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Lucy in the sky 28 September 2009

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Did you hear?  The Lucy in the song “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” has died of lupus.  She was only 46.  John Lennon always insisted that his son Julian came home at the age of 4 with a drawing and insisted it was “Lucy in the sky with diamonds,” Lucy being a classmate of his.  Everyone else says it’s a reference to LSD, but whatever.  It’s still sad, and 46 is too young.

Today I have certainly earned my [imaginary] paycheck!  A few days ago, I wanted to read while Kurt was watching tv, but the problem was, the most comfortable place to read, aside from laying in bed, is the living room.  Which is where Kurt was watching tv.  There’s an armchair in the office, but there’s just something about the office.  I don’t care to spend a lot of time in there.

So I came up with a plan over the weekend.  I told Kurt I wanted to start looking for a small table to use as a nightstand on our many trips to antique stores and thrift stores, and that I also want my very own rocking chair.  I’ve wanted one for so, so long!  We weren’t able to find anything good tables at the thrift store on Sunday, though I did find these cute telephone tables from the 1970s.  I considered buying one, since they were less than $10 each, but then we’d have to sand and paint them.  I might still go back to get one, now that I have an idea of my limitations for that area.  And the chairs that were available at the thrift store — mmm, no thanks.  We might have to go to my new favorite antique store up in Massachusetts this weekend to see what they have.

For some weird reason, I decided to see what I could do with my new plan today.  No, I don’t have my new table, and no, I don’t have my rocking chair, but I do have my hope chest and an old armchair we got for free (my favorite price!) back in Washington state.  My neighbor across the street was getting rid of it, she having picked it up from a church rummage sale or some such with plans to reupholster it.  It’s in desperate need of reupholstering, at least the matching hassock is.  There’s a huge hole in the top of the hassock’s fabric that has only gotten worse over the last three years.


Here you can see the two rooms I focused on today.  On the left is my bedroom, not to point out the obvious, and to the right is our office.  It isn’t really an office; it was supposed to be ME’s room, but we decided to keep the girls in the same room for right now.  Mainly the office is used as Kurt’s dressing room so he doesn’t disturb me at the ass crack of dawn when he goes to work.  Anyhow, these photos are taken mid-demolition.  You can see that I’ve already gotten the armchair into the bedroom, and the stacks of books are from the black bookcase which is now residing in the office.

Partway through the demolition, I decided it would be a good idea to finally get rid of the computer armoire in the right corner of the office as well.  It’s just this big, honkin’ piece of furniture that houses a dead computer and all kinds of random stuff.  It was beyond time for me to take care of everything.  Now the dead computer is in my closet until I can find some time to reformat it, and I have managed to sell the armoire for twenty-five cash dollahs!  I made up a flyer for Kurt to post at work, and the first guy who saw it wanted it.  And now it’s out of my house. Woot!

After several hours of hard work, in which I also culled many, many books from my collection, as I have run out of room on three and a half bookshelves plus the interior of my hope chest (some people keep linens in their hope chest; I keep books), I managed to acquire for myself this lovely, lovely reading nook.



Now isn’t that just the bee’s knees?  It looks so cozy and relaxing, and amazinglyenough, I think my room looks bigger now!  My hope chest is still my nightstand at this point, and what I like about having the armchair next to the bed is my book is already right there.  I’ll just sit down in the chair and everything will be ready.  Awesome.

Plus the office looks so much more open.  Grace’s books are on the bottom two shelves of the bookcase, and I plan on giving her the top shelf when she needs it.  My parents bought that keyboard for me when I was seven, figuring it’d be a lot easier to move a light keyboard than a heavy piano as we journeyed from one duty station to another.  Now Grace loves to play on it, and maybe one day she’ll get piano lessons, as I did when I was a kid.

I still need to find a new home for the printer in the office, though I have a feeling it’s going to be trashed or recycled or whatever it is that you do with printers.  After we moved here, that printer started bleeding black all over the page, and changing the print cartridge didn’t help.  So we ended up buying a new one for cheap about a year ago.

See the framed pieces above Grace’s bookshelf?  I stitched those when I was in kindergarten, I believe it was.  It could have been pre-K, I’m not sure.  Either way, they are OLD.  They’re yarn stitched on burlap, and I vividly remember stitching them.  I remember the smell of the burlap, the feel of the yarn, the large blue plastic needle I was using, and how I was bored with stitching while I was doing the grapes one — which is why you can see that I wasn’t exactly following the lines anymore. (If you want to see that photo larger, you can visit my Flickr page.)

I’m quite pleased with the new look to my house.  Now if only I could do the same for the rest of my home…


4 Responses to “Lucy in the sky”

  1. cocoabean Says:

    If you don’t want to sell the printer, maybe a freecycler could use it for parts… or try to fix it!!

  2. cardiogirl Says:

    Way to go blue! Love the before and after pictures, especially the new reading nook. I actually had to look up hassock. I believe we call that an ottoman. Funny words, both of them.

    We had an ottoman growing up. It was wood with a removable cushion on top. Isn’t that weird? The cushion was like a removable rectangular pillow actually and I don’t think we ever used that thing without the pillow.

    I guess it could have been used as a quasi desk or table if you sat on the ground.

    Thanks for the memories and way to go on 25 smackaroos AND clearing the room to boot!

  3. poolagirl Says:

    How totally sweet! Love the pictures!

  4. twisterjester Says:

    Nice! My hubby is too much of a pack rat for me to clean up that much. My place is packed to the max 😦

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