my life before I had unlimited texting??  Oh, that’s right — all my friends were on one form of IM or another, so that helped.  And this was before Facebook too, at least for me.  What makes me giggle is the only reason I started up on Facebook was to see if I could look up a person’s profile for a dear friend of mine (no go — we didn’t understand Facebook at the time), and then I kept up with it just to play Word Twist.

Don’t challenge me in Word Twist.  I am good, if I may say so myself.  It comes from being challenged by extremely awesome word-smiths on a near-daily basis.

Finally people began to find me on Facebook, and now I am hooked.  I am getting rather bored with the games, though.  I may just go back to Word Twist and call it good.

But we were talking about texting.  I finally looked into the unlimited texting option after I got my new phone with the QWERTY keyboard (which makes a huge difference in texting) and when I realized that it sucked limiting myself to sixteen texts a day.  That’s all I could do, with a 500-texts-a-month plan.  My cell phone company wanted an extra $20 a month for just me to go up to unlimited texting, but then I realized if Kurt and I switched over to a family plan with unlimited texting on both phones and sharing three times the number of anytime minutes, our bill would only go up that same $20.  So it was sort of a no-brainer.

Ever since then I have been a texting machine.  It helps to have friends who feel the same way!  I have entire text conversations with people — but generally they are spelled correctly (none of this “u” and “ur” stuff for me, thank you very much), and I even use punctuation.  I was really excited when a visiting friend figured out that the SYM button brought up the symbols menu, which made it a lot easier to get to the quotation marks.

Yes, folks, I’m a total nerd.  I use proper punctuation and grammar in a text message.  So sue me.

I just looked at my text inbox, which contains only my last 100 text messages.  My oldest text message?  Is from yesterday.  Which means, obviously, that I have sent 100 text messages in the last 24 hours.

My cell phone company must hate me.

Some folks ask me, “What’s the big deal about texting?  Why not just call a person?”  Well, texting is great.  For one thing, you send a message and you patiently await the other person’s response.  It may not be immediate.  It works your memory because you have to remember that you sent a message about your delicious dinner to your friend three hours ago, and now you get back a simple, “Oh YUM!”  So you’re never intruding on the other person.  S/he will get back to you when s/he is good and ready to.  So why not send an email?  Well, s/he might not be the type to check his email obsessively like I do.  But I guarantee s/he always has his cell phone on his person.  Another reason texting is great is because it reins in your verbosity.  No, that’s probably not a word, but Firefox isn’t flagging it so maybe it is.  Anyhow.   I tend to go about conversations the most rambling way possible (this blog post is already at 822 words), but I can’t do that with texting.  I only get 160 characters.  (I derive an odd pleasure from hitting that 160 exactly perfectly when it happens.)  So it forces me to say things as succinctly as possible, which is a true exercise for me.  Thirdly, I can do other things while I am texting.  Don’t fret — I do not drive and text.  The closest I have come is sending an short “OK” to Kurt while sitting at a red light.  But I mean, I can be playing internet games or writing blog posts or coloring with my kids and still send a quick text.  I can’t do any of those things while  I’m carrying on a phone conversation.  That, and talking on the phone is a losing situation in this house.  Invariably, ME will start to howl, and Grace will demand my attention, and it’s just never a pretty sight.  With texting, I can leave my phone behind for an hour while I take care of the kids, and get back to the conversation when they’re napping.

And I’ve had some pretty deep conversations over text too.  It’s amazing what comes out through the course of a day or week.  I even get to use big words!  I managed to throw in both “erudite” and “ennui” one day.

But I guess that means I won’t ever be able to go back to a clamshell style phone. Ugh.  I can’t even imagine trying to text the simplest of sentences on a numeric keypad.  Not anymore, anyhow.

What do you all think of texting?  Have you tried it?  Do you like it?


7 Responses to “Gleefully delicious”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    texting? what’s that? HAHAHAHAHAH

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    Guess I can’t play Word Twist on my own before challenging you. I jumped in and we’re playing a game over there. You and me.

    I know you’re gonna win. Is it possible for me to just play by myself so I can get good enough to present an actual challenge to you?

  3. SJAT Says:

    Right with you Blue. I don’t actually send that many texts, but when I do they have fully punctuation!

  4. Katastrophe Says:

    When Hubby is at work (driving a truck) I text him a million times a day about little things and sometimes bigger ones. I like to text him because he can check what I sent when he’s stopped at a pick up and he can either call me or text me back, depending on the relevance. I guess I’m saying I love text.

  5. yankeechick Says:

    I SO love texting!! Especially on my Crackberry! And I am all about full words and punctuation, myself, since it’s all right there! Chuck isn’t much into it, but I’m trying to get him to let me text him, even if he doesn’t wanna text back. He’s so busy that I hate to call him (and rarely ever do) because it never fails that he’s in the middle of pouring concrete or installing a window or whatEVer! But it’s his business phone so he always answers it. I hate to bother him with a question that could wait until he’s not busy to call me back about, but he “hates those damn texts!” . I recently upgraded our family plan to unlimited texting. I had 200 per month for me & Riley (each) but I kept going over. And here’s my sweet 16 year old Riley, always staying below the 200 mark, bless her little heart! Had to be the only teenager in the universe that could or would do that! LOL I’ve never been that crazy about talking on the phone, so texting is perfect for me. And I agree with you…you don’t have to worry about interrupting someone that way either.

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